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Author Topic: Naughty Ideas (Looking for M/F/Futa/Other, Dom or Sub)  (Read 4283 times)

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Naughty Ideas (Looking for M/F/Futa/Other, Dom or Sub)
« on: June 12, 2012, 09:59:11 AM »
Hiya! Zana Lyrander here, just putting forth all the ideas I think of for fun RPs. I am open to suggestions to improve these ideas, which are all fairly open-ended. Crossed out sections represent ideas that are currently taken, though if you are really interested, I might be persuaded to try another RP with the same set up. Also, if you can't commit to posting at least once every three or four days, please don't PM me, I prefer slightly faster paced RPs. Please don't reply in this thread, PM me instead.

Specific Plots

Mother Knows Best (F/Futa or M/Futa)
A teenage young girl who lives with her single mother finds out that she and her mother are actually succubi, and that her mother, in addition to possessing a huge cock, has been grooming her young daughter to be a perfect sex slave, specifically her mother's sex slave.
1) The daughter in question is actually multiple daughters, who are being trained to be their mother's harem. One or more of the daughters may also be futas, in which case the mother has been grooming them to dominate their little sisters instead.
2) A reversal of first plot, in which the mother is female and the daughter is futa, the mother having groomed her daughter to be the perfect dom, capable of enslaving and dominating any woman, only to have her daughter decide that the woman she wants to enslave most of all is her own mother.
3) The 'daughter' in question is actually a boy who has been raised as a girl.

Cum-Fed Butt-Slut (M/M or Futa/M)
Usually I don't do M/M or Futa/M, but recently I've had a craving for a femboy partner, a really feminine, submissive male character who generally is treated as if female for sexual purposes. As such, I came up with this plot idea: in a fantasy world where magic is studied at school, a very feminine boy (possibly an elf or a really girly incubus) is bullied frequently by either an incredibly masculine and powerful male (probably human, but also could be an orc, a minotaur, or some sort of demon) or a sexy and powerful futa (probably a succubus or kitsune shapeshifter). The bully in question at one point forces the femboy into the bathroom, strips him naked, and has his/her way with the boy, taking pictures to humiliate and blackmail the femboy. The boy then decides to sneak into the bully's house to steal the pictures back. Surprise, surprise, the boy gets caught, captured, and enslaved, turned into the bully's sex slave, and publicly humiliated, being forced to cross-dress, wear a leash and collar, and generally suffer degradation to mold the femboy into his new master/mistress' sex toy. Eventually, the femboy comes to like his new role, and falls in love with his new owner, serving willingly once his spirit has been broken

Locus University for Strange Times (F/Futa, F/M, M/Futa, M/M, or some combination)
A fun idea I had for an RP set in a modern fantasy universe. The basic idea is that their is a school inhabited by all manner of fantastic creatures such as vampires, angels, succubi, lycanthropes, nymphs, etc., all of whom are either female/femboys or males/futanaris (could be one or the other or both depending on preferences). The school is hyper sexualized, many of the classes focus on sex, erotic magic, dominance versus submission, etc. The RP would focus on two characters to start, one male/futa and one female/femboy, and the cast would expand over time (though usually only focusing on two characters at a time, with the exception of gang-bangs), adding new characters, mixing and matching partners, and the like. Fun plots could include unconventional 'homework' assignments, 'studying' for and taking sexual exams, fun with the teachers in detention, 'hazing' the new girl/boy' and dozens of other things, the possibilities are practically limitless. I'd like to play some of the male/futanari characters, but if you are open to playing either one, I would love to have some female characters as well, though I'm afraid I don't play femboys.

The Stallion (Furry, M/F, Futa/F, M/M, or Futa/M)
Every now and then, I get the urge to play a furry RP. The particular character I have in mind is a horse who can be either male or futanari. Since I have also not had much opportunity to try this particular kink, I would like him/her to have a harem, and am looking for someone to play the female characters, who would also be furries of various different sorts. I'm fairly open to different kinds of furry, but I would like them all to be mammals, and at least one of them to be a cow. Other than that, I'm fairly easy to please. As I have recently acquired an interest in really feminine male characters, some of the members of the harem can also be femboys.

