Vita's Solo Imaginings (F for M, F or Other)

Started by Vita, May 26, 2012, 02:52:26 PM

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Here are a bunch of ideas that I am thinking about.  If you are interested in any of the ideas, please PM me.  Besides what is listed below, I am also interested in other ideas you might have with a good story that fits my On and Offs

-Vita --<--@

More Than Roommates (F/F+, Futanari)
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A bi-sexual woman rents a room to a girl that is secretly a futanari (has both male and female sex organs). When her secret becomes revealed, they become more than just roommates.

(Open to one woman to play the woman with the room to rent.)

Midnight Train Going Anywhere (M/F, Romance)
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I’m often inspired by the music I listen to, so an idea inspired by the Journey song Don't Stop Believin'.  Two people board a train.  Each is escaping their past, each has dark secrets they plan never to reveal. Except that when they meet, that resolve goes right out the window.  In the midst of telling each other their stories, they find unexpected passion. It is not the destination that is important but the journey.

(Open to one man, PM me to hash out the details)

Best Friends (F/F, Seduction)
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You and I have been best friends since college, we told each other all our deepest secrets... well, except for one.  I've had a crush on you since nearly the first time I met you.  It was always obvious that you were not interested in other woman sexually and I have never given you any indication that I had such feelings for you, until now.  You came over to my apartment in tears again, after the latest of a series of rough breakups. You seem to put your all into every relationship and are devastated when they end.  I hold you as you cry, listening to another story of a boy gone bad and finally when your tears are ended, I can't resist anymore and I lean down and kiss you on the lips.  You look at me in shock, wondering what the hell I'm doing.  What happens next is up to you...

I Kissed a Girl (Fdom/F, Drunk, Domination/Submission, Bondage? NC?)
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This idea was inspired by the Katy Perry song, "I Kissed a Girl".  A straight woman is at a bar one night with friends and has just a bit too much to drink.  In a moment of bad judgment, or perhaps on a dare, she walks up to a woman she doesn't even know and kisses her.  Surprisingly, she finds that she likes it and is thus receptive when the woman invites her back to her place for a few more drinks after closing time.  Back at her apartment, however, the mood begins to change as she is drawn into the woman's web of domination.

(Open to one woman to play either part.)

Turn the Winds Around (M/F or F/F, Romance)
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Write a romance with me based on the following quote from L.A. Story with Steve Martin: "All I know is, on the day your plane was to leave, if I had the power, I would turn the winds around, I would roll in the fog, I would bring in storms, I would change the polarity of the earth so compasses couldn't work, so your plane couldn't take off."

(Open to one male or female)

The Better Man (M/F)
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You’ve known her since she was a little girl.  You were a few years older, but you were good friends growing up.  When you came back to town after going away to college, your best friend from college came for a visit.  You introduced them and they hit it off so well that now, two years later, after her own college graduation, they are getting married, and you’ve been asked to be the best man.  The wedding goes off without a hitch, but at the reception, the new groom drinks himself into unconsciousness.  You help carry him up to our hotel room.  Once there, with the groom obviously out for the night, and the virgin bride more than a little tipsy herself, she begs you to fill the groom’s place in the nuptial bed and make her a woman.

(Open to one man to play the best man.)

The Price of a Life (Mdom/F)
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Few people know the price of their own life, but when a beautiful, free-spirited, 18-year-old farmgirl is sold into slavery for the price of one bull, three heifers, ten sheep and an ox, it seems her worth is decided.  The man who buys her is under contract to train her to serve a wealthy lord with complete obedience.  How he trains her is up to him, but she is quite strong willed.  However, as he begins to transform her into the perfect slave, he develops unexpected feelings for her.  Is it enough for him to risk the ire of the lord or will he hand over the precious girl and ruin his own chance of happiness?

Skinjob (M/F or F/F)
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An advanced female android designed to play the part of a femme fatale for “entertainment” purposes escapes only to be hunted down by an android hunter in this Bladerunner-like world. But this model is more “human” than their creators intended and she really, really doesn’t want to die.  In fact, she’ll do anything to avoid it.

This story could go many ways, I imagine it as combination of an adventure story with elements of domination and submission perhaps ultimately becoming a romance, but that is all negotiable.

(open to one man or woman to be the android hunter)

Starting Over (M/F, Seduction, more?)
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A man brings his wife home after an accident that has left her with total amnesia.  The doctors have told him that doing familiar things might help her remember, but when it really sinks in that his once old-fashioned, missionary-position-only-with-the-lights-off wife remembers nothing of their former life together, he decides to rewrite their history together, to attempt to fashion her into something totally different than her old self.

(open to one man to play the husband)

Padawan to Apprentice (FDom/F, Bondage, NC, Star Wars)
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A young Jedi padawan is on a mission for the council when she and her master are ambushed by a female Sith Lord.  After a short but vicious fight, the master is slain and the padawan captured.  She figures that she will soon join her master in the Force, but it turns out that the Lady of the Sith doesn’t intend to kill her, but turn her to the Dark Side and the ways of the Sith.  “Peace is a lie, there is only passion…”

(open to one woman to play the padawan/apprentice)


The follow are stories that have been claimed or that I am currently running.

Out of Time (M/F, Historical, Sci-fi, Romance)
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A fighter pilot from the future travels back it time to prevent an alien scout ship from reporting Earth's location.  Unfortunately, he is injured in transit when the aliens attack the time portal.  He is nursed back to health by a singularly educated Victorian lady who helps him repair his craft and strike back against the aliens, before they run out of time.

A Perfectly Ordered Life (M/F or F/F, Seduction, Romance, Wild)
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A head librarian’s solitary, perfectly ordered life is turned head over heels when he meets the spontaneous, sexually adventuresome woman who has come to replace his beloved card catalog with a new computer-based solution.

Blackmailed by My Sister (F/F, Incest, Domination/Submission, NC, Humiliation)
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A 16 year-old girl is blackmailed by her older sister into incest and public humiliation.

A Monster Under My Bed (F/Tentacles, Romance) - I've had several requests about this story, but have not yet chosen a partner
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There’s a monster under my bed.  Such a statement would not be that unusual from a 6-year-old, but considerably stranger from a woman 20 years older.  The monster doesn’t frighten me, it is my protector, not my terrorizer.  I’d always felt it’s presence, quiet, invisible, and reassuring but I’d never actually seen it until the day my new husband came at me in a drunken rage.  It ate him. This is the story of what happened afterwards…

(open to one person to play the monster, tentacles and all)

My Sissy Boyfriend (FDom/M or FDom/Other, Crossdressing, Transformation?)  (I've had a ton of offers to do this, still deciding who to go with on it.)
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A women comes home one day to discover her boyfriend dressed in her clothes.  After considering the situation, she turns her boyfriend into her lesbian girlfriend, perhaps even permanently.