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Author Topic: Some of Mz's Plot Ideas  (Read 1709 times)

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Some of Mz's Plot Ideas
« on: May 25, 2012, 07:10:09 AM »
Please read through my O/O (the link is found in my sig) before going any further. Please carefully note that I will only guarantee one post per week. Most times I can do more than that, but that is all I will promise. I will not play by IM or chat.

Just about every plot here can be modified for M/F, M/M, or F/F. I really don't have a preference.  All plots will need to be fleshed out as these are the very basic ideas. If you see the story running in a different direction, pitch it to me.  I love new ideas.
Please pm interest responses. Thanks!

Western themed:

The Storekeeper
Katie O'Brien Lau was recently widowed, and would be completely snubbed by the town if her father, Paddy O'Brien, wasn't so well liked and ran a fair store. Katie helped him run one of the two general stores in an up-and-coming town, the other being run by the town 'rich muscle' who's only thought was to own everything. Katie's only sin had been to fall for and marry a "heathen Chinee", and she still went to the camp to help tend their sick and bring supplies.

Katie also had a good head for numbers, able to add several sums quickly in her head, and she had opinions which, at times, she wasn't afraid of voicing. She didn't judge people by their dress or by their occupation, and had --*gasp*--even been known to actually converse with some of Madame Esme's 'girls'. So when the new schoolmaster came into town, he was naturally warned about her shameful behavior...

I'd like this to be more romance with sex as a side item, although the townspeople will think differently no matter how well chaperoned they are.

The Blacksmith Gai Li LaForge was one of the best blacksmiths on the face of the earth, far too good to be stuck in a mining town and definitely no match for Richard Thurstan, who thought he owned the town and everything and everyone in it. He hadn't owned The LaForge Smithy while her father was alive, and Gaia Lianne wasn't about to bow down to the unctuous bastard now that her father was dead--no matter how often he sent that gorgeous hunk of a nephew over to convince her otherwise.

My idea for this storyline is that the nephew is just as attracted to Gai Li. They both fight it at first, but eventually get together and end up fighting with the town against the uncle. If you see a different plot here, pitch it to me. I'd love to hear it!

The Ranch Owner They moved out west, she and her husband. The promise of better land and a new life was what drew him. She would have preferred to stay at home and kept to her social circles, made her rounds in season. She'd tried to talk him out of the idea, had begged and pleaded, all to no avail. They were moving to the heathen west. At least she'd had the sense to buy books to teach her how to run a ranch properly, since she didn't know a goat from a cow from a pig if she saw one.

They'd bought several animals on the uneventful trip out here, and he'd taught her to shoot. It seemed she was as natural a shot as she was at numbers. They'd bought a place, set it up (with her working as hard as he did), got it going (again with her working as hard as he did), lasted the first two years, and then he'd died, along with several of the hands, of dysentery. The foreman lay among the dead.

It was at the funeral that she'd made her decision. As much as she'd fought the move out here, it was beautiful country and she found that she'd loved both the country and the work. She wanted to stay and keep the place going. The only problem: The current hands were loyal to her dead husband, not her. And money was scarce. She couldn't do it alone and she needed a new foreman, one that would accept her as the boss.

I can see this plot going in a few different directions.


Keeper of Dragons
Kyrion has dragon in her ancestry, as is evident by her grace, beauty, and orange eyes. Her race was created to breech the gulf between human and dragon, created in a time when human and dragon were friendly and worked along side each other for the betterment of the planet. But as time progresses, the humans are becoming more and more violent towards the dragons. Dragons, who want to preserve nature, are now the enemy, and humans have taken to killing them first and asking questions later. As a result, the dragons, not wanting to break the ancient treaty, have fled deep into untamed territory, now called Dragonlands by the humans.

There are humans that remain loyal to ancient treaties, that understand that without dragons, there is no magic, no protection from the demons and the daemons, from drow and orc and other underground invaders, no reprieve from the evil that is slowly overtaking the human race. It is these small bands of people that the dragons still protect, coming out of hiding when necessary. One such dragon, deceived by a summons, gave her last breath to deliver a clutch of eggs. Kyrion had been among the villagers fighting to save the injured dragon, and took the eggs into hiding. She must deliver them safely deep into the Dragonlands, to be raised by a surrogate. Her own dragon breeding automatically puts her under suspicion by many, however, and it is not safe for her to travel alone. She must find a protector, one who'll be travel companion, fighter, and guard. One willing to die to protect their precious cargo.

Note: I would play Kyrion in this. This could be modified to have Kyrion be male, as well.

The Healer
Liandre had always had a knack for learning all she could about the healing arts, so when the local healer took her under her wing as an apprentice, nobody was really surprised. Liandre's knowledge grew by leaps and bounds, and her abilities soon surpassed that of her mentor. Jealous, her mentor labelled Liandre as a witch, and the townspeople began to eye her suspiciously. Liandre must leave, and quickly, as she'd discovered the very people she'd healed these past few years meant to come after her and burn her at the stake for witchcraft. But she knew nothing about survival on the road, nothing about the lands beyond the town itself. Would she be able to find the help she needs?

