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Author Topic: Words and Wanton (M seeking F)  (Read 2701 times)

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Words and Wanton (M seeking F)
« on: May 22, 2012, 03:16:15 PM »
Good evening good evening good evening! I see you've stumbled into my own little slice of the incredibly vast network of impossibilities that is the world of writing. Let me introduce myself, I am Rogued1, or simply Rogue if you prefer such informality, and I am seeking stories. Now, before you scroll down to the lovingly crafted plot ideas where all the true fun begins, I'd like to explain a little about what I'm actually doing here.

First and foremost, if you have come here looking to rub one off with literature, I" am not your man. While I'm comfortable with all things sexual, in fact you might even use the word skilled, I am not here to write smut. I know, kind of contradictory seeing as this is a website dedicated to adult RPs, but here me out. Adult has more meaning than simply erotica, and I love exploring the extent to which mature stories can be taken before the characters inevitably fall upon each other like rabid hyenas and have the kind of sex that only happens in newlywed suites and behind dumpsters in large cities. Not that I'm opposed to sex in a story, far from it, but it has always been my intention to write good stories, to "make good art" as Neil Gaiman so artfully put it. If sex is necessary for the story, then let there be copious amounts of fuckery. However, it is far, far from my main intention in any tale, and if you are looking for a story with me, bear this in mind.     

I tend to end up using threads, partially because I love seeing the lurker counter climbing, and partially because I like being able to go back and modify things later. I will not RP over IM clients, I use those for work, and it's a little awkward when you're trying to talk to your boss and someone else keeps sending you far more interesting messages.   

Please DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD, send me a PM instead. I only ever check this thread when I'm updating it, so it can be weeks or months between me looking on here, so your post is likely to get ignored. Plus, I like the nice orderly look of a thread with only a couple posts on it. So, if you want to get a hold of me, please PM me.

If you have any questions, please drop me a line, I will be perfectly happy to answer anything.

If I've given you any ideas or you have an original story you'd like to try out, Please PM me! I love original stories of any kind, and I'd love to work out a plot with you.
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Re: Words and Wanton (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2012, 03:25:30 PM »
Table of Contents

Lets see...
  • Introduction
  • Table of Contents
  • Writing Styles
  • Plot Ideas
  • Index of Stories
  • Index of Characters
  • Notes
  • Updates
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Re: Words and Wanton (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2012, 03:37:37 PM »
Writing Styles

Here's a somewhat difficult topic to cover entirely, but I feel it's worth mentioning.

I am not really a smut writer. That being said, I do quite enjoy smut. However, I am not in it for the sex. Not entirely in it for the sex. I am, first and for most, a story teller, and I love plot far more than I love the sex scenes.

I tend to write a lot, and I love complex plot twists and strange direction turns. I don't try to requite the same of a writing partner, because honestly how do you define a good plot twist? Still, I would prefer someone who can keep up, and preferable throw in their own twists. I hate doing all the imagining in a story. Weird I know.

I feel I should warn you now. I write a lot. A small post for me is usually around 6 paragraphs, where as a long post can go on for pages. I follow heavily the quality over quantity rule, but I find I just can't get what I feel needs to be said out on less than 6 paragraphs. It does happen, but not often. I don't requite the same of a partner, a moderate 3 paragraphs of good writing satisfies me just fine, but I will adore you for life if you can write at the same length and quality as I strive to do.
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Re: Words and Wanton (M seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2012, 03:52:10 PM »
Plot Ideas

Stealing a Steam God
Themes: Steampunk, Pirates, War

It was such a simple idea she couldn't simply let it slip by. Steal the blue prints (They were mostly her ideas anyway), slip across the country by train, and sell them to the enemy for a small country worth of gold. It was the ultimate weapon, it could level a city in an afternoon, who wouldn't pay out the nose for such a collection of genius ideas? Never mind that those fools she had been employed by had one half complete. They would never get it off the ground, not without her brilliance.

A brilliant mind like her's didn't deserve to be spending all its time in a dark engineering facility, kept under lock and key like some animal with a particularly interesting trick. A mind like hers deserved to be worshiped,  to be protected like a precious jewel, but allowed the freedom of sunlight, cityscapes, and Victorian shopping.
That is what should have happened. That is not what happened.

He was sick of it. Sick of watching armor plated beasts with men in their bellies tearing through houses, villages, families, lives. He was sick of danger, sick of sleepless nights, sick of death. He was sick of starvation, sick of isolation, sick of hiding. But how do you match the armies of two super powers with a loose collection of pirates?

