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Author Topic: [M for F, Literate, Plot-Driven] Historical, Sci-Fi, Emotional Drama + More  (Read 1073 times)

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Offline JuliusCaesarTopic starter


I am selectively available for additional plots at the moment. I’m seeking only a partner or two.
My O/O details ons and offs, current RP tables, etc.
Right now, I reply about once a week. My impending course load may hinder or help this trend.
I will not go into a plot with a see-what-happens attitude. Experience has taught me that writing towards The Great Perhaps develops into a void of procrastination.
If you’re not willing to talk things through, I may not be the partner for you.
Do not give me a Mary Sue you’ve used with other people if you expect my effort and time in return. Recycling belongs by the garbage bin.
I expect 3+ paragraphs per post, on average, as well as appropriate grammar skills.
Please PM me instead of replying to this thread.



GODLESS: [SciFi] It's 2180. She doesn't know she's creating a weapon for the government; she's paid to create a test-tube human being in a time of war and political upheaval. They train him and teach him until he discovers an electronic cache of journals and videos that detail his creation, and he escapes -- just like they wanted. Unbeknownst to him, the team of scientists and government agents track him for five years to see how he interacts with the public. He becomes a face in the crowd, another civilian living below his means in one of the most populated cities in the world. They plant an undercover agent, his maker, to befriend him and evaluate his failures and/or success, instigated by a mixed bag of curiosity, attachment to her creation, and her ability to optimize him for his ultimate purpose. With time, they grow closer while the war with newly-allied Russia and China escalates. The government needs their weapon. This can go a variety of ways, depending on the relationship between the two characters and whether or not he discovers her true identity.

BLOOD HUNT: [Historical – Early 20th century Africa] Dr. Lawrence Dawson, champion of European academia, moves home and hearth from the bucolic English countryside to the jungles of southern Africa, dragging along his reluctant debutante daughter, Charlotte, with him. Dawson hires a renegade Dutch bushwhacker to lead him through Rhodesia and parts of the Belgian Congo. They search for the cure to Typhus and find several haunting curiosities instead; a village of natives who refuse to trek through what they refer to as “The Blood Mountain.” There are apes there, they say. Apes that use men as toothpicks and the blood of villagers to quench the mountain’s thirst. Apes seven feet tall that speak a mysterious language and guard something precious. The Dutchman insists that there is nothing in the mountains except mines, remnants of failed ventures for diamonds. However, the trek to the mountain proves taxing when Dawson disappears, leaving Charlotte alone in the African jungle with a taciturn ex-mercenary who speaks only rudimentary English. Whether they discover the cure to Typhus, man-eating beasts, diamonds, or nothing at all, the journey turns into a rescue mission and a battle between logic and lore.


Craving | Taken


Werewolf | Human
Lawyer | Criminal
Cop | Criminal
Parole Officer
Teacher | Professor
ER Doctor




Werewolf | Human
Lawyer | Criminal
Cop | Criminal
Mobster | Civilian
ER Doctor

Craving | Taken

Ancient Rome
High-Medieval Europe
French Revolution
Age of Exploration
Boer War
WWI and II (Europe)

WWII (Europe)
American Colonization
American Revolution
American Expansion
Antebellum South
Civil War
Gilded Age/Robber Barons

Great Depression
50s (Stepford/Beats)
Vietnam War

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Re: [M for F, Literate, Plot-Driven] Historical, Emotional Drama + More
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2012, 10:53:04 PM »
Deleted two and added one plot idea. Tentatively still searching. I'm getting back into the swing of things, slowly but surely.

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  • one-night stand/oneshot
  • dealer x druggie/dark/urban
  • supernatural/haunting

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Edited plot ideas.

Added pairings.

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Added "Godless" and edited historical settings to fit cravings and availability.

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Edited pairings, narrowed historical settings, and altered search criteria.

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Edited thread structure, pairings, and settings.

Added "Blood Hunt."