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Author Topic: Looking for a Creative Partner!  (Read 1483 times)

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Offline snowleopardTopic starter

Looking for a Creative Partner!
« on: June 17, 2012, 11:43:47 pm »
Food for thought: The origin of progress is often seeded by lack of contentment. But progress is a subjective idea, different between the minds that conceive such thoughts.

Welcome to my thread! A bit about me- I love role playing and writing in general. I often work by inspiration but I have several original ideas for plots that can be used. I typically write original stories but I am open to other sources of writing ideas.
I do love snow leopards,

my favorite color is ....teal (for now).

I love chocolate

and I cant wait to see if you are interested in role playing with me!

Down below you will find a couple things:
-Qualities that I like to see in a partner (not necessarily hard-and-fast requirements but qualities that make me happy.
-My 5 big rules
- A few other snippets of information you might find special
(I will be posting some more information regarding the characters I play and role play ideas I have  but for now  these three topic areas are all I have. Thanks!)

Qualities that are pretty much required by me:

- Fairly serious writer- capable of posting detailed, luscious posts

- writes with easily-readable grammar and fair spelling
 ( no worries though, no one is perfect including me)

Qualities that will make me uber happy:

-Is okay with role playing via private message ( I prefer PM to anything, but I may be wiling to try writing in a thread....maybe)

- Slightly romantic, but capable of being dominant
(the more dominant you are willing to be the better)

- Enjoys fantasy roleplay

-Is open minded and loves to write

- Is capable of /enjoys playing antagonistic characters

Now for my rules... And I kindly ask, that  if you do not like, or cannot handle my rules, that you do not apply. Please and thanks!


(I'm going to make this as short and simple. If you don't like my rules then I apologize, but I list these rules for a reason. Rules with a * = rules i may negotiate on)

Rule #1 : With Regards to Gender and Roles: Though I find that I more often play with guys....
ANY gender is welcome so long as you can play the dominant character in the rp! =D.

~Though i will ask...that you tell me your gender.
 Not that it matters but I kinda like to know ^_^

Rule #2 : BE LITERATE!-
~I'm not going to haggle for a length but  have good grammar and spelling.
I do my best to keep my spelling and grammar accurate

far be it from me to ask for perfection
 but I want the rp to have good flow and substance.
The more you give me the more I will give back.
But it is important that I don't have to decipher
your post to understand what is going on.

Rule #3 :   Please be flexible, creative, and courteous

~please be willing to throw in your own ideas to the rp, rather than leaving it all up to me.

Rule #4 : Do not ask me to play a dominant role

-I prefer playing a subordinate-ish role (perhaps a subbie character who is hard-headed and fiery but still in the subordinate position none the less)
~It is best if you can play a range of dominant roles form firm and gentle to quite controlling and anywhere in between~

Rule #5 : At least be alright with my playing as a furry OR  anthro.

(*Negotiable, I am just fine with playing a human but the more flexible you are with me the more interesting of an rp we can do! But i will accommodate for dislikes of this rule.)

Other  Information

- Best way to reach me is by PM (private message)

- I do Rps mainly by PM. I like the post sizes I can create and I tend to write best if I role play by private messages.

- I enjoy getting to know my writing partners rather than just skipping straight to rping

-I do have several of my own rp ideas- all originals
 But I am fond of creating original plots, and hearing others ideas.

Special:  -If you have seen BOTH : "Ouran High school Host Club"  AND "Full Metal Panic"... Please let me know.
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Offline snowleopardTopic starter

Re: Looking for a Creative Partner! - Under construction-
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2012, 12:43:33 am »

About my characters

I play human, Humanoid, or furry.
I typically do not play bird/lizard 'furries' but ... if you have a really convincing role play I might be persuaded.
I enjoy playing normal-sized  to petite women ages 18 to mid 20s
Details on the characters I play can be discussed and changed to fit the particular rp.

I tend to play one of two temperaments:

My meek character is timid. She is often shy, afraid and skittish. She is easily spooked /frightened and is easily startled to the point where she might cry. She is likely to flee rather than fight  and needs a gentle touch when someone is dealing with her. She is gentle and affectionate and loyal but if mistreated she will crumple up and fall apart (emotionally).

Strong /Fiery:
    My strong character is …difficult. She is hard-headed, if also a bit naive. She likes to put up a fuss, and fits when she does not get her way. She is a little prideful, but…if her trust is earned she is loyal and trustworthy.  She will follow directions at times especially after she learns a lesson the hard way, but old habits are hard to break and often she may revert back to her stubborn ways only to be put back in her place via various consequences for her actions.

I also play another character under certain circumstances

The golden-heart:
   A young woman who is quite, not frightened and typically not too hard-headed. She is subtle and respectful, though she is cautious and at times can act timidly.  She has a love for those she cares about and will do just about anything to prevent harm to those that she feel she must protect. She is loyal to a fault, does everything in her power to never break a promise even if it means causing herself discomfort or sacrificing her own needs for the needs of others.

Character types that I will play, but may not my favorite
- clingy
-Mean/Evil/Antagonist *( Only as a secondary character as a supporter- I do not play a mean/evil character as a main character EVER)

Character types that I do not really enjoy playing:
- sex-crazed/ super needy
- Stupid/ dim
-Mean/ Evil

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Offline snowleopardTopic starter

Re: Looking for a Creative Partner! - Under construction-
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2012, 11:42:41 pm »
Alright, so call me weird or whatnot…but I don’t like posting all my story ideas out in the open for people to steal.

