Interest Check. Vamparism Cure

Started by Sabby, April 15, 2008, 08:54:34 PM

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Based loosely on the Bloodrayne universe of video games. Experience is not needed :)

The vampires have created the Shroud, a bloody red cloud that enveloped the entire world in an eternal red night. Hell on Earth. No longer bound to hiding from the light, the minions of evil have arisen. Vampires, sadistic and brutal, great hulking monsters, winged terrors that snatch the innocent and impale them around the city simply for decoration... the humans face a war, and their only salvation seems to be heavily fortified vaults.

Originally intended as bomb shelters for nuclear war, these vaults are noe the homes of the broken and frightened human race. Using UV lights and more conventional defenses, they actually have managed to hold off most attacks. Now the vampires have focused on snatching what outsider survivers they can and breeding them for food. Maybe one day later, they will set their sights on these vaults.

Amazingly, a cure is credited for 'The Dark Gift' once administered, the blood crazed, sadistic creatures that are the Vampires become what is known as a Damphir. A Damphir can best be described as a tamed Vampire. While they still hunger, injections of pure sugar can sustain them. They retain all their abilities, the speed and strength and ferocity, the resistance to damage, and in most cases, a share of, if not all of their previous aggression.

The humans start to turn the fallen to their aide, and a plan is set in motion. Any human that sets foot near the Blood Towers, the pulsing pillars of meat and bone that keep the Shroud alive, will be killed by automated defenses. But Damphirs are a different story...

With enough Damphir, the Blood Tower for this city will be vulnerable. Destroying it will free the city, and the sunlight will shine again. The Damphir will survive, but all the Fallen will hide or die, and those that hide will be hunted and eradicated, effectively turning the tables.

Freeform game. I'll be acting as GM :)

Examples of Bloodrayne mythology.

Rayne, a Damphir

Hammer weilding big guys

A shot of random gore and decapitation. The game was very bloody...

pictures for main characters aside from Rayne herself seem hard to find... gimp masks, giant broken swords, horns in place of eyes, shifting tattoos, black, long claws on women, fetishy looking leather and straps and buckles and shadows concealing eyes all were involved.


I would love to role play this! I am vaguely familiar with Blood Rayne. Umm are you still looking for players?


This has been up for a long time.


Lol, I didn't see that. I'm still new.  ;D  :-[