A pair of nations are at war, have been for a long time. One of the nations has been working on a sort of doomsday device, an airship capable of leveling a city. The chief engineer is a young woman with a mind of cogs and gears, brilliant and arrogant in her aristocratic genius. When the nation's government realizes her uncontrollable nature, they restrict her activities and lock her in an underground bunker to insure she does not complicate the project. Naturally this completely backfires. The woman escapes, steals the documents containing the instructions for the dooms day weapon, and takes off across the country on the first train she can find. Using her looks and guile, she manages to hoax her way into a first class coach and sets off for the other country with her documents in hand.

Before she can reach the other country however, an air-pirate attacks the train and robs passengers. Mistaking her for a noble's daughter, he kidnaps her thinking he can ransom her back to her family for a hefty price. She plays along with the rouse, seeing no alternative to the current situation.

The question is, will she come clean and use the dooms day weapon plans as a bargaining chip? Will she continue to play the charade and attempt to make it to greener pastures, or will she explore the third option, one of partnership and impossible plans for a world without war?

James the Reluctant
Currently: Open
General Themes: Dragon Slayer, Medieval, Comedy, Survival

James never wanted to be a dragon slayer. When all the kids in the village ran around with wooden swords and paper wings, James was in the Inn, helping his father brew ale or his mother bake bread. His aspirations in life were to inherit the family business when his parents grew too old to take care of the town's only Inn, marry a woman for her cooking, and grow a great big stomach on well brewed ale and well cooked food, telling stories across the bar on long nights.

His best friend, a witch's apprentice who occasionally manages to slip away from her haggish master to join her friend in the Inn, thinks this is perhaps the most wasted dream in the history of man kind. She wants to learn the powers of herbs and magic, to control the natural world.

It's a few days after James' eighteenth birthday and he and renegade witch are off in the woods, discussing the future and one of their favorite topics, sex, when a dragon swoops down from the mountains and demolishes the village. It razes houses, kills half the population, and burns the Inn to the ground with his parents still inside. It then kidnaps James' sister and returns to its mountain lair.

James views this as a tragedy, a truly horrible day, but what can you do when a dragon changes fate for you? He gather's what little valueless can be salvaged from the Inn and prepares to to head into the lowlands in hopes of finding another place to live.

The witch views this as the beginning of an epic story, and manages to convince him he should seek revenge on the dragon, slay it, and steal it's massive horde of gems and gold. All dragons have gems and gold right? Somehow she manages to talk James into the excursion up the mountain, armed with little more than her rudimentary knowledge of magic, a suit of armor made mostly of kitchenware, and a sword that has up until this point been used mostly for slicing ham. And so begins the epic tale of James the Reluctant, Dragon Slayer.


This is really a story about two misfits slaying a dragon on nothing more than dumb luck. One is excited and fantastical, believing in James' skills and her own magical powers more than is reasonable, and the other is simply along for the ride because he's too much of a coward to back down in the face of his friend's eagerness. This story doesn't end with the slaying of the first dragon. After they succeed once, the neighboring kingdoms hear of his grand exploits and James becomes a celebrity. He is hired to slay more dragons, and may or may not be as successful the second or third time. 

Hell Raiser
Currently: open
General Themes: Modern, luxury, comedy, resistance, restraint

Alex never had an easy life. His mother was a poor single mother who barely managed to scrape by, and her toils eventually lead to her death at a relatively young age. Alex never really knew much about his family, other than the fact that his mother despised them. Then one day a letter arrives from, England of all places. Apparently in an act of amazing charity, Alex's uncle has died and left him a massive estate. What could possibly be better?

It's only when Alex arrives that he finds out there are some stipulations he must work around, namely, that his family must accept him back if he is to keep control of the estate, and they have little interest in making that easy for him. Apparently, Uncle D'vulder left his estate to Alex as a final spiteful act against the ancient aristocracy that makes up the rest of his extended family.

So, in order to keep his recently claimed inheritance, he must demonstrate he has the ability to run a multimillion household and learn how to be an aristocrat in roughly a month. Easy right?

Granted, Alex has learned to be wary of easy, and rightfully so. While exploring the mansion one day Alex discovers a secret room his uncle's servants neglected to warn him about. A secret dungeon filled with occult books and sex toys. Apparently Uncle D'vulder was a demonologist, and a bit of a kink. Well, a lot of a kink. Every imaginable sexual object hangs from the walls like some sort of sexy torture room. Alex is just about to have a good hardy laugh at the whole thing when he sees a girl, bound and gagged to a bed in the corner. Naturally, any right minded thinker would quickly rush to her help, and this is exactly what Alex does, scuffing a chalk circle on the ground as he does so. As soon as his foot smears the carefully crafted binding circle, the succubus sheds her disguise and attacks.