You Were Meant To Be A Slut (M/F, Futa/F, M/M, Futa/M)
This plot would revolve around humiliation and degradation. The setting would likely be modern fantasy, with magic and technology together. My character, who is either male or futanari, is an arrogant, self-centered character who goes to the same school as the oh-so-feminine daughter/son of a relatively powerful clan of magi. The two characters have never really gotten along, as the girl/femboy sees my character as a rude jerk, and constantly wonders how s/he ended up in such a prestigious school. It has only recently come to light that my character (who always seems to get good grades without putting in any effort) is actually something of a prodigy, and the heir to the most powerful and secretive clans of magi. To make matters worse for the poor girl/femboy in question, s/he learns that in order to cement an alliance between their two clans, s/he is being offered to my character as a tribute, my character having specifically requested the girl/femboy as a slave as part of the deal. The rest of the Rp would consist of my character breaking the girl/femboy into submission, publicly humiliating him/her, using him/her as a sex toy, and gradually conditioning him/her to be an utter slut. This plot would obviously be a bit NC at first, though the girl/femboy will eventually grow to enjoy his/her new role (even if s/he refuses to admit it).

Probed by Aliens (M/M, Futa/M, M/Futa, Futa/Futa)
In this plot, a young femboy who lives alone is the victim of an alien abduction. And unlike what he normally would expect, the alien in question is not some hideous monster or a little green man, and is actually quite attractive. The alien in question is either a powerful, handsome man or a gorgeous futanari. Either way s/he looks mostly humanoid, though they possess and additional set of arms, red skin, and a massive cock. The alien then subjects the boy to an overwhelming regimen of humiliating sexual experiments, most of which just seem to be an excuse to plow his cute little asshole and listen to him squeal. The example experiments include injecting the femboy with a powerful aphrodesiac and then fucking him to see how he behaves, hooking him into a machine that will fuck his ass with a dildo and milk his cock all night to measure his maximum sperm production, using either a drug or a high-tech cock-ring to keep the boy from orgasming and then see how long he can withstand being fucked, or injecting him with a drug that makes him so sensitive to pleasure that a few light touches can make him orgasm and then fucking him senseless.
1) The alien also administers a drug which slowly turns the femboy into a lactating futa, who s/he then continues experimenting on, fucking, and milking.
2) A reversal of the above scenario, in which a powerful male or futa human is kidnapped by an incredibly effeminate alien. Unfortunately for the femboy alien in question, the human proves more of a challenge than he thought, and not only escapes, but captures the alien and uses his own technology against him, turning him into the experiment rather than the other way around, and gradually reducing the alien boy to a slutty, obedient sex slave.

Abuse of Power (M/F, Futa/F, M/M, Futa/M)
The basic idea for this plot would be an older guy or futa who is in a position of power taking advantage of a vulnerable, significantly younger girl or femboy who has been secretly fantasizing about said older man/futa for a while now. Example relationships would include a teacher and a student, a rich man/futa and a maid, an employer and an intern, a policeman and a suspect (possibly a suspected prostitute), or a warden and a prisoner. The plot would revolve around the older character using and plowing the younger character, dominating them, humiliating them, and generally training the girl/femboy to be a sex slave. Details are very flexible, the important part is the authority the older character has over his/her new plaything and what s/he can get away with. Optionally, the older character may not even know the younger character already has the hots for them at the start, and the younger character may pretend to be unwilling for quite a while before admitting their desires.

A Cute Couple (Futa/M)
At a certain school, there was a cute, very feminine boy who had a massive crush on this insanely hot, somewhat nerdy girl who was a year ahead of him. This girl had turned down every boy who had asked her out, but the boy eventually got up the courage to ask her anyway. To his great surprise, she said yes, and the two of them started dating. Now the two have been going out for a few months, and things are starting to get physical. But both of them are hesitant to actually go any further, as both have a few dirty secrets. The boy is secretly very submissive and fey, and constantly fantasizes about his girlfriend dressing him up like a girl, keeping him on a leash, and fucking his ass with a strap-on. However, as luck would have it, the strap-on would be entirely redundant, as his girlfriend actually possesses a huge cock! Both are afraid to share their respective secrets with one another for fear of freaking their partner out, but they will soon learn that they are even more compatible than they first thought.

If you are interested in trying any of these, send me a message and we can work out which of us wants to play which character. I also suggest taking a look at my preferences page to see if we are compatible, though as you will see, there aren't a whole lot of things I take issue with.

Common Personas
I have realized that while I am a very adaptable player who loves coming up with new characters to play, there are a few common archetypes that I keep coming back too for my games, characters who I have played multiple times with minor or major alterations, who I feel I have developed a connection with, and whose personalities I have a very firm grasp on. As such, I thought I'd list a few of them here so even if you don't see a plot that interests you, you might see a character that does, and we can work out the plot privately.