I know this one doesn't have much to go on and really needs fleshing out.  I see rumors of Liandre's "witchcraft" spreading and her having to travel far before she can settle anywhere permanently, which leaves plenty of room for adventure, romance, and anything else that might come up.

Modern Day

Fighting For Freedom
Melyssa Ryan was currently living in a woman's shelter, hiding from her abusive soon-to-be-ex husband while recovering from the last beating he'd given her. She was working towards getting her GED, learning to manage her own finances and how to live independently. But she was still very scared, terrified more being the word, that HE would be back. Nightmares plagued her. Next time he beat her, he would end up killing her, and she knew it. It was then that another woman in her group suggested self-defense classes, possibly even martial arts training. She finally decides to go and at least meet the instructor. Meanwhile, the ex has hired private detectives to track her down, fully intent on bringing her back home "where the things I own damn well belong".

I'm looking for someone that would play the instructor, someone that will help her come out of the shell that she's hidden herself in and learn that she is much stronger than she believes. The instructor can be male or female, and whether the relationship becomes physical or not we can discuss as we hash out more of a plot to this.

I'm Not Marrying Him/Her!
They grew up together, spent their lives together. And why wouldn't they? Their parent's were best friends. They were only a few months apart in age themselves, and it was always expected that they would marry when they grew up. They went to the same schools, the same colleges, attended the same social functions. Marriage was just the assumed thing. That was the problem when you came from money. People always assumed. There was only one problem.

For all the nicey-nice they made in front of the cameras and for the press, they couldn't stand each other. For various reasons. Personality clashes, temperaments were all wrong, tastes in music, foods, fashion--completely opposite. It would be almost impossible to find two people who were more polar opposite of each other in anything. Except for one: sexual orientation. The only thing they could both agree on was that they were both gay, a fact they've conspired with each other to keep hidden all this time.

Now that the issue of marriage is being pressured, how will they react? 

Night Shift
When Kyle first started working the night shift, he was still pretty banged up. The bruises were faded, and if anyone asked, he made a joke about it. He was an ER nurse, after all. He'd heard all the excuses. He also knew that the cop probably didn't believe him. And no matter how much that gorgeous sexy hunk of a cop flirted, Kyle wasn't ready to jump into another relationship right now. With anybody. It was best if he just stayed single and didn't date for a while. 

And that worked until the convenience store hold-up, with Kyle as the only surviving witness to give testimony against the three men that killed the owner, four customers, and two police officers. Because of the high-profile case, Kyle was assigned around-the-clock police protection, and his night shift guard was, of course, the that delicious hunk of cop that would flirt with him at the hospital. How do you keep your distance when you're stuck in your small apartment, recovering from injuries, and this man constantly there?

Post Apocolyptic/Future

Survival of the Fittest

The meteors came in showers, in sizes ranging from as small as sand pebbles to as large as Volkswagen Beetles. The damage to the Earth was devastating, sending most of the world into a nuclear winter. Charlotte "Charlie" Sauer thought she was prepared for this. Well, physically she knew what to do. The youngest of five and the only girl, she grew up among Boy Scouts, in a family heavily into hunting, camping, and hiking. The Marines added to her survival abilities, and had introduced her to Tom Hudson, the man she'd lived with for the last six years. Their friends ranged from the "weekend camper"  to the "hard core survivalist". Charlie learned a lot from the latter. She loved a challenge, and being dropped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but her survival knife was a huge adrenaline rush. But that had been for fun....

This...this was real. Tom was dead and if she expected to survive, she had to make it up to the cabin alone. She'd never expected to be alone at the end of the world as we know it. But she was a survivor, and she would do just that. She packed the Jeep and headed out of town, wanting to get out now before things got really bad. Looting was already starting, and when the electricity went out and food supplies started running low, all hell would break loose. She wanted to far away by then.

And the snow was starting. Her survivalist friends had taught her that the first night would be cold, the second colder, and most would not survive the third night unless they were prepared. This false winter could last years, and she needed to get settled before it really got started.

My thought for this one is that she finds herself picking up someone on the way, someone she knows but doesn't know well. This can be adapted so that Charlie is male, if desired.

Loose Plots/Plots Based On:



I would soooo love to do an rp based around these songs.
this especially craving this one.

Living On a Prayer

Lola I'm thinking we could have fun with this one. Innocent boy, out on his own for the first time...

I'll add more plots/genres later.
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Re: Some of Mz's Plot Ideas
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Re: Some of Mz's Plot Ideas
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Re: Some of Mz's Plot Ideas
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Re: Some of Mz's Plot Ideas
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Re: Some of Mz's Plot Ideas
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Re: Some of Mz's Plot Ideas
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Re: Some of Mz's Plot Ideas
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