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March 30, 2017, 11:56:20 AM

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Author Topic: Dark Sun: Adventures on Athas (F looking for MxF and FxF)  (Read 488 times)

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Dark Sun: Adventures on Athas (F looking for MxF and FxF)
« on: May 28, 2012, 10:14:33 AM »
Greetings earthlings,

I'm currently craving all things Dark Sun, TSR's more 'low fantasy' desert setting. Looking for MxF and FxF scenarios with heavy concentration on plot and ripsnorting adventure. I’m essentially looking for someone who has possibly had some experience as a DM and knows how to advance a story through encounters and conflicts.
Knowledge of the setting obviously useful but I'm willing to walk Dark Sun newbies through the world. Just be generally interested in more gritty game and harsh fantasy worlds with evil sorcerers, survival themes and slavery and we'll get on famously.

Please check my Ons and Offs for all the usual kinks and limits.

Under an Emerald Sky (Taken)
Wanted MxF or FxF
Genre: Fantasy
Canon Setting: Dark Sun
Canon Characters: None, except for background colour
Category: Light: Human Solos
Warnings: Fantasy violence
Premise: A pair of newly freed slaves fight for survival in TSR’s harshest setting.

The slave arena of Tyr is known for its cruel and bloody battles. Even seasoned gladiators may fall to a new menace as the crowd demands ever more spectacular displays of fighting prowess. You are a champion gladiator and while your life is one of battle, glory and adoration from the blood-thirsty crowds you still long for freedom. With your lover, an elvish wench named Railune, you plan to murder your slave-master and escape the cells. However these are the last days of the Sorcerer-King Kalak, and he has a terrifying plan to speed his ascent to dragonhood.

 Set in the final days of Tyr's slavery this story runs through Kalak’s plan to become a dragon, his overthrow, and the city's eventual freedom. It continues as a story of two freed slaves as they attempt to make something new of their lives in a city without a ruler.

The Road to Raam
Wanted: MxF 
Genre: Fantasy
Canon Setting: Dark Sun
Canon Characters: None, except as background colour
Category: Extreme: Human Solos
Warnings: Fantasy violence, incest
Premise: Draxan siblings seek to advance their own power through overthrowing a Sorcerer-Queen
The Sorcerer-Kings of Athas seem immortal, invincible, however Abalach-Re, Sorcerer-Queen of Raam, is on a knife’s edge and rebellion is brewing in her city. Concerned that the Sorcerer-Kings should not lose face, the Dragon has ordered his Templars to ease the situation. Fayina of House Apoleta is a Draxan defiler, one of the destructive sorcerers that plague Athas with their selfish magic. As a daughter of a high-ranking Draxan Templar she is chosen to travel across the Sea of Silt to the city of Raam to aid Abalach-Re.  While she is a competent sorceress her profession and bloodline has earned her many enemies, and you, Fayina’s brother, are ordered to go with her and keep her safe from harm. However, on the long and ardouous journey, the siblings begin to plot to take Abalach-Re’s place.

A game with potential to be a long, rambling adventure with the opportunity for a good measure of straight and erotic writing. It’s essentially a two-person adventure campaign across Athas, as seen from the side of a pair of ‘villainous’ characters.

More stories to come.

If interested PLEASE send me a message, don't reply to this post, I want to keep it 'tidy'.
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