Terrified for his life, Alex makes a deal with her, a deal that he quickly realizes was a terrible idea. She is allowed to roam the mansion free, so long as she tentatively follows his orders. In exchange if she manages to successfully seduce him into having full on sex with her, he forfeits his soul to her. Alex at first thinks he can simply tell her to go away, but it doesn't work like that. Especially when he wake up to her rubbing her body against him and making those little sighing noises... He quickly realizes it's not a matter of if he will have sex with her, but simply how long he can resist. She has agreed to help him with the family, and is remarkably good at taking on the guise of a well bred and sensible woman, perhaps he stands a chance of overcoming one obstacle.

This feels a little more like real life. A succubus constantly begging and teasing for sex, a household of servants who haven't quite decided if they want to help or sabotage his inheritance, and an extended family of upper crust assholes who are seeking any excuse to throw him back into the street.

fun fun.


Here is a story more about seduction than actual sex. Alex desperately does not want to surrender himself to her, but he is only human. She in turn does everything she can think of to seduce him, including roping other women in with her demonic charms, catching him at inopportune moments, and talking the staff into helping her create situations where he had trouble refusing. All the while Alex is trying to juggle everything being throw at him. When she realizes he is using all the distractions to keep his mind off of her body, she begins helping him to the best of her ability, if only to remove any possible barriers he had erected around himself. By the time she actually does succeed, she may just like him enough not to drag him back to hell...

Your Faults as an Artist
General Themes: Modern, Art, Love/Hate
Everyone knows the stereotype of the starving artist. What they fail to realize is what goes into that stereotype. The dedication to one's art, the constant struggle against a culture who does not respect new artists, the choice between buying supplies or buying meals, and the constant rejection from art dealers, art galleries, everyone.

Still, luckily, some people manage to slog through all the hardship. Gabriel has yet to do that, but he's trying. The only work he can find is for a construction company, with a boss who's too cheap to provide proper safety gear, so accidents are frequent and painful. The only home he's managed to find is a gutted machine shop that he's managed to cobble into a somewhat livable apartment, and the only company he's managed to find is his roomate, a classical painter and prostitute with a fiery temper and dislike of all things modern art.

They fight constantly, about food, about space, about noise, but mostly about art. Gabriel is a modern sculptor, two things she believes are little more than selling out for a profit. They fight with words, they fight with fists, they have even been increasingly fighting with sex, but when you are constantly dragging someone up from their own low, and that same person is constantly dragging you up, you can't help but slip into... something complicated.


This story is mostly an exploration of modern art versus classical art, and what it means to truly suffer for one or the other. The two main characters do not get along at all, but because of the circumstances, they cling to each other like survivors in a flood. This story is mostly about a love/hate relationship, between two people who should not be compatible but somehow still are. Lots of angry sex, I'm foreseeing it now.

Pacific Theatre
Currently: Open
General Themes: Modern, Treasure Hunting, Travel
The United States government set a goal shortly after World War II, they would declassify all information regarding the war by 2014. Granted this being the United States government, the process didn't start until 2011. Among those documents made available to the public were several hair brained ideas that shouldn't have ever come into existence. Again, this being the united states government, most of them did.

One document in particular outlined a crazy plan to distribute roughly one ton of fort Knox gold through the pacific islands in case the united states had to re-invade Japan at a later date. This made some sense, it would mean the United States had resources with which to pick up the fighting where it left off, and gold didn't rust or break down so it would be easier to store than weapons.

Ironically, as this document was being declassified, it was seen by only one man. Because as soon as he did a little digging and discovered the aircraft that ton of gold had been loaded onto, he decided rapidly that being a bookkeeper for the government was a terrible job, and being a treasure hunter sounded like a lot more fun. So, armed with a fairly good idea of where the gold had been distributed to and his life savings, he took off for the Philippines.

It's been a rocky start so far, and things have only gotten worst. The money is gone, the equipment is only half paid for, and he is in way over his head. He needs a partner, someone who is willing to split the profits and travel the islands with him. So, before going on a treasure hunt, he has to find a friend first.


This story is basically your classic treasure hunt, but with perhaps a little more plotting and a hint of historical fiction thrown in. The treasure hunters eventually need to hire more crew, buy bigger planes and establish an organization, all the while trying to keep the success of their mission hidden. This could involve multiple love triangles as new crew join the team, possible multi-person scenes as the treasure hunters spend weeks at a time on uninhabited tropical islands.

