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Author Topic: Dragons of the 6th World  (Read 2824 times)

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Dragons of the 6th World
« on: June 08, 2012, 03:43:18 am »
(This is my first attempt at posting a roleplay idea, please be kind.)

The new world...

Many changes were prophesied for the year of 2012, including the end of the world. While many people were surprised that the world did not end or undergo catastrophic climate changes as foretold, the big shock came more slowly and subtly.

Bit by bit, new races were being born into the world. Varying species of elves, orks, dwarves, and trolls were popping up in 'normal' households. At first, society had no idea what to do with these 'mutations' and budding families were beginning to fear having children at all. It was not only physical mutations that were integrating into human society, but also perfectly normal looking and healthy people discovering varying magical ability.

Human society was already in an uproar when the first dragon was sighted. After a brief earthquake in Japan, a large dark creature was spotted flying alongside the Shinkansen bullet train in Tokyo. It appeared for only a few moments before disappearing into Mt. Fuji. Months passed without a sighting of the creature or any others like it, but later that year, a minor earthquake was recorded near Cherry Creek Lake in Colorado.

What emerged from the Rocky Mountains stopped traffic and had witnesses suspended in awe for the better part of that autumn day. A slew of news crews arrived to see what appeared to be a blue dragon carefully examining a vintage convertible Ford Mustang. The giant creature had literally picked up the vehicle to turn it end over end in his study of it. Meanwhile, the owner of the car was having a bit of a breakdown due to the trauma of seeing the dragon, claiming to hear a voice in his head and repeating 'Dunkelzahn'.
Over the next 60 years, much was discovered about the dragons through various means. They possess enormous magic ability and are able to take human form so as not to appear terribly frightening, as well as for convenience sake since they are rather large in their natural form. It was also found that the great dragons cannot speak, but communicate telepathically. However, only metahumans (those with magic ability and of the new races) can 'hear' them. But underneath all the scales, claws, and wings, the dragons have unique personalities, just as humans.

It has been some time since the world changed and the dragons came out of hibernation. There have been advancements in some areas of technology and the shape of countries has changed. Megacorporations are said to rule the world now, but there are still a few home grown businesses and neighborhoods. Many have integrated into humanoid society and some have even gone on to become quite famous as being movers and shakers in world politics, megacorporations, and cultural affairs. But metahumans are still not fully accepted by many normal folks. They are often faced with prejudice that varies in scale. Many things have changed in the new world, yet some have remained the same.

Please be aware that the dragons do not speak, they communicate telepathically. This is not by choice on their part; they are physically unable. They are magical creatures and many of them do take human form to ‘walk among the masses’, though some others refuse to ‘lower’ themselves to the level of humanoids. In dragon form and human form, they come in many sizes, colors, personalities, magical abilities, etc. They’re quite a diverse crowd and may not even get along amongst themselves. Many who take human form and become part of humanoid society have ‘Interpreters’; humanoids who have some magic ability, which makes them able to ‘hear’ the dragons.

Whoever chooses to join me in this epic story is free to play a character of their choice, so long as it fits into the story. Whether it be one of the other dragons or a character entirely of their own creation. It would also be nice if my roleplay partner could help me juggle supporting characters, but it’s not absolutely necessary. There are a great many possibilities for my roleplay partner’s character: Another dragon (as mentioned, either existing or your own), any of the new races or just plain human, magic or non-magic (though having some magic ability will help immensely with communication between our characters), just about any occupation from a law enforcer to a gang member (please choose something that would help the flow of the storyline and not impede communication/interaction between our characters), and so on. It’s wide open for the imagination. I am open to playing with any sex/gender roleplayer and character.

As far as a set storyline, I have none. I want to leave it up in the air for the most part, because writing a story with someone else that I already have planned out wouldn’t be fun and I don’t want to tell anyone what/how to write. I find it more enjoyable when I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

This roleplay idea has been a baby of mine for a few years, based on the dragons of Shadowrun, and I’ve not been able to play it much, thus I am excited about the prospect of finding a partner who ‘gets it’ and enjoys it as much as I do. I intend to play Ryumyo (listed on my OO's) as my main character. The others I play as supporting characters to help the story along. Please PM to contact me.


Metahuman - A humanoid of unique race or magic ability.

Datajack - A cranial implant that allows for a living creature to directly access the internet and computers in general via hardwire in order to 'download' information to the brain.

