Grimmjow's Games [M for F, but All are Welcome!]

Started by Jason, May 22, 2012, 08:00:41 AM

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Grimmjow's Games
Every week, or at the most every fortnight I'll have, at least, three new stories in place of the old ones. That means, if you want a story, you'll have to snatch it quickly before it's gone for good! I'll have three stories up: a Romance Plot, a Non-Con Plot, and a Random Plot, based of an interest. I'll also have a bundle of pairings at the bottom of this page if nothing gets the ideas flowing! Remember to read the Colour Coding!
■ - Red: A game that someone has already selected, however I find myself willing to allow another copy to be played.
■ - Blue: A game I really want to play! An absolute craving which I want to indulge myself with a partner in.
■ - Black: Just a game, if you're up for it I'll go dive in with you no problems!

To check out our Compatibility, go to my O/O thread, as well as my Role-playing Preferences! You'll get the idea easily!
Furthermore, if you want to propose an idea, shoot me a PM!
I'll be accepting requests both here and via PM.

#01: Burning Desire
You play the role of our protagonist, Ms (insert name here), who after hosting a lovely-turned-out of hand party, through no fault of her own, resulted in a rather ferocious fire; and who happens to come to her air? No-one less than the town's Fire Brigade. This, however, isn't just a normal encounter. After the incident, and Ms (insert name here) wakes from her rather incapacitated state which came about as a consequence of the fire, the first person she sees is the very same fireman. Needless to say, romance is soon to blossom.

#02: Converted Ideals
You play the role of our protagonist, Ms/Mrs (insert name here), a reporter, adamant upon her beliefs, as she's sent to interview Master Hypnotist Damien Oscur, where at first things seem like a normal interview, but after views begin to collide, he wages her to see his hypnosis in action. What does she have to lose? Hypnosis doesn't work, right? Well, we'll just see about that, because through the means of Mind Manipulation, Ms/Mrs (insert name here) will act very differently, and she won't even realize it.

#03: Voluptuous Vendetta
You play the role of our protagonist, Ms (insert name here), a University Student who's going out for a party, before all of a sudden she meets this rather handsome stranger. With the nitty and gritty, he works his way into her panties, but what she doesn't realize is this handsome stranger was once stereotypical geek Lewis Seddon. Who said people can't change? Then again, maybe he's just out for revenge after the harshness of highschool. Whatever the case, he's taking pictures and a video.
Fantasy: [Barbarian (♂) x Elf (♀)] / [Fisherman (♂) x Mermaid (♀)] / [Knight (♂) x Knight (♀)] / [Priest (♂) x Succubus (♀)] / [King (♂) x Fiancé Queen (♀)] / [Wizard (♂) x Apprentice (♀)]
[Demon (♂) x Priestess (♀)]
Contemporary: [Childhood Friend (♂) x Childhood Friend (♀)] / [Secret Admirer (♂) x Crush (♀)] / [Agent/Star (♂) x Star/Agent (♀)] / [Enemy (♂) x Enemy (♀)]
[Teacher/Student (♂) x Student/Teacher (♀)] / [Soldier (♂) x Long Lost Love (♀)]
Sci-Fi: [Engineer (♂) x Android (♀)] / [Tentacles (♂) x Space Marine (♀)] / [Jiralhanae/Sangheili (♂) x Spartan (♀)] / [Space Pirate (♂) x Captive (♀)]