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Started by warriorsarecats, June 19, 2012, 01:45:11 AM

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Okay, I know I'm new and stuff to this site, but I am certainly NOT new to roleplaying! <3 I have a few ideas, although I have no idea if any of you are interested...What I don't mind doing is taking multiple people on for the same roleplay, so if you see someone that says, oh, I want that idea! Then feel free to say the same xD I've very flexible, of course, just no one-liners...please.

Dominant Male Needed
Stephan is silent and submissive, a younger boy, about sixteen who is sold at a slave auction to your character, who is somewhat violent and very quick to infuriate, preferably spoiled rotten and always wanting his way as well as wealthy. He has a short temper, while Stephan, being the silent boy he is, refuses to speak. It's almost as if he can't, but that is for your male to find out. I don't mind if your character is a lot older, but not over thirty please. Obviously this is a sub/dom roleplay, so if you don't like that, then skip over it. I don't care what you do to Stephan; brand and piece him to your choosing. Even blind him and make sure that he can't talk period. Just no over-the-top things (go see my preferences). Feel free to cage and collar him as well. He's your character's slave after all. The storyline can be up to you as well, but don't mind if I throw things in along the way.

Dominant Male Needed
Here as well, yes. I don't really have a plot at this moment, but Aiji loves whoring herself out. As an eighteen-year-old teenager, parties, drinking, and sex are the main parts of her life-style. There's a reason why though, of course. That'll be revealed! Your character just needs to be very direct with her. She doesn't like to be controlled in the least bit, but she doesn't need to be forced into most sexual acts. If you have like a fairly normal plot, I'm willing to throw her in, just nothing with pregnancy involved. I'm kind of looking for someone that will put her in her place. Dirty talk is much appreciated, and as you'll find, just slight foreplay and then completely rough sex is fine by her. That's the way she's always been and always will be.

Male Needed
Dominant, submissive, switch--whatever the preference is, just as long as he's not the blushy, shy type of guy who can't make a move worth a damn. Skylar doesn't mind. She's a big crybaby in the likes of things involving any soft of violence. I have two somewhat plots to go along with her, one a bit more extensive than the other.
~~High school prom night. Pretty amazing stuff right there. Dresses, tuxes, and the occasional snuck-in drug to make the girls all woozy so you can sneak them home and have your fun. In this case, Rohypnol is very useful. Slip it into her punch and you're done, yes? Not so much. Turns out your character forgot the condom when raping Skylar, and she's terrified of him. Lucky for your character though, she's not pregnant. This time at least. So he decides to give it another shot, or maybe a few, before he accidentally gets her pregnant. Skylar, only being seventeen and scared shitless of him after countless rape encounters (during the last week of senior year after prom, and of course after that in other places after stalking her a few times; have fun with it!) has no idea what to do. So your character has to gain her trust and show her that maybe he isn't the heartless man who raped her repeatedly, but rather a caring father and, quite possibly at some point, husband. Of course this is an extensive roleplay, but come on, it'll be fun~
~~Just a regular romance is fine here. I'm not too picky in this field, but Skylar is a very hopeless romantic. Same goes for the above request. Give her flowers and chocolates and she will swoon at your feet. Just take care of her is all I'm asking lol

If you have any ideas related to any of these, please feel free to share them with me; I honestly don't bite as hard as you think I do. Or maybe I do. I don't know <3 x'D
--Kaylee =)