The Matrix - The name for the newest virtual reality version of the internet.

Awakened - A term for creatures/species of magical ability such as metahumans and dragons.

Megacorporation - A term widely used for the largest and most important corporations around the world. They include, but are not limited to, Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries Corporation, Ares Macrotechnology, and NeoNET Electronic Technologies.

Metroplex - Large residential buildings owned and operated by megacorporations. Imagine condos on a grand scale. Most are self-contained with on-premesis shopping, leisure facilities, and other living necessities.

Post-hibernation Trauma - Some dragons experience some or all of these symptoms upon coming out of hibernation, the degree of severity per symptom and length  varying. Disorientation, temporary partial paralysis, temporary partial memory loss, anxiety, dizziness, fatigue/grogginess.

The Night of Rage - Name given to the event that began on March 16, 2031. The Iranian Ayatollah declared a jihad against all metahumans and Awakened, planning an eradication not unlike the Holocaust during the 1930's and 1940's. Riots broke out during the night and by the next day, many metahumans across the Middle East had been killed. Some of the Great Dragons responded in their own ways.

 -  Sirrung attacked and destroyed a jumbo jet, which subsequently fell in pieces, damaging a large portion of the city below and many people perished as a result.

 - Aden attacked and demolished the city of Tehran, killing the Iranian Ayatollah in the process.

 - Ryumyo ceased all of the Yamaguchi-gumi's arms shipments to the Middle East and donated monies to the metahuman families that had been effected by the Night of Rage.

 - Dunkelzahn focused the Draco Foundation's efforts on rebuilding the lives and homes of all persons effected by the Night of Rage. He also began an on-going project specifically geared toward providing safe havens for metahumans in the Middle East, promoting equality through schools and workplaces, and disaster preparedness.

 The Draco Foundation - The largest charitable organization in the world that supports and promotes equal rights for metahumans. There are many branches of the organization that spread worldwide including, but not limited to:

 - Healthy Heart, Happy Heart Project: Providing affordable and sometimes free health insurance to metahuman families and individuals who are unable to obtain insurance through employment or have been denied insurance/employment based on prejudice.

 - Providing resources for finding metahuman-friendly residential complexes and employment.

 - Establishing safe havens for metahumans in volatile regions of the world.

 - Offering scholarships for metahuman students in any field of study and for individuals, metahuman and human alike, who pursue degrees in fields that would benefit metahumankind.

 - Offering grants for research into metahuman biology and medicine.

 - Political activism in pursuit of having laws passed that will protect metahumans and equal rights.

 - Media involvement and public service to support and spread the word of equality among all races.

 - MetaHome Project: Geared toward assisting homeless metahumans in getting off the streets and bettering their lives. Also assists with drug abuse recovery and re-connecting metahuman refugees with their families.

Other character information below...
(None of the images I use are of me or belong to me.)
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Re: Dragons of the 6th World - Dunkelzahn
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2012, 03:52:28 am »
Dunkelzahn (aka D, Big D)

Great Western Dragon (hatched around 13,000 b.c. and is considered a fully adult dragon.) Dunkelzahn first Awakened near Cherry Creek Lake, Colorado in the fall of 2012, months after the first dragon sighting. Of all the reporters vying for an interview, anchorwoman Holly Brighton won the contest, and he was interviewed for a mind-boggling twelve hours and sixteen minutes. He became famous first for the interview he gave and the regular show he hosted, Wyrm Talk.

Since then, D has made quite a name for himself as a philanthropist, businessman, and "dragon of the people". His fight for equality among all species of the world, preservation of the planet, and the end of poverty and suffering among metahumans is known throughout the world. He is by far the most publicly recognized dragon due to his good will. D has a pleasant personality and is very approachable. Though he is quite rich and famous, he remains down to earth and in touch with people of all walks of life. Though Dunkelzahn is a very well-educated dragon, he approaches technology with delight and wonder, and is an avid collector of unusual inventions.

After becoming integrated into modern humanoid society, Dunkelzahn established the Draco Foundation, which has become the largest charity in the world for metahuman rights and well-being. A great deal of his time is divided between charity work and business ventures, but it's not all hard work and no play. So what does this dragon like to do in his downtime? D enjoys swimming, flying, spending time in nature at his Cherry Creek Lake estate, test driving vintage cars (don't let him do it, he's not the greatest driver), and making Speedy Pop popcorn the old fashioned way over an open flame. Dunkelzahn is also dating an Elven woman by the name of Sophie, though the relationship is strained due to some differences in personality, beliefs, and goals. D's busy schedule also takes its toll on the relationship.

