Sol's Cravings (F for M or F- BDSM to EX)

Started by Sol Lua, June 15, 2012, 08:19:17 PM

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Sol Lua

Good evening everyone,

I think it's time to start up my own request thread, rather than just reading everyone's.  I don't have a dedicated O/O page yet, but my preferences page will give you a good idea of where I stand.  As far as literacy goes, I consider myself to be literate, but not obsessive about post length.  Quality over quantity is a good rule, and I think it depends on the scene quite a bit as well.  If we're both online and replying quickly, then a single well written paragraph is wonderful.  If we're going several days between posts and not in a heavily interacting scene, then the posts can get longer.  I would be hoping for something similar in a partner, able to string together good sentences without grammatical errors, but not judging literacy with a word count.

On to my ideas.  The first few are some Star Wars Old Republic ideas I've been tossing around, and more are likely to follow, SWTOR and general plot cravings.  Most of them are fairly open ended, with me able to play a variety of roles, so please contact me and we can plan specifics.  Below that are some of the general ideas that I'm craving, so feel free to send me your own ideas.  Thanks for reading.

Fresh Meat on Korriban (BDSM possible NC & EX- M/f, F/m, or F/f)
Similar to the Inquisitor story line.  A new batch of slaves who have force potential has arrived on Korriban.  Most of them are expected to fail, to be nothing but fuel for the advancement of their betters.  This story follows one of those slaves, who either doesn't have the power or temperament to survive the brutal Sith Acadamy.  Will you be that person, at the mercy of all those around you?  Or will you choose another role.  A dark Sith Master who sees potential in this person, either for simple amusement or something more?  A powerful acolyte who decides to take the weak one under their wing as a tool?  A gang of training Sith who take pleasure in tormenting the poor girl until her ultimate fate is met?

Nar Shaddaa (EX-M/f, F/m, or F/f)
"Have you ever been to Nar Shaddaa? I could show you around, have a drink, browse the organ market. It'll be fun..." - Kaliyo
I would be essentially DMing this one.  Deep in the black markets and casinos of Nar Shaddaa, lives are gambled like poker chips and people traded as property.  Your character will get the chance to explore the deepest, darkest facets of the Hutt's Moon.  Perhaps your a rich gambler, looking for the ultimate thrill?  A smuggler come to inspect the merchandise, or even being the merchandise yourself.

Sol's Cravings
Casual/Public slavery (the slave getting under the picnic-table doesn't even raise an eyebrow)
Harem (Being in or having- with more than one writer)