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Started by North of 60°, June 06, 2012, 02:15:03 PM

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North of 60°

Ok so this idea really has been developing for a while, and I sort of tried to get it up on another site and on this one, but it didn't really take, I couldn't find a comittedpartner.  So I was Hoping E could be the place.

So, this idea evolved after watching Love & Basketball and playing FreeStyle Street Basketball, please read to the bottom of this post anyways even if you aren't completely interested, I think it might surprise you... a little.

I was in a 'Hoops' sort of mood.  And that slowly degenerated (or evolved, depending on how you look at it) into a craving to RP a basketball setting based game.

So I figured I would try advertising it.  I am looking either for a guy or a girl.  Both of the player spots are open right now.

What I am looking for is a partner who would be interested in playing a street baller.

The plot I am toying with right now involves a male and a female basketball player who play on the streets, no rules, just ball.  They would range from 16(as per E rules)-18 at the beginning of the story.  They would both be pretty good, the two best at the courts.  They would often play against one another, pushing the other to play their best.  This would be the beginning of the play, they would begin sort of as enemies but then would grow to have a happy, sort of love-hate rivalry.  They could easily develop some romance, fiery passion, here or there, maybe the guy is sort of a stud.  Maybe he sees her as a challenge.  Anyway this aspect is negotiable and not really established in my mind.

The story sort of breaks here a bit and one (or both) who is (are) in highschool and playing in their senior year is (are) scouted to go play college basketball.  The plot forks, they could go to the same University or different schools, or only one would go and leave the other back at home.  This would determine the next part of the Roleplay.

I also see some sort of reunion where they return to their old street court, maybe multiple times, see how they change over time.  See if they change as people, if their experience changes the relationship.  Really this is a very open ended play, with the meat of it being in the later stages of highschool (for at least one of the characters).

If you have the slightest interest, please don't hesitate to PM me or Reply here, either one works.


NOTE: The idea is also available for a non-forum RP if that is more suitable for you at this time.

To be honest I am open to other basketball related plays, anything you have in mind, send me a PM.
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North of 60°

This is just an updated few ideas which I am in need of some available writers.

I am really feeling a yearning for a Relic Hunter RP.  For those of you who know this TV show I hope a few of you might want to indulge, and if any of you are not familiar with it but like the general theme/setting/characters, I would love to have you as well.

From left to Right: Nigel, Sydney, Claudia

To bring everyone basically up to speed… below is a brief synopsis and the
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The series is almost based on Tomb Raider (or so says wikipedia, I disagree but that‘s another matter).  Proffessor Sydney Fox teaches at Trinity University in the department of ’Ancient Studies, but primarily [and sometimes it seems exclusively] she is a globe-trotting "relic hunter". She and her teaching assistant, (Proud Brit and linguistics expert) Nigel Bailey trek around the world looking for ancient artifacts to return to museums and/or the descendants of the original owner.  The pair are sometimes joined by their secretary the somewhat air-headed heiress Claudia (or less air-headed Karen).  Sydney often ends up battling rival hunters seeking out artifacts for the money.

And here are some very brief bios of Sydney and Nigel
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Sydney Fox, a brilliant Hawaiian who loved to travel with her father while he was on business. Her love for travelling, combined with her love for the past introduced her to relic hunts all over the world. The places she travelled to range from Boston to China and everywhere in between.  Sydney is a skilled fighter apparently trained in numerous martial arts and weaponry.  She is very confident and outgoing.  She seems to have a platonic relationship with Nigel but isn’t shy about showing more than a little skin, after all when in the deepest reaches of the jungle sometimes it’s just much more convenient.  There is evident sexual tension between Sydney and Nigel, mainly involving a flustered and embarassed Nigel, including one episode in which they go undercover in a nudist colony. Sydney also frequently wears skimpy clothing, with lots of cleavage and tight-fitting shorts.

Nigel Bailey, a very book smart brit, Nigel signed on for a regular teaching job at the university to put his knowledge of linguistics and ancient cultures to good use, but he learns quickly enough that this is no ordinary job.  He is less outwardly confident than Sydney and mal-at-ease in the ‘field’ not used to the rough and tumble world of relic hunting (which often includes more than a little fighting which is definitely not his element).  But Nigel is endearing and kind, and is often times more aware than Sydney of how she displays her body.  He is very naive in the ways of love and relationships but as I said very sweet.

I am looking for a romantic story (sort of equal parts, action/adventure, romance and ‘smut’) concerning the lead in Relic Hunter, Professor Sydney Fox.  I would be looking for a partner for Sydney and/or someone interested in playing Prof. Fox herself.

This could be.....

1) A story surrounding a sexual fling or deep seeded romance with her teaching assistant Nigel Bailey following it perhaps as they travel looking for various relics


2) Sydney has an encounter with a rival relic hunter.  They could either decide to team up or work against one another racing for the relic.  Either way, a chase for the relic would ensue, wrought with sexual tension  including or culminating in the giving in to temptation of each other.  (For those familiar with the series Francois and Derek Lloyd and Dallas Carter are prime candidates, but original characters are welcome)


On a slightly darker note
3) Professor Fox finds herself taken prisoner by an illegal antiquity smuggling organization, either because she has information about a relic or they want her aid in procuring a relic.  This could involve all manor of persuasive techniques.


4) Nigel comes into contact with an ancient relic that causes him to be almost irresistible to the opposite sex.  He is initially shocked and overwhelmed but he slowly discovers and enjoys his prowess with various escapades with Claudia and/or Karen (the secretaries for Sydney and Nigel) before ultimately Sydney herself.

If would love to hear back from you if you have any interest, via PM please.

If you have any ideas of your own in the realm of this series please let me know as well.
If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. If she's worth it, you won't give up. If you give up, you're not worthy.

"Sex is like snow. You never know how many inches youre going to get or how long it will last."

North of 60°

Re-looking for interested Partners.... both M and F PM if interested
If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. If she's worth it, you won't give up. If you give up, you're not worthy.

"Sex is like snow. You never know how many inches youre going to get or how long it will last."