In his human form, D is approx. 5'11, lean/defined build, short dark hair, striking blue eyes, and appears to be in his early 30's.
In his dragon form, D is primarily dark blue with a silver underbelly.

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Re: Dragons of the 6th World - Hestaby
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2012, 04:08:43 am »
Hestaby (aka The Red Queen)

Great Western Dragon (Time of hatching is unknown, but she is considered a fully adult dragon and hatched not long after Dunkelzahn.) Hestaby awoke in the Cascade Mountains of California in the year 2015. She spent the next ten years in seclusion, during which time the devastated forested region began to grow and replenish at an astonishing rate. She then set out and made contact with Dunkelzahn, who was already making quite a name for himself. The two worked together on their new-found causes; D fighting for equal rights of metahumans and Hestaby for the environment.

Though not as famous as her old friend, The Red Queen, as she is known to the natives and shamans of California, dedicates the majority of her time working toward protecting the forests and wildlife of the Cascade Mountain region around her lair of Mount Shasta, as well as promoting global awareness of green living. The extent of her relations with other dragons generally goes so far as how her kind either support or oppose her cause. Dunkelzahn, of course, is a full supporter of her cause, as is Eliohann. However, Eli never sticks his neck out for anybody, preferring safety in solitude, though he does maintain the website for her environmentalist organization.

As with most dragons, she does not get along with Lofwyr, as the other dragon once had his eye on her territory for building a Saeder-Krupp factory and metroplex. Hestaby's response to his proposal was that the day he sets up shop in her backyard is the day he discovers what it is like to roast alive. Lofwyr has since dropped the issue, for some reason giving Hestaby a measure of respect he does not reserve for many.

The great dragon Rhonabwy was entrusted to Hestaby as an egg and since the other dragon's hatching, she has acted as a mother figure to her and her alone. Otherwise, she has a friendly, albeit somewhat abrasive personality. Not one to beat around the bush or sugar-coat anything, Hestaby is quite direct and a very sharp businesswoman.

In human form, Hestaby appears to be in her mid to late 30's, approx. 5'5, slender build, with long red hair and soft green eyes.
In dragon form, Hestaby is primarily a shimmering scarlet red with a tawny underbelly.

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Re: Dragons of the 6th World - Perianwyr
« Reply #3 on: June 08, 2012, 04:16:52 am »

Western Dragon (Not considered a Great Dragon due to his small size and ability to speak aloud in either human or dragon form. Time of hatching is unknown, but considered to be a young adult dragon.) Having Awakened in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland and experiencing post-hibernation trauma, Perianwyr nearly drown. But to his luck (some say Irish luck), a fishing boat crew managed to snag him with their nets, saving his life. He had no recollection as to how he came to be under the ocean floor, but vaguely remembers the pressure of the water above him being comforting, as his body was able to withstand it. The Irish family that had rescued Perianwyr took him in as one of their own, oddly enough, and one of the first things that he discovered in this era was music. Perianwyr instantly became an avid music lover, particularly of Irish folk and jazz. He is quite a personable fellow and can be found enjoying live music and cigars just about every night in the pub he opened with the now-grown grandchildren of those who gave him a new lease on life and the gift of music.

In his human form, Perianwyr stands at about 5'7, thin/lean physique, has dark hair, striking blue eyes, and light freckles.
In his dragon form, Perianwyr stands at about 10 feet tall. His coloration is light blue with a light gray underbelly.

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Re: Dragons of the 6th World - Lofwyr
« Reply #4 on: June 08, 2012, 04:43:28 am »

Western Great Dragon (time of hatching is unknown, but is considered a fully adult dragon.) After having awakened in the region formerly known as Germany, Lofwyr came to be known primarily for being the solitary owner of the megacorporation Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries Company and thus the wealthiest individual on the planet. His name is respected and feared all over the world, and it is his plots and actions that gave rise to the saying "Never deal with a Dragon".

Lofwyr has been known to be shrewd and competitive in most things, though he manages to remain neutral toward almost all other dragons, whether they like him or not. He apparently only displays true animosity toward his brother, Alamais, and another great dragon, Nachmeister, whom he reportedly killed over a dispute of some sort. One should be terribly cautious of Lofwyr.