Nightmare Fantasies
General Themes:Horror, Strange Worlds, Exploring ruins, Madness, Insanity, Plot Twists   
The sun is shining, had it done that only moment before? A vague memory of blackness and rough wood sits somewhere in the back of her mind, but it's not really important. The sun is shining now, and the breeze feels wonderful, and the mountains are beautiful, and the ruins of a once great city of towering spires spreads out before her, ready to be explored. There is a vague feeling of darkness on the horizon, for the giant walks somewhere in the valleys beyond the mountains, but she had faced him before and she will face him again. The ruins however, they contain untold potential. They hold strange artifacts of power, tools for bringing light to the world, and maybe bringing back the people that once populated it.

She is unsure how she came to be here, but the knowledge of what she must do is all ready in her head, filling it to the brim with tales of knights and heroes, of daring tomb raiders stealing the power of the old gods to awaken the new. Find the artifacts, extract the knowledge they contain, bring back the world and sly the giant, simple as that really. Life is so unassumingly easy when one knows one's destiny. The only real flaw in the plan in him...

He's  stranger, he doesn't belong here. His clothes are strange, his armor, which looks more like a jacket than armor, is bright yellow, and his helmet has glass on the front to protect his eyes, how foolish?! He calls it a "motorcycle helmet" whatever that is, and she knows he doesn't belong here, shouldn't be here. But, he is kind, and he is lost, and he needs her help to return to the a world of his own where there are other people. All of that, and she had this strange, vague feeling that she knows him, has seen him before. In a happier time when there were other people, in some place where drinks were served. Why she feels this way she doesn't know, but as long as he is willing to fight the monsters and help her in her quest, she is happy to have him along.


This story is a little complex and a little hard to explain from the characters point of view. Basically, a young woman meets two men at a bar, and goes home with the dangerous looking one. The next thing she knows he's drugged her and locked her in a coffin like a toy he only takes out when he wants to play. His torture quickly wears down her sanity and she creates a fantasy world to protect herself from reality.

She had forgotten all of this really, perceiving the strange world she had created in her mind as the only real world. Her kidnapper's visits manifest in her dream as attacks by the giant, who weeps pain and sorrow. However she's smart, and has subconsciously left hints to herself in the ruins of the cities and cathedrals she now explores. Every plundered tomb brings her closer to the truth an possibly an escape.

For some reason however, she isn't alone in this world. The nice guy she met at the bar is there in her dream, just as confused about what is happening as she is. Thing is, he's not a component of her subconscious, somehow he is actually trapped in the dream with her. As the story goes on and the attacks of the giant before more devastating, he begins to glimpse images of the real world, starts to see her attacker through her eyes, and slowly begins to piece together what is really going on. Can he come to terms with what is happening fast enough to help her? Or will the nightmare swallow her before they can find a way out? 

The Queen's Spy
Currently: Closed
Themes:Medieval, Espionage, Political Intrigue
The country of Trinidel is a small, relatively peaceful nation surrounded on three sides by the Tyrannical nation of Esper. This relatively quiet country has does it's best to keep out of it's neighbor's constant warmongering, but with the end of his final victory, the king of Esper is turning his sights to new territory, and Trinidel is a prime target. The only thing keeping the King out is a promise, and that promise is beginning to wear thin as the warmonger grows bored of his success. 

Sensing this, the king and queen of Trinidel realize they a desperate gambit must be made if peace is to be kept. They offer their oldest daughter, who has just come of age, as a bride to the tyrant king in hopes that her beauty will stave off his greed. The gambit works, the king accepts the princess as his bride, and with Trinidel more or less under his control, the king turns his eyes to other possible conquests. With a husband who has only really one interest in her, the new queen spends most of her time locked in the royal apartments, left to her own devices and boredom.

Despite the forced marriage,  the King and Queen of Trinidel love their daughter and know the king's tendencies. So, a few days after the princess has been made a queen, they send a trusted friend to keep an eye on her. Markus, a talented thief and the son of Trinidel's current spy master, is a man who prizes his ability to infiltrate any location and leave without the owners ever being the wiser. Young, cocky and remarkably talented, Markus has little trouble reaching the new queen and keeping an eye on her from the shadows, making use of sleeping poisons, darts and other underhanded tricks of the street to keep her safe. What he didn't bargain for was a charge who is far too clever for her own good. Left to her own devices, the Queen has begun hatching a plan to strengthen Esper's political ties, shore up it's economy and prepare a nation primarily fueled by war for peacetime. She simply needs someone to get into the system and manipulate events while she plots. Eventually the king will need to be removed, and when that happens, she intends to take the throne and guide the nation to prosperity.

Markus finds himself roped into a thick political plot as he sabotages alliances, foils plots of mass murder, and blackmails his way into a system more complex than he could have possibly imagined. All the while watching over the young queen from the shadows like a dark guardian angel.


