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Author Topic: Ana's RP Ideas. (Looking for, well really anything)  (Read 557 times)

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Ana's RP Ideas. (Looking for, well really anything)
« on: June 05, 2012, 03:58:11 AM »
These are the prompts I have at hand. If you have any ideas, questions or comments, feel free to PM me to express interest.

Cabin Fever. F/F In the near future, the American school system is in utter chaos. Other countries are surpassing America in all conceivable areas of job growth, public awareness, public health, and social mobility.  It is deemed by the public school system that single-sex boarding schools produce better results than co-ed local schooling. With great results, the department of education has mandated that all public schools are now same-sex boarding schools and that compulsory education now lasts until the age of 22, the last 4 years of which are where students are able to explore careers in a hands-on setting.
Silverlight, MN17, is an all girls boarding school for ages 16-22 in the upper midwest (Minneapolis). The school is one of many with a reputation for graduating its students as lesbians.

The story would start during winter just after the students were home for a break. our character and mine are just moving back in. One character has never had a sexual encounter of any kind and thinks of herself as heterosexual until meeting the other character who (not so unintentionally) gets her to experiment.

No Manner of Luck at All. F/Monsters/NC In a lightweight, very traditional fantasy world, there is no recorded history past three centuries ago. Ruins that are clearly older than three centuries dot the landscape around the current civilizations. Brave heroes are chosen to explore these ruins, caverns and historical oddities as best they can ever since a very strong (dumb and lucky) hero brought back immeasurable riches from an expedition.
The female character is such a hero who has chosen this life for herself. Through an unfortunate set of circumstances, she is no longer allowed to return home, except for supplies, unless she brings with information that the elders deem appropriate.
Her expeditions take a turn for the horrible as she finds herself set upon by the horrifying monsters involved in her quest. Instead of destroying her, they rape her. All monsters seem to do this for to her (for a reason we will explore together).
This prompt has a lot of room for alteration. The basic idea is that the female character is set upon by the "monster of the day". We can decide together what these monsters will be like. The female character could be a human, elf, or neko (anywhere from light fur to heavy fur). Either you or I could play the female character, though I must admit my desire to play her.

Things that go bump in the night F/M F/F. Werewolves. Vampires. NC. Set in modern day, vampires and werewolves each have a habit of taking a single human slave. It is easier for a vampire to satiate themselves from repeated use of one human than to murder several. This relationship also often turns into a sexual one because it is easier to use them as a slave than to risk exposure to partners. Werewolves have a similar goal whereas they claim one for sexual use so that they don't risk exposure through intimacy. 
I would play a female human. You would play either a female vampire or a male werewolf taking my character as a slave. The relationship would begin NC but could develop into romance.

Corruptive Influence. F/F. Extreme. Character A was the queen of high school and college. She was top of the world and had the school eating out of her hand. It's not that she tried to. In fact, she'd only slept one one, maybe two guys in school. She wasn't the overcontrolling bitch queen. She was the innocent beauty that everyone loved.

Character B is a goth girl with a twist. She really is every dangerous thing that mothers told their kids about. Sex, drugs, alcohol. She does it all. She runs with a dangerous crowd who commit crimes anywhere from petty larceny to grand theft auto.

Our story picks up just after the college years in their early twenties. Character A runs across B in a place that they will both frequent. A is in a bit of a dry spell romantically, not being able to attract men as easily as she once could for a reason she cannot divine. Character B sees A and can't get her out of her mind--quickly developing a plan to seduce the girl. Character A, in her conversations with B is so intrigued by her that when B makes her demanding advance, A doesn't oppose it despite the fact that she's never been attracted to women before. From here, A just can't figure out how to say "no" to B. Piercings, tattoos, drugs, and more ensue as B decides that she needs to have A forever and will corrupt her.

This story may involve Character B creating situations where NPCs are involved in sexual encounters with A, thus meaning B would have to play a few voices at times.

Neko Indulgences.
I absolutely love neko girls as well as full catgirl anthros. I don't really have any developed story ideas, but would love to explore the following pairings:
Neko x Neko
Neko x M
Futa Neko x Neko
Futa Human or Elf x Neko
Neko x F Human or Elf

More to come! Feel free to reply or PM if interested.

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Re: Ana's RP Ideas. (Looking for, well really anything)
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2012, 12:49:21 PM »
Edited for Corruptive Influences and neko indulgences