In human form, Lofwyr is approx. 6'2, lean/lanky build, short pale blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very sly smile.
In dragon form, Lofwyr is primarily silver with gold highlights and underbelly.

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Re: Dragons of the 6th World - Eliohann
« Reply #5 on: June 09, 2012, 02:28:23 am »
Eliohann (pronounced Eh-lee-oh-han) (aka Eli and a number of aliases)

Western Great Dragon (time of hatching is unknown, but is considered to be a very young adult dragon.) His memory is very sketchy, but it is believed that Eliohann awakened in 2023, in the Cascade Mountains of the American Pacific Northwest region. He did not get much of a chance to see the new world though, as the megacorporation, NeoNET, sought out a dragon for experimentation in the latest technology. Upon his capture, Eliohann was subjected to a number of tests to research dragon biology and a very risky experiment.

Eliohann is the first and only known dragon to have a datajack implanted. The experiment went well at first, until he was connected to the Matrix and flatlined. When revived, it was found that much of the dragon's memory was lost and he suffered from emotional disorders, but the analysis of such was cut short when he escaped in a fit of rage. These days, Eliohann lays low, choosing residence in major cities and living a somewhat reclusive life. His contact with other dragons is very minimal and maintained only by communication via computer.

In human form, Eliohann is approx. 5'8, thin build, short red hair, dark green eyes, soft features, and often wears a passive or somewhat confused expression.
In his dragon form, Eliohann is primarily rust colored with subtle green highlights and underbelly.

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Re: Dragons of the 6th World - Rhonabwy
« Reply #6 on: June 09, 2012, 02:53:23 am »
Rhonabwy (aka Rhona)

Great Western Dragon (Time of hatching is unknown, but she is considered to be a very young adult dragon, possibly around the same age as Eliohann.) Awakened in the year 2042 from her hibernation deep in Mount Kenya, Rhonabwy was devastated to find that her territory of Ethiopia was ravaged by war and disease. What was once a land that prospered in modest terms was now home of the ill and war-torn. With a broken heart, she sought out Hestaby, whom she'd been entrusted to as an egg. With the help of her mentor, Rhonabwy set out to turn the tide and provide the help that her people so desperately needed.

Surprisingly, upon hearing that Hestaby's organization sent a group to help set up hospitals and schools, as well as aid local farmers, Ryumyo answered the African natives' call as well. Through his ties to the Yakuza, Ryumyo donated large sums of money to fund Rhonabwy's cause. At first she declined, stating that she did not want his blood money, but Ryumyo sincerely insisted that the funds had come from business ventures such as stocks and gambling. In a rare moment of kindness, Ryumyo went on to say that not only had no one died for the money, but that the donation was intended to support Rhonabwy's mission in keeping people alive. The two have not spoken since and it is rumored that Ryumyo keeps his distance so as not to have an adverse effect on Rhonabwy's reputation, as she is known to be a selfless and benevolent dragon, while he is not.

Rhonabwy, appears to be in her early 20's with curly black hair and dark brown eyes.
In dragon form, Rhonabwy is primarily indigo blue with a black underbelly.

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Re: Dragons of the 6th World - The Twins
« Reply #7 on: June 09, 2012, 01:06:50 pm »
The Twins (Unnamed)

Western Dragons (Not considered Great Dragons due to their small size and ability to speak aloud. Time of hatching is just prior to the last hibernation, but considered to be adolescent dragons.) A rarity to their species, the twins were entrusted to Celedyr as an egg. Shortly after they hatched, hibernation began and Celedyr went into the icy mountains of the arctic. The twins were thought to have been lost to the barren cold wasteland, but they survived. The two succumbed to hibernation themselves and awoke some time later alone and without guidance.

They had been too young and had slumbered too long to remember their names, venturing into the new world to discover civilization with nothing more than each other. Given their young age and inexperience in any era, the twins have been cared for by many as they enjoy exploring the world. They are never apart, sharing an incredible bond, and do not openly speak with others, including those of their own kind. The others who have spend any amount of time with the twins find them to be whimsical and compassionate little sprites, at times prophetic and modest, even secretive, with their magical ability. It comes as no surprise to those who know them best that the twins do well in colder weather and often take pleasure in playing in snow.

In human form, the twins stand at about 5', are slender in build, and have white hair. One has very light blue eyes and the other very light purple, both iridescent. They look to be around 12 years old. They appear androgynous, however they are both male.
In dragon form, the twins stand at about 6 feet tall in dragon form. Their coloration is light blue with a pale powder blue underbelly and light purple with a lighter lilac underbelly.

