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Author Topic: Spitting out the demons.  (Read 641 times)

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Spitting out the demons.
« on: May 28, 2012, 06:36:16 AM »
Sod it! I will make a new idea thread where I can post all my fabrications and perhaps re-visitations of certain ideas gone awry. I don't even know where my old one is, probably off getting drunk somewhere, I'm a bad parent. As per usual, if you find yourself interested in one of my stories and you wish to let me know of this, whilst engaging in a potential conversation regarding said idea, PM ME for a greater chance to receive a response.

That pushed aside, note that while my O/O's are fairly accurate, they're certainly not ultimate, written quite a while ago and open for change. Though of course, this will be at my discretion. Err, right, on with the ideas, I'm going to be posting 2 older ideas slightly revamped first see how that works out.

The spirits among us

This is a fresh and recent one I can't get rid off. The story revolves around a young woman who is, surprise, surprise, a spirit. More specifically, she's one tied to a certain house and she cannot leave. She is able to witness everyone that lives in it, yet nobody is aware of her presence or is capable of seeing her. She isn't quite aware why she's there, or who she is the only thing she does know is at times of great emotional distress, she is able to somewhat interact with the world.

These are usually caused due family fights and the likes, eventually all people move out feeling uneasy. Times passes by and things get dull really quick, turning her energetic personality in one with little life left in it. That is, until the recent new inhabatant arrives, it's a young man all on his own. While it is quite bizarre to see a young man capable of affording a house as big as that one, that's not what she notices.

She remembers him from when he got the tour, he's the person that, during the tour looked straight at her with a surprised look on his face. This gave her hope that there was finally someone who could see her, however, no matter how she tried to reach out to him, anything else was completely ignored.

Yet now that he was back, with all his furniture and other necessities being moved over, she gets a different feeling from him. Like she knew this man from way before that incident. With that her curiousity grows and quickly the woman realizes this man does indeed see her. However, he seems really reluctant to interact with her at first, gives her odd looks suggesting there is something he knows about her he is hiding.

Given that he rarely leaves the house, she does everything she can to wring answers out of him. Eventually learning new things from him, like how she can interact with objects more efficiently, even being able to touch human beings. Though as she presses on, at a certain point he completely shuts down again and it seems exceedingly harder to get him to cooperate..

A Silent Storm approaches

Well this is the first story that kinda somehow stopped, can't remember why, quite a while ago. Who cares! Here goes: The main focus of the story is the daughter of the boss of a mafia family of some sorts, syndicate, what have you. This criminal family consist only of people of their nation (I was thinking Asian/Africa inclined, up to you.). Even though the city is quite big, the daughter herself, now around 19 years old, finds herself unable to get any form of relationship going.

Nearly everyone knows who's daughter she is and if they don't, they will soon enough. This has gone on for a longer time, though before it didn't really bother her all that much. However, throughout the years she has become sexually frustrated and just down-right annoyed. Body guards get assigned to her wherever she goes and it's basically impossible for her to do what she wants without her father interfering in one way or the other.

To deal with these frustrations, she often starts flirting and being a tease towards her bodyguards and other "employees" of her father, all whom cower in fear or give her at least some leeway, a strange form of blackmail. Eventually her father catches onto this, annoying that his underlings are such weaklings, he searched for a bodyguard for his child that will meet up to expectations. Not much later the man arrives. A big surprise to all when they realise he isn't <insert chosen nationality>, not even close. Plus, he looks young to boot and he was suppose to be a cold-blooded expert?

The girl is surprised at first, taken aback by this unusual development. She never was allowed to get even close to a guy of another nation, now her father was bringing in one himself? Soon she finds out why, the young man is cold and completely void of emotion, infamous for his success rates as a mercenary, no matter what the task is. Still, once this realisation sets in, she still tries to seduce him in order to blackmail him. However, what she didn't expect was for the man to actually respond in ways she had never experienced before.

-- Basically I'm trying to get two dominant personalities to clash, him loyal to his mission, yet incapable of not pushing further into her advances. Her, experience tease and determined to make him crawl back just like the other, but also completely vulnerable to the he seems to accept it rather than try and avoid it.