I've obviously been reading too much Shakespeare, but this story is primarily one of political plots and underhanded scheming. The new Queen is a clever tactician and Markus is an equally talented spy. Together the two upset the balance of a nation, and potentially fall hard for each other. This complicates things because if the king finds out, both will be put to the death and their home will be threatened by and impossibly powerful army.

Jack of the Lanterns
Themes:Medieval, Survival, darkness, Magic
The land of Evernight is a land of total darkness, a perpetual inky blackness that has easily bumped Humanity to the bottom of the food chain. The sun is nothing but a vague concept, a myth dreamed of by the weak in hopes of an end to the oppression the darkness has brought them. The city of Lantern Watch is perhaps the largest human settlement in the land, a massive collection of stone towers perpetually lit by thousands of multicolored lanterns. The Lamp Lighters are perhaps the most loved and the most revered organization within Lantern Watch, but their jobs are so dangerous that when a man or woman signs on with them, their family traditionally holds a funeral then and there.

Lately though, the tasks have become even more difficult. Maintaining contact with the smaller villages has become an even more difficult challenge, and no one has safely ventured outside the circle of lamplight in months. The lamp lighters are being stretched thin and an unknown intelligent evil is lurking out there somewhere in the perpetual darkness. The only hope the Lamp Lighters have for longevity is the prayer than another Jack will come to the light. Jacks are magicians capable of feats of great magic. There has been a Jack of Green, a man with the ability to control plants, A Jack in Irons, a woman who was capable of commanding suits of armor to march without their owners, and various others with strange natural talents who step from the darkness when things seem most grim.

This one is not only complex, but not fully explored. I know that I want to create the next Jack, a man or woman capable of manipulating fire and light, but I don't know how the rest of the story runs. I think that maybe two characters join the Lamp Lighters and slowly one of them develops a talent for magic. Humans in this world don't naturally do magic, it's considered a blessing if one can, so the character would quickly attract the attention of not only the city's more powerful denizens but also the attention of the more dangerous creatures lurking in the darkness. The other character is probably a talented fighter, and uses their ability to protect the Jack of Lanterns until their full skills are realized.

Arch bedfellows
Currently: Open
Themes:Super Hero, Super Villain, secret identity, Comedy
Shamelessly stolen, but it was such a good idea I had to throw my own twist in on it.
Dating is a hard thing to do when you work a 9-5 during the day, and spend your nights and weekends defending the world from evil. Who has time for relationships when Doctor Sinister is readying his death-ray and a full report is due by Monday? Don't super villians ever take time off to Date?
Honestly what proper villain has time to meet eligible young singles? And if you ever do manage to hook up with someone, what do you tell them when they ask what you do? Where you live? Can you really take her back to your secret lair or evil laboratory? Will she ever call after that? 
I'm not a huge superhero fan, I like the idea of average people doing extraordinary things, not genetically enhanced playboy genuineness in metal suites of green anger, but I do enjoy a superhero story as much as the next person.

Anyway, the idea is a bit less serious than your traditional superhero story. My thought was that it must be near impossible to maintain a healthy social life when running around and saving the world all the time. So, I thought perhaps it'd be fun to play the other side of the superhero, how the alter ego suffers so that the super hero can be super. Then I realized that it's not really any fun to simply play a sideline character while someone else is the superhero, so I thought this: Why not have two characters, one person be the superhero and the other be the super villain. Villains need love too right?

So, with the chaos sorted out of that idea: One of us would be the hero, the other the villain, by day they fight each other. The hero foils diabolical plots and the villian plots world control, and by night they slip into their alter egos and attempt to live a somewhat normal life for a twenty something adult. Then I realized the plot could be much thicker. Perhaps they're dating, but neither of the characters knows that the other is their arch nemesis. So just after the villain has strapped the hero to a rocket aimed at the moon he dashes off, in the classic, "leave the hero unsupervised to meet certain death or escape," but in reality he or she is dashing off to a date at 7 O'clock. And while the Hero is struggling to escape the situation he/she is in, they get a call from the very person who just strapped them to a rocket asking if they're going to be late again.

Good amount of humor and proper drama, with plenty of room for twists and a big secret between the main characters. What's not to love?

Digital Ghosts
Themes:Futuristic, Ghost, Running
Augmented reality is an idea blossoming into something that could be brilliant, however what happens when the idea is taken to far? What would the world look like if you could edit it? Add in trees, make people more attractive. Hack the eyes of everyone who viewed you to make you seem more beautiful, edit out your garbage, your refuge, your homeless and beggars. What if the world comes to depend on the things that are streamed into their mind, and when the lines between the imagined and the real blur too much, what can spill over from one to the other?