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Re: Dragons of the 6th World - Aden
« Reply #8 on: June 09, 2012, 01:10:57 pm »
Aden (aka The Sand Sleeper)

Great Eastern Dragon (Time of hatching is unknown, but is considered to be a young adult dragon.) A desert-dweller, Aden awakened and still lairs in the Middle East, specifically Mount Ararat, Turkey. He has claimed the region as his domain and acts as a guardian for Middle Eastern metahumans, vehemently opposing all anti-metahuman organizations. Despite his smaller size for a great dragon, Aden has quite a chip on his shoulder and is not to be trifled with. When the Ayatollah of Iran declared a jihad against all metahumans and Awakened creatures, Aden single-handedly razed the city of Tehran. Communication with his own kind is limited, as Aden refuses to take human form or utilize modern technology to make contact. He much prefers solitude in his sweltering domain, keeping company only with his brother, Sirrung.

Aden's coloring is variations of bronze, brown, and tan. He is known to his people as The Sand Sleeper, as he blends in very well with his surroundings.

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Re: Dragons of the 6th World - Sirrung
« Reply #9 on: June 09, 2012, 01:17:21 pm »
Sirrung (aka Sirrung the Destroyer)

Great Eastern Dragon (Time of hatching is unknown, but is considered to be a young adult dragon.) Despite being the largest of his Awakened brethren, Sirrung is surprisingly quite passive and harmless unless provoked. Though he has been provoked... Lairing in Mount Ararat with his brother, Aden, Sirrung observed as metahumans in the Middle East were discriminated against and victimized when the Iranian Ayatollah declared a jihad against them. Also learning that the dragons themselves were targets, Sirrung, with Aden's encouragement, retaliated. After a massive attack on metahumans in the region, known as the Night of Rage, Sirrung attacked a commercial jumbo jet. The incident resulted in the jet being broken into pieces and falling into a large city below. All of the flight passengers and many of the residents of the city perished, human and metahuman alike. Devastated by his own actions in contributing to the suffering of metahumans, Sirrung became penitent and eschewed himself from humanoid society, keeping his distance in the desert now. He still keeps company with Aden, but frowns upon the smaller dragon's anger and foul disposition, attempting to be the voice of reason for his brother.

Sirrung is very large and his coloring is variations of tan and brown with a few green highlights. He has no known human form.

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Re: Dragons of the 6th World - Nachtmeister
« Reply #10 on: June 09, 2012, 01:27:08 pm »

Great Western Dragon (Time of hatching is unknown, but is considered to be a fully adult dragon.) As known to the people of his former territory, the Night Master got a very rough start in this age. Experiencing post-hibernation trauma, he was unable to fly right away and was nearly attacked by the military in the region formerly known as Germany. What made matters worse was that while he was settling in to claim the area as his territory, an old rival showed up to steal it. The battle between Nachtmeister and Lofwyr was quite a show for the smaller inhabitants of the region, as the two duked it out in an aerial battle for more than 24 hours. Unfortunately for Nachtmeister, Lofwyr won and proceeded to run him off. Though he was lucky to survive the battle, Nachtmeister was left with a large scar across his chest and nowhere to call home. He's now a wanderer whose human appearance changes frequently, but is always that of a rather scruffy homeless person. Some say that Nachtmeister is biding his time until he can amass forces against Lofwyr and reclaim his 'rightful' territory.

Nachtmeister is purely of the deepest black, hence the nickname Night Master. His scales look as though they're chipped from onyx and shimmer in certain light.

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Re: Dragons of the 6th World - Celedyr
« Reply #11 on: June 09, 2012, 01:31:12 pm »

Great Western Dragon (Time of hatching is unknown, but is considered to be an elder.) It is not known when Celedyr awakened, as he was sighted by a group of scientists in Antarctica long after many dragons had integrated themselves into society. Unable to tolerate heat, after years of exploring colder regions, this ancient dragon lairs in the icy mountains around the south pole. The only dragons to know him well at all are Dunkelzahn and Lung, given their age, but Celedyr remains neutral to the goings-on in more populated regions. He is kind and grandfatherly, despite his chilly home and appearance, and is one to give advice if he can be found. Celedyr has no known human form.

Celedyr is mostly pale blue with a white underbelly and silver highlights.