A somewhat unique relationship grows between the two, with the main problem being her father. Having her form a relationship without his consent is one thing, but doing it with a man who can 'ruin' the pure bloodline of his family, a man who was suppose to be uncompromisable? This would infuriate him in the likes of which nobody has ever seen and he isn't known for his mercy among his enemies to begin with.

A shut-in problem

This is the second story that I started at some point in time, also quite a while ago, yet somehow died. Again modified slightly. A heads-up, this one is meant to explore many fetishes and perhaps strange desires, any you can think of, is up for discussion. Also, I preferably have it be brother/sister due to that giving a perfect reason for my character's mind to be a bit warped and twisted, but step-x/y will do too, if you are really against it but still like the idea.

A brother and older sister have been getting along really well when they were young, unlike most siblings there weren't many fights and they could mostly be seen together when they were kids. If there was a fight, it was quickly resolved with little help from their parents and their affection for one another had always been praised. A very pure and happy sibling relationship, with little rivalry. Though as they grew older, something happened to change all of it.

During her teen years, only two years older than her younger brother, the girl decided to join a talent show. Mainly just for laughs, maybe win a prize if she was lucky, nothing to serious. However, unexpectedly, she got spotted by an agency and before she knew it she was one of the extremely famous faces in the world. (The kind of field she got popular in is up to you, modelling, singing, acting.) Not wanting to let this change go by, she decided to embrace it.

The first few years, their father would accompany her during the trips, neither of them were home a lot and she had a lot of companies wanting her talent. Thus, a lot of work. As she came of age and got used to the scene, she decided to let her father off the hook so he could spent time with wife and son again, though because of her busy schedule that meant she hadn't been home for a long, long time. After quite a few years, she decides to take a break and return to her family, tired of the fame and being recognised where-ever she went, unable to just relax even if it was for just a few minutes.

Thus she returns home, to the quiet village she was raised in. However, while most things have remained the same, her brother has changed immensely. Ever since she got spotted, they hardly spent any time together anymore, she was just that busy. However, he himself had been growing up, starting to learn about girls and women, feeling attracted to them. Though he hadn't seen his sister in a while, she would pop up wherever he went, magazines, on TV, on the sites he browsed on the internet.

During these crucial years in his life, a strange thing happened, he found himself getting exceedingly attracted to his sister. Or rather, the person the media paid so much attention to. In his mind, he found himself incapable of thinking of her as his sister, but more as an object of his desires and affections. The memories of that sweet and kind girl he used to play with only enforcing the fact that this was his ideal woman, the woman of his dreams.

Realising that these were fantasies belonging to a freak however, he began spending more and more time inside his room. Locking it up and hardly coming out. The social and good-looking kid slowly turning into a quiet shadow, whom their mother would have to struggle to get a word out of. Everyone just blamed it on the teenage years changing a person, since his grades were still really good, they didn't mind that much. So he got free reign in his room, gather up pictures, videos and interviews of his sister en masse. Slowly feeding his obsession to a point of no return.

-- Right, like I said, this is suppose to be a collection of fetishes. Basically when she returns he doesn't know how to deal with his desires and behaves oddly around her. She comes back expecting to find that cute brother she had always know, instead finds an anti-social guy who locks himself in his room. Thanks to her childhood friends, she learns he still is really popular in school, as he is handsome and 'mysterious' to many, making her wonder what the problem is and wanting to help him with it.

I don't mean this to be Non-Con by the way, he isn't just going to jump out and rape her. He is completely aware of how wrong it is after all, he just can't help himself. Do expect a lot of more subtle things like peeking, stealing her underwear, perhaps even take pictures of her while she's sleeping for his collection.

As I said, the fetishes and desires will be the main focus, so most of this is up for discussion in PM's, as I have many strange desires and urges!

That's it for now.
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Re: Spitting out the demons.
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2012, 11:12:32 AM »
Added another story and will add a few more ideas more likely, BE PREPARED!!1111