For Jason, machines were a common staple, a tool to augment your world and improve creativity. He ignored most of the porn augments, ignored the superhero reality games and stuck simply to the creation programs that gave him limitless creativity. Computers take their toll on the artist however, and while working on a particularly complex world, Jason forgot to live. He passed from life to death without realizing the transition, and because his conscious had been mostly stored in the worlds he had created, the machine never realized his heart had stopped beating.

Jason knew, but chose not to take notice. However after a few weeks boredom with his own creations causes him to test the boundaries of his new world. Without the limits of a physical body, the cords that tied him to the physical world, he begins to realize he can step sideways into the lives of others. He finds he can, exist in the minds of individuals, hacking their eyes to be seen, hacking their ears to be heard... Hacking their skin to be felt... and eventually, hacking their dreams to make their darkest fantasies come to life. As he find himself able to dig deeper into the minds of his lovers, Jason comes to understand he can embody his lover's fantasies.

However, without a solid anchor to keep his own personality stable, will he continue to exist as an individual, or be swallowed in the warm darkness that is human compassion?

This story is really an exploration of what is capable when someone can become everything you want. I wanted a character who can exist in the real world only with the aid of others, I liked the idea of two people walking down the street, one real, one who doesn't actually exist, but can be seen and heard and felt by everyone around him. This can go a little dark if we like, or it can become an ironic romance as one person falls in love with someone who doesn't actually exist. 

A Dirty Job
Themes:Zombies, Humor, Secrets

The inevitable end of life is ideally a quiet grave far from busy traffic, or at the very least a quick death at the hands of an oncoming vehicle. The departed of Mayburry know that at least when they die, they will be in capable hands of the Mayburry Historic Graveyard, one of the oldest cemeteries in the country. Itís acres of manicured lawns are managed by only the most skilled horticulturalists, itís towering funeral home is presided over by nearly an army of caretakers and when it comes time to put on your final suit, you could scarcely hope for a more thorough cleanup than the works of Dr. Alderson, one of the most skilled corpse reconstructors in the State. In short, there is little the inhabitants of the sleepy town of Mayburry have to fear from the graveyard. Or rather, little they know they have to fear.

The employees of Mayburry Historic Graveyard however know the truth. For the past couple of nights, the dead have been walking again and attempting to scale the cemeteries decidedly high wrought iron fences, seeking the pulse of the living to add to their numbers. Currently only a few rise every night, and for the most part the undertakers are the only individuals who really know the full extent of the problem. Every night, flesh eating undead tear their way up through the lovingly tended grass and wreak havoc on the cemetery while frustrated undertakers chase them around with weighted shovels and sharpened garden tools. At first this is a fairly easy task, the older corpses hardly have any speed to them at all, and beating them down and stuffing them back in their graves proves to be a simple task. What isnít easy is getting the clots of dirt back in place before anyone notices something has happened.

However, things are slowly getting worse. More corpses are crawling their way out of the soil, and as they do, they are becoming faster and better at fighting back. The undertakers are being overwhelmed, and the head of the Cemetery, a rather proud man aptly named Mr. Slade, refuses to seek outside help for fear of damaging the cemeteries reputation. It falls to the eccentric grave diggers and their equally odd co workers to slay the undead and find a solution to the growing threat of zombie takeover.

This is another one of my comedy-ish stories, and I expect much fun to be had in the frustration that dead people are supposed to stay dead. Iím envisioning the main characters are a gravedigger and a gardener, as they are used to hard manual labor and likely more familiar with the ground than the other living occupants of the graveyard. Mr. Slate refuses to allow the use of firearms, reasoning that the sound of gunshots would attract the attention of the local authorities and likely expose the cemeteries plight.

However, all this running around at night and other frantic activities of the main characters is likely to attract attention, and while the graveyard employees battle the undead, the local rumor mill begins churning out some doozies. Soon people are talking of secret cults, necrophilia and other outlandish and equally juicy pieces of gossip that cling to the graveyard staff like bad smells. Personal lives are being disturbed, and frustrations are rising.

The local sheriff also starts to take an interest, and I can picture now a scene where a zombie gets over the fence and causes some trouble. The main characters catch it and stuff it in a car, just in time for the Sheriff to arrive and ask why they are covered in gore and what the hell is thumping in their their trunk.
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Re: Words and Wanton (M seeking F)
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Index of Stories

These are stories I have written in the past. Or rather, short blurbs about stories I have written in the past. Call them a sort of writing sample of my plotting abilities.

In Pools of Green Fire
The world stopped functioning the way it should have years ago. The new millennium was a tipping point, a moment when the world began sliding back towards it's origins, where primal power and the lifeblood of the earth both began to flow again, pumped slowly through the soil by a heart the size of the moon.

