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May 21, 2018, 04:24:07 AM

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Author Topic: Labyrinth canon - seeking Sarah! (A/O; female player preferred.)  (Read 472 times)

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With a personal love of the film Labyrinth, I have to admit that I was a little upset to see our main character immediately resort to saving her baby brother. Hey, it can't be all bad to be raised a goblin child, can it?

So the proposal is this...

I'm Jareth, otherwise known as the Goblin King, your Labyrinthian host. I often dress in an eclectic manner, my personality can be seductive and simultaneously condescending, and I'm a man unafraid of make-up.

You're Sarah, the sister of Toby, the small baby locked away at the center of my castle. It's your fault Toby's been whisked away out of your reach. I've granted you thirteen hours to solve my maze and save your sibling, before he becomes mine forever.

I wonder... can you think of any other way to encourage me to relinquish your baby brother?
Thirteen hours of ridiculous riddles, or perhaps - young though you may be - some "favours"?

Note: I am not opposed to other pairings with Sarah, but would prefer to maintain a Male/Female pairing. Please don't be afraid to shoot an idea at me, as the above is simply my base example, and I am willing to play Hoggle, Didymus, or anyone else you may be interested in; it's simply that Jareth is favoured.


If interested, please PM me or reply to this thread with a sample paragraph of your writing style and tell me via what means you would like to engage in this role-play with me. Perhaps you could tell me a little bit about yourself as a role-player as well, and we'll see if we can't work something out!

About Myself: The Oaken Childe

Per my gender/sex: I am a genderqueer pansexual with a high preference towards the female end of the spectrum. I was born with female genitalia, and I would much enjoy a female to play with me (provided she's capable of referring to me by male pronouns), but may be interested in engaging with a male player if his skills are on par with how I imagine a woman's response might present itself.

Per characters I play: I oftentimes play males, and while I prefer this above all else, I am willing to extend you the courtesy of playing a female in the right setting, if we agree on it. Don't be afraid to discuss possibilities with me; I'm very lenient!

Per my role-play preferences: I seek a player that knows how to draw a scene out in a teasing, enticing fashion, and whom understands the basics of grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, as well as how to give me some substance without offering me total filler. The English language is very important to me, and while I concede that I am not perfect (and don't expect you to be), if you are unfashionably faulting your posts, I will be disinclined to carry on my scene with you. Please make an effort and spell-check your writing!

Per my schedule: As I am presently unemployed, I am around very often during the day and afternoon hours, and sometimes the evening hours, of the west coast. I can respond very quickly, and you should expect to see much of me until I have obtained a job, at which point I will update you on what my new schedule will be.


If it isn't listed here, there is probably a chance I may be willing to hear you out, so please discuss with me if you have any kinks or fetishes you would like to see in the role-play, just so we can be on the safe side!

- Scat, vomit, spit, nose secretions, earwax, mucous, belching, or passing of gas. I am generally not a fan of bodily functions, but am normally okay with light urine.
- Extensive gore or mutilation. I'm not interested in turning this into a written version of Hostel.
- Inflation, unbirthing, ova, the eating of an individual. Honestly, I can't barely understand these actions - to each their own, but I'd rather not go there!
- Sounding. The thought of this literally causes me pain.
- Castration. ...No.
- Tickling. It just doesn't interest me.
- Filler. I don't need three paragraphs about what you had for breakfast; just tell me what's going on here and now. A little here and there is okay, but let's not go overboard.
- Recurring typos. ...Really; spell-check is your friend, if you're not sure.
- Abhorrent writing ability. If you could refrain from replacing full words with letters and numbers, I'd be so grateful.
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