One of my oldest characters, futa (male for Jasper), dom, demoness. A very old and intelligent and sexual character, usually a shapeshifter. Eridizt is very adaptable, and usually knows just what buttons to push in her sub in order to coax total and utter submission out of them, as it is that feeling of control and dominance that she really craves. Is also frequently a mother figure, though in that case she often goes by Everith instead. Rem is a very similar figure, but is usually younger and not quite as experienced. Rem is also more into humiliation than Eridizt (Eridizt loves humiliating her pets too, but she's more flexible about it). Jasper is a very similar character, a powerful, shapeshifting demon, only he is male, and a good deal more mischievous and perverse than Eridizt. Jasper is also occasionally an efreet, and has the power to grant wishes, though not his own. He takes great glee in misinterpreting the wishes of others to suit his desires.

Male, DOM, demon. Griv is probably the most masculine, dominant character I play. He is always enormous, standing over seven feet tall and possessing a truly massive cock (and given the endowment of most character's I play, that's saying something). He is extremely dominant, and frequently sadistic, not to mention absurdly strong. Griv practically oozed authority, and most people are so intimidated by him they obey almost implicitly.

Female, sub, demoness. Leena is a very submissive demoness, one who gets off on being controlled, tied up, humiliated, abused, the works. She knows how to play coy and seductive, and may play hard to get at times, but once you get her into bed she's all yours to do with as you please. Baita is everything that Leena is plus a massive dose of masochism and rapid healing ability. Baita doesn't just enjoy pain, she literally can not tell the difference between pain and pleasure, they are the same thing to her.

Female, SUB, human or dog-girl/werewolf. Laura (and her dog-girl/werewolf counterpart Colleen) is easily the most submissive character I ever play. I play submissive characters all the time, but Laura and Colleen are on an entirely different level. They are almost pathetically loyal and obedient, incredibly eager to serve their master/mistress. To them, nothing is more important than their owner's pleasure, their own pleasure just a perk of serving their master/mistress.

Male/Futa, dom, horse man/woman. Seth and Cora are very similar characters, the only real difference being that Seth is male and Cora is a futa. Both are incredibly strong, dominant characters, but gentler than some of my other doms. Sure, they both enjoy rough sex and can enjoy humiliating their pets from time to time, but they have good hearts, and can be sympathetic and gentle at times as well. Both are frighteningly well endowed (hung like a horse, haha), and very intelligent.
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Re: Naughty Ideas (Looking for M/F/Futa/Other, Dom or Sub)
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2012, 12:37:53 AM »
would love to play amazons sex toy

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Re: Naughty Ideas (Looking for M/F/Futa/Other, Dom or Sub)
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2012, 05:55:23 AM »
Added The Stallion

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Re: Naughty Ideas (Looking for M/F/Futa/Other, Dom or Sub)
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2013, 09:45:50 AM »
Reopening my search thread. ^_^

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Re: Naughty Ideas (Looking for M/F/Futa/Other, Dom or Sub)
« Reply #4 on: February 05, 2013, 11:48:24 AM »
Added Mother Knows Best.

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Re: Naughty Ideas (Looking for M/F/Futa/Other, Dom or Sub)
« Reply #5 on: February 06, 2013, 11:34:11 AM »
Added Cum-Fed Butt-Slut.

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Re: Naughty Ideas (Looking for M/F/Futa/Other, Dom or Sub)
« Reply #6 on: May 14, 2013, 12:51:03 PM »
Reopening my search thread again, added You Were Meant To Be A Slut.

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Re: Naughty Ideas (Looking for M/F/Futa/Other, Dom or Sub)
« Reply #7 on: May 16, 2013, 11:36:18 AM »
Deleted the general pairings section (it wasn't really relevant to my interests anymore) and updated the availability of certain ideas.

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Re: Naughty Ideas (Looking for M/F/Futa/Other, Dom or Sub)
« Reply #8 on: June 06, 2013, 07:44:50 AM »
Added a list of common character archetypes that I play in case none of the plots appeal, you might still find a fun character who fits an RP idea of your own.

Also modified Locus University so that it now allows for femboy characters.
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Re: Naughty Ideas (Looking for M/F/Futa/Other, Dom or Sub)
« Reply #9 on: June 07, 2013, 01:30:03 PM »
Added Probed By Aliens plot.

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Re: Naughty Ideas (Looking for M/F/Futa/Other, Dom or Sub)
« Reply #10 on: June 09, 2013, 02:38:09 PM »
Added Abuse of Power plot

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Re: Naughty Ideas (Looking for M/F/Futa/Other, Dom or Sub)
« Reply #11 on: June 10, 2013, 02:40:33 PM »
Added A Cute Couple plot.

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Re: Naughty Ideas (Looking for M/F/Futa/Other, Dom or Sub)
« Reply #12 on: January 03, 2014, 01:07:38 PM »
Reopening my search threads, with updates for which plots are available.