Few people felt it, few people even noticed its existence, but there were those who did. It started with settle things, the old churches began to have mild healing properties, people reported strange things lurking in the woods, no one really paid much attention to it. No one but Morgan, the last remaining member of an ancient order, an order of magicians who's job it was during the primal times of humanity to protect men and women from the wiles of a world they believe never existed. He has spent his entire life learning magic he could scarcely use.

Things begin to get complicated the moment the magic reawakens in the world and he must set out to find and activate the nodes of 

green fire, places of primal power where the lifeblood of the earth seeps up through the crust and can be used to fuel powerful magics. The first pool he finds, happens not to the as secret as he would have liked. An archeologist named Veronica and her team are hard at work attempting to unravel the reason this sight was revered by the native Americans a thousand years ago.
How to proceed?

Then the choice is made for him. The archeologist, an eager grad student hoping that her studies here will grant her her PHD, accidentally releases an ancient spirit of arcane power who rips through the camp, killing her help and destroying her research. Only through Morgan's intervention does Veronica manage to survive the encounter, but his help comes at a cost. She must surrender her life and her goals and help him reawaken the Green Fire.

At first Veronica resists in every way possible, but is eventually terrified into service by a display of Morgan's anger and magical skills. Soon however she discovers she has a knack for pyromaniac magic, a perfect counter to Morgan's interest in natural magic, and a perfect match to her temper.

What Morgan hasn't told her is that he did not simply protect her from the spirit, whose powers far surpass his own, he had to make a deal with it. Veronica must help him restore the balance to the world, otherwise she forfeits her soul to the ancient spirit. The true question is, as Veronica's powers begin to surpass Morgan's own, will her desire for freedom damn them both? Or will she submit to the Earth Mage and her growing affections for him, in exchange for a part in history?
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Index of Characters

Generally I make a new character for every story. These are characters who I truly enjoyed playing with, and figured they were a good example of my skills. Some are main characters, some are simply side characters who developed a personality of their own, sometimes one that was more interesting than the main character.

Mandy Ulsin A.K.A. Vivian of the Spirit Beast

Story:In Pools of Green Fire
Vivian is a good example of a side character who became more interesting than one of the main characters. A teenage firebrand who falls in love early with the rugged Morgan almost as soon as she sets her eyes on him. When she realizes that Morgan has far too much on his plate to dedicate her the attention she wants, she begins looking elsewhere.

So, I was working at Mortimer's clock shop when all this awesomeness began. It was a pretty dull day, Mortimer had gone out to make some deliveries, leaving yours truly to keep an eye on the shop. I thought, "Oh crap, I'm gonna be stuck in this stupid old building, without even a computer to keep myself entertained."

So around two in the afternoon, I contemplating pulling one of the big grandfather clocks over on myself and just ending it as mercifully as possible, when this couple walks in. They aren't Mortimer's usual crowd, I.E. they aren't a thousand years old and interested in clocks. The guy was tall and good looking, he had light blond hair and tanned skin, and wore this strange white trench coat with black trim. He totally had some sexy piercings though, and when he took off his coat I could see he had these weird runes tattooed up his arms. I later found out those tattoos ran everywhere.

The chick, she was a keeper too. Must have been Cuban or Brazilian, she was hot, bronze skin, dark hair, gorgeous body. I would have done her on sharp gravel. They looked like they had been camping in the woods all night or something, mud splattered, the chick had twigs stuck in her hair, baggy eyes, no makeup. The guy looked a lot better, his pants were dirty but nothing else was. His coat was white as hell.

Anyway, they ask for Mortimer, and I'm all, "Bitch no, old dude's out making deliveries."

And they're all, "We'll wait."

And I'm all, "Sorry Mortimer doesn't let people into his V.I.P (spoken with the dots of course) booth in the back. And the dude totally knocks on the door, then opens it and steps through. I thought about going after them, but honestly the dude had knocked the door unlocked. That was a little strange, and completely cool, if you ask me. I figured they must've escaped from prison and ran through the woods. Maybe he was some amazing burglar and she was his assistant, and they had hit up Mortimer for a Mafia style favor or something.

So, I naturally waited for the big man to get back so I could see how this played out. I have to admit I was curios as hell, and I was not trying to picture the two of them naked on Mortimer's workbench or something. (I wasn't!) Mortimer got back an hour later, and sent me home early as soon as he saw he had guests. Jerk, I usually want to go home early, but the one time I wanted to stay he sends me home!

I went home, surfed the net for a while, talked to my bff Jared about underground vampire culture, cause they're out there, just waiting. Then I made a huge bowl of Cheetos and watched South Park in my underwear. My mom tells me not to walk around the house in my underwear, says it'll give someones ideas, but it's just her and me, so what's the point?

