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Author Topic: [F/F] Plot with Pic (F for M or F)  (Read 886 times)

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Offline JunkyoTopic starter

[F/F] Plot with Pic (F for M or F)
« on: June 03, 2012, 01:32:36 PM »

I'm creating this second search thread solely for one plot idea that I've recently thought off and am really craving to do. First off I'll list a few of m general On and Offs before getting into the details of the idea.

On Writing

I like to write out scenes descriptively when it is possible.
The length of the post may vary and I for one usually mirror what my partner gives me.
I like plots and discussing things about what might happen throughout the story
That said even with my own idea I like for my partner to be able to move the story along as well
Pm or Forum is fine

Off Writing

One liners
Writing post that only respond to what I wrote and nothing more
Chat speak writing
Roleplaying over Instant anything: Tried once long ago and I greatly disliked it

Sexual frustration
Hair pulling
Drunk ďmistakesĒ
Vanilla sex
Rough sex
Forced semi consensual scenes (more along the lines of maybe angry sex or some forced interaction coming on from anger or used to prove a point or try to end an argument. Neither partner would really object to it other than maybe some at that point. )
Same sex partners
Drug/Alcohol use (drug not so much for this idea though)
Power struggle

Extreme pain
Always-submissive partners (thatís why power struggle is on my Onís list)
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Offline JunkyoTopic starter

Re: F looking for F for a F/F idea with Plot and Pics
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2012, 01:49:11 PM »
A bit too close for just friends


(Iíd play A- brown hair)

Six years of being completely smitten with someone can make a girlís life a bit miserable, depressing, and in some ways sexually frustrated. A (brown hair) has always been very physically and emotionally attracted to her best friend B(blonde). But who wasnít attracted to her? Beautiful wild and sexy, wherever she went wanton looks followed. She could most likely have any man or woman she wanted to, that is if she even wanted someone. At some point during their high school years B became Aís world, but donít get me wrong A wasnít just a love sick girl following another around. No in fact they were both each otherís world, they were inseparable. And though A was always looking at B truthfully the lustful looks given by others were given to the both of them. Physically they stood differently, but each one had her own thing that attracted other people and both of them together were just a fantasy come true for most.

B made A take chances and let loose, while A kept B grounded. They both had troubled families and thus since meeting in the fifth grade when both their parents had forgotten to pick them up from school they had decided they would be each others new family. A knows B is a free spirited girl and the boys sheís been with never have lasted longer than a day or two. So she has carried the secret of her affection for years knowing that whatever love and care B had for her was really just of close friends. And how did A find out she was in love with B? Well if the wet dreams werenít a clue enough then maybe getting possessive whenever a boy tried to come on to her was.

On the other hand B can be somewhat dense sometimes especially when it comes to Aís emotions. Years and she still doesnít fully understand how the other girlís mind works exactly. As such doesnít realize this affection and just leads the other poor girl on by getting possessive as well and acting overly protective, add how affection for the both of them is shown through hug, caresses and physical closeness and itís really no wonder why it is so hard for A. But soon graduation came and they had to part ways. And thatís when it happened. Sick with grief of their separation just before leaving through the gate of her flight A got enough courage to suddenly confess her love to B and kiss her hard goodbye before running off into her plane without another word or without waiting for B to answer. A week passed before they talked and dismissed the whole thing as emotional overdrive and maybe a bit of the alcohol they had had before the goodbyes.


So years passed and A decided to burry her feelings for B deep inside her heart moving on and even finding a boyfriend to help her. But now B is back and is planning on transferring colleges. A welcomes her back and even offers to share her apartment with her, but keeps her feelings in check knowing the other would never feel the same. But maybe sheís wrong. For some reason B cant help having thoughts of kissing and touching A again in more intimate ways still. She knows it might just be curiosity and physical attraction and if the other didnít have a boyfriend she might actually suggest trying it out again just for old times sake. Sheís confused and doesnít voice out her thoughts to A, but she cant help letting her hands wander more than usual now that they can go back to expressing themselves physically either hugs and caresses like they used to before.

B brings home girls and boys to satisfy her needs and listening to them during the night drives A insane. In the mean time the relationship A's in seems perfect of course what about all those times they go out dancing and B sees her in dark corners making out with girls against the club's walls? Does B bring it up or does she just put it off for as long as she can?

Your take:
How aggressive about her attraction or honest about it your character is is entirely up to you. It can be discussed before starting as well as any changes or additions you'd like to have in the story.

Also the pictures are ideal for the story but others can be used to represent our characters. they don't have to look like that if you have other preferences.

Other scenes

We can play each other's random partner throughout the rp. Meaning the ones they have one night stand with or dates with trough out this before they start doing things with each other.

Starting point:

One: Idealy either when they begin to move in together or a few days into their lives already living together.
Two: I can also be persuaded to go back to their older high school years and have no separation happen at all.

General Idea

Teasing and sexually frustrated kind of role-play.

On's for this story

Drunken actions
Use of force sexually and non-sexually (this is most likely after wither one of them is overly frustrated and tired of the games they seem to be playing)
Multiple partners (most likely threesomes or implications of one/most likely of the same sex all of the involved)
Seemingly Non sexual touching and kissing
Sexual touching and kissing
Maybe Public scene? (more along the lines of when they go out and mostly with others and not each other. Could be a complete public sex scene or not it depends on what we discuss about the rp)

Mini photo album of their highschool life:

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Offline JunkyoTopic starter

Re: [F/F] Plot with Pic (F for M or F)
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2012, 12:39:37 AM »
Added the ons for the story

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Re: [F/F] Plot with Pic (F for M or F)
« Reply #3 on: June 09, 2012, 12:59:04 PM »
The plot sounds great, I love the whole frustration and build up of feelings. If you are still looking for a partner I would be interested in the role play with you. Look forward to hearing from you.