However! There is middle ground to be had.

I will list out a series of things, if you like what is listed for the title then mention it to me in a PM and we can possibly discuss story details. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you are good with EVERYTHING in the list for the rp that you choose. If you dislike a certain thing listed we can discuss but I list it because it plays an important part of the role play.

there will be more rps to come. I Also create original plots so:

even if you don't see something you like- but you are still alright with my rules- PLEASE PM ME, and we can figure out a completely original rp

Here is a bit of a key to some of the more convoluted details:
-   Plot oriented= there is more emphasis on story than on sex
-   Mild  sexual content-  again the emphasis on the story rather than sex
-    sexual content-  the amount of sexual content in the rp (or emphasis of sexual conduct)
o   Mild-  little to none
o   Moderate  little to some
o   Heavy – some to a lot
o   Extreme –  pretty much ‘smut’ (though if you really want to impress me, find a better word than ‘smut’ for some reason that word is a put off to me)
-   Delayed sexual content- sexual content will come later in the rp (Please don’t ask when, it all depends on the story and how it progresses and how the characters mesh)
o   Very Delayed
o   Somewhat Delayed
o   More immediate

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Offline snowleopardTopic starter

Re: Looking for a Creative Partner! - Under construction-
« Reply #3 on: July 17, 2012, 11:24:13 pm »
Pretty-Much-G- Rated Plots:

"Away From This World"
If you (would) like:
-To play multiple characters
- To play a loving, motherly, female, and a fatherly figure- both extra-terestrial/aliens
-For me to play a very young feline anthro-creature.
- Science fiction
- a lot of 'cute' stuff
-Government Agenda

This rp lies somewhere between G rated and NR, it can contain sexual content, but it will be very delayed.

"Priestess of Innocence"
If you (would) like:
- To play a young emperor who is devoted to his family but easily made angry
-for me to play a young priestess girl who is rescued
-To play multiple characters including the prince, his father, and perhaps extras.
- Ancient Japanese/Chinese setting
-Asian lore and magic
- Long-time spans, where my character and yours grows up
-playing a hero
-rescuing and protecting a young priestess
-innocent, inspirational, adorable rp
- to play non-submissive/non-dominant characters.

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Offline snowleopardTopic starter

Re: Looking for a Creative Partner! - Under construction-
« Reply #4 on: July 19, 2012, 10:01:59 pm »
Medium Sexual content RPs:


- “Be Careful What You Wish for” -Taken
   If you (would) like:
-    to play a genie,
-   Comic Plot lines
-   Modern day setting
-   Where I play a tender-hearted sort of character with some deeper issues in her past
-   Mild but delayed sexual content
-   Plot oriented rp

“Feline Frenzie!” - taken
   If you (would) like:
-   To play an anthro creature
-   To play a caring, but very firm  and assertive character
-   Comic plot line
-   Where I play a fiery-tempered feline woman
-   Moderate/ (maybe)Heavy
-   More immediate sexual content


“Yu Rin”
   If you (would) like:
-   To play a scientist – strong, slightly controlling type, curious, but follows orders
-   Semi serious/comic plot
-   conducting  experiments
-   Where I play an animal/anthro creature
-   chase and capture  stories – you as the hunter
-   To play multiple characters, including human and anthro/animal
-   Moderate/(maybe ) Heavy sexual content
-   Somewhat/slightly delayed sexual content
-   Secrets, and twists in the plot

"The choice":

I have two versions one where I play a feline anthrow- a single individual
And one where I play a set of twins - Twins Version -Taken
If you (would) like:
- to play a scientist character - preferably firm and gentle and bit understanding but still good at performing certain task
- to  perform experiments
- for me to play a character - or twins- who is-are- coerced into take a position as a 'lab rat' essentially
- can be comical
- medium to heavy sexual content.
-Fairly immediate sexual content.

Inspirational, and Loving

“Release Me From This Cage”
If you (would) like:
-   To play a wealthy, intelligent, MALE , veterinarian
-   To play a very tender, loving, but still firm and stern character
-   Me to play a feline anthro
-   Mild sexual content
-   Very delayed sexual content
-   Could possibly have no sexual content
-   Very sweet, relaxing, adorable rp

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Offline snowleopardTopic starter

Re: Looking for a Creative Partner! - Under construction-
« Reply #5 on: July 19, 2012, 10:09:36 pm »
Heavy Sexual Content


"Grecian Thief"
If you (would) like:
- bestiality - you play the animal
- Me to play a beautiful Human woman who perhaps my carry the blood of Aphrodite.
- play a very rich /royal character who enjoys toying with women.
-  A great deal of various sexual content.
- Non- consensual sex
- bondage and or rape.


“Into the Pit”-

 Taken. But if you would really like to do this rp you can contact me and we can try and work things out . I dont mind doing a similar plot so long as we can come up with a twist that makes it different. ^_^
If you (would) like:
-   Playing a somewhat evil character
-   Playing a controlling, creature(any human /creature of your choice)
-   Using magic
-   Heavy Magic Use in the plot
-   Dark and mysterious world
-   Using force
-   Heavy/Extreme Sexual content
-   Fairly Immediate sexual content
-   Bizarre/experimental sexual content
-   Me playing a futa, anthro

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