Well, I learned the point. Hardcore. This guy knocks on the door while I'm watchin my 'tunes, so I pull on a robe and open the door. It's the cops! Or so I thought, till I looked at his badge and realized it was plastic.

So he's all, "Are you home alone little lady?"

And I'm all, "No, my 300 pound MMA Dad is upstairs breaking bricks with his hands. What do you want Mr. Plastic Badge?"

And that's when the shit really hit the fan. I'd like to say I fought the bastard off and stabbed him in the street, but that's not what happened. He jumped me like the pansy ass bitch he was, and dragged me into my mom's room where to pulled off my robe and tore my underwear off. I kicked the jerk right between the knees, like so hard I heard something pop, and then I crawled towards the window and tried to get it open, but he grabbed my foot. So I grabbed my mom's candle holder, (weird thing to keep in the bedroom right) and hit him in the head with it. He got pissed, well more pissed, and shoved me through the window. Holy crap who knew glass hurt so much! I mean you think, "Yeah it's sharp and all" but seriously! I fell out the window and got glass and shit all stuck in my skin, and using my amazing creature of the night skills, I got the fuck away from that bastard.

So I'm running through the east end of St. Louis where there are a thousand rapists and thugs and stuff like that, but my amazing creature of the night instincts take me back to Mortimer's shop, where the dude and the chick are still. I'm sorta fuzzy on the details from there, Circe, the chick, tells me it was blood loss, but I think the dude, Morgan (NOT like Morgan le Fay, he sorta freaks out about that) I think he put something in my head to protect me from remembering what he did to me. I trust Morgan with my life, god knows he's saved me enough times. I woke up the next morning with bandages all over and stuff. I think he didn't have a way to numb the pain, so whatever they did to heal my must've hurt.

Anyway, so it turns out the guy who tried to kill me was some sort of Bible thumbing maniac who kills magicians, and he was looking for Morgan and Circe, which is why they were hanging out at Mortimer's shop. He's got some secret magic hide away under it. Or he did, till the Zealot and his friends blew up the place trying to kill Morgan and Circe. We escaped, Morgan was going to drop me off with my mom, but I didn't think she'd be safe with me around, and anyway I'm apparently a Spirit Shaman (I didn't mention that yet? Well I totally fucking am. How cool is that?!) So Morgan couldn't leave me because the Zealot and his friends would try to kill me again. And anyway he needed more magic users to help him reawaken the Green Fire, which is some sort of Earth life blood stuff that gives human beings magic powers. So we're like Earth Vampires, and you thought I couldn't possibly get cooler.

So now I'm on this epic treck across the globe to awaken the earth nodes. Morgan's been teaching me how to summon animal spirits and control nature, and I've picked up a thing called an Essance of the Wild. It's sort of a meta dog. Like, what every dog would look like if it were ten feet tall, had six legs and tentacles and stuff. He protects me, I call him Cuddles.

So that's the amazing life of Vivian of the Spirit Beast. Morgan doesn't want me running this blog, he thinks it's a bad idea for people to know what we're doing. But this shit is getting me famous, so I'm not going to stop. Anyway, Circe's yelling at me to get off and help her with dinner, so I gotta go. Laterz =P
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Nothing to note yet, except that I've been adding more stories. Hopefully I'll have all of my ideas up at some point.

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Added The Queen's Spy

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Added Jack of the Lanterns

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hey i'm new here and saw your thread and i looked through it... and saw Nightmare Fantasies I was wondering if it was still open to RP?

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Ah ha! Back, finally after three months.

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Update: Archnemisis and Remarkably Good in Bed

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Update: Digital Love

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update: Run, Run!

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And.... I'm back! Yeah! I have a place to live, a computer, a job and most importantly, a head full of ideas! Hopeing someone can help me commit them to paper, or keyboard as it may be..

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Open and closed list updated.

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It has been far too long since I committed pen to paper (or key to...keyboard? Whatever) and did some story telling. I deeply apologize to the friends I haven't had contact with in.... (Has it really been a year?)  And humbly beg your forgiveness for my long absence. To the rest of you. I've returned! And am likely so rusty I'll be struggling from the ground up, but as always, I know how to spin a story, if you're willing to give me time to stretch the creative muscles, you're in for one hell of a ride!

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Did a little updating and formatting, nothing huge, but for once I'm free on a friday night.

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Added Erh, Run?

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Added: A dirty Job

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Did some cleaning and sharpening of stories. I have a few I need to add, but not the will to add them quite yet.

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Looks like I have some spare time opening upsoon, so now accepting new partners!