The Fallen: Angels & Demons (F for M)

Started by ghostlyshadows, May 31, 2012, 08:53:34 PM

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Hello again!

Let me just start out by saying that the idea in this thread will be extremely specific, based on a recent inspiration of mine. For any other ideas, feel free to search my posts :D

Also, I apologize for the pic sizes being so large.. working on that...

Please keep in mind that I am looking for a very dominate/strong style of RPer for this. This is not a storyline where I am interested in leading anyone through it or having a submissive player, I want someone captivating and dramatic, where you can be the leading man, possibly tortured by your past, etc, but more than equal to overcoming obstacles.

I intend for this RP to be long term, with new ideas generating conflicts, etc.

The Fallen: Angels and Demons

Your character (M) is an angel, not the fluffy, chubby cheeked, haloed type, but a real warrior of the Light. You are free to develop what sort of angelic presence you would like him to have, how he looks, etc, the images are just here for inspiration over what I have in mind. How he comes to the earth is entirely up to you. It can be due to a mission (even to attempt eradicating my char), banishment, joy ride.. whatever you like. The earth in question does not need to be the Earth as we know it.


My character (F) is a demoness banished to earth from the Shadow Realm for various transgressions which are currently in development. The ultimate design for her is still in the works as well, and I will update this when I have finished her profile. Suffice it to be she will be sexy and have a dark side, but not so evil as to make getting along impossible.  NOTE: I know these pictures are not the greatest, but they are simply here for a general idea.


The premise:

Forgive me from leaving this section fairly open, I don't like to decide too much, as your ideas play heavily into the decisions I make. I want us to be able to discuss things, roll ideas around, and then ultimately create a world from it.

Depending on the purpose that brought your character to earth in the first place, these two will meet. It will not be love at first sight, but neither will it be so hostile as to leave stalemates in our game. There will be an attraction, a good frictional chemistry here is a must, and from that we will evolve the RP. For reasons also left to be decided during the PM planning stage, these two will end up pitted together for a similar goal/endgame plan.

Hooray, let the sparks fly.

Hopefully, with expansive abilities on both our parts, this idea can continue to evolve and snowball into a series of conflicts and stories where the differing personalities/viewpoints will aid us in keeping things alive :D

Please PM me if this interests you at all!

P.S.  I want to reiterate that I want a detailed and intricate story. While sex may occur, it will NOT be the focus of this RP. When it happens, it should happen as a natural result of story flow, and not be a forced issue.

Thank you.

I know what I like, handle it or don't. <3


I know what I like, handle it or don't. <3


TAKEN. Will bump if it doesn't pan out. Thanks for the interest everyone!
I know what I like, handle it or don't. <3