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April 12, 2021, 01:55:32 pm

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Author Topic: Mass Effect: Revolution (A different take)  (Read 1047 times)

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Offline WargtassTopic starter

Mass Effect: Revolution (A different take)
« on: May 22, 2012, 02:39:32 am »


2208 CE. 22 years after the sacrifice of Shepard and the destruction of the Reapers and with them the Mass Relays. We know nothing about what happened elsewhere, but I can tell you what happened here, on Lands Fall Colony.

When the Relay split apart, no one knew what had happened. The Turian warship in orbit told us nothing, neither could the Asari and Salarians on the ground. Alliance Command was useless, they assumed that this was the doing of the Reapers, that they were coming to get us. Panic spread like wildfire, riots shook the great city of Warnstadt. Prejudice infected us all, anything with synthetic enhancements or prostethics was a target. Until the Leader stepped in.

He was just a Colonel in the Ground Forces, but he was stern and had a brilliant mind. He couped the Alliance High Command and swayed the military to come along. He established martial law until the Reaper threat had been dealt with or reinforcements had arrived. Anyone who breached the peace was dealt with harshly. We all felt safe under his watchful eye. We still heard nothing from the Turians overhead. But somehow I believe they were pleased with how things were to evolve.

Five years passed with no Reapers or Reinforcements coming. The Leader had become just that. People didn't call him Colonel anymore, just Leader. He established a Colonial Council, giving in for demands that the aliens and some human public figures had voiced ever since he took control. They were his Council, he still had all the power.

Ten years had passed when food supplies started to wear thin. Rationing lead to riots, but each riot was violently beat down, to protect the peace. We also lost contact with the only Alliance Vessel in orbit, the SSV Monte Cassino. Investigations showed they had lost power to their life support. The life support was repaired and a new, inexperienced crew intered.

Fifteen years had passed when the Turians decided to come down from their warship. They gave no reason as to why they had just remained in orbit, but the turian Commander Caius Craven took his seat at the Colonial Council as Warmaster, seeing as his ship and troops were the best the colony had. More riots followed, this time aimed at those turians who had lived planet-side all along. The Leader moved all planet-side turians to a ghetto of their own to protect them.

Twenty years after the Relay had gone down the first evidence of resistance movements started to crop up. Council members were threatened, the Asari one murdered. Military Command was bombed by terrorists and riots became more frequent. The Leader punished these resistance movements by cutting down rations, blaming them for the harsh methods he had to use. The population was split apart in two camps. Those who supported the Leader and those who didn't.

22 years have passed. We are under the oppressive yoke of a fascist authoritarian, under constant fear of terrorists bombing us and we are just about spent. Is the Reapers ever going to come? Is reinforcement ever going to come? I don't know. But I do know this: Revolution is coming!

Well, I am a gosh-darn jackass anyway. I promised myself to wait with this until after my current ME: Vengence game was done with, but this is too good a concept too keep you from anymore (yeah, right).

Anyway, as the title says, this one has a different approach. Whereas most of these usually have to do with grizzled veterans, witty engineers and mysterious biotics flying around in spaceships and combating some threat from beyond the veil, this is most certainly not the case here. I'd be surprised if you even get near a spaceship once. This time around it's not about epic heroics. It's about youth, oppression, ignorance, reaction, revolution, ideology and ambition. But most of all it revolves around the values that the games thought us: Tolerance and freedom.

The setup is quiet simple. You (the players) are the youth of Lands Fall. You know close to nothing about the universe around you because you were either born after the split of the Relay or were too young to fully appreciate the epic events around you. For all intents and purposes you are too young to fully understand why the Leader is in control, why we are waiting for reinforcements or even who or what a Shepard and Reaper are. But it also give you the power of independent thought, which have lead you to believe that something must change around here, and who better to do that than you, the young men and women who are not stuck in the routine of your parents.

Enough of this, on to my intent with this thread. I am barely testing the water for now. I am sticking my toes in the pool to see if you are interested in this sort of Mass Effect game which very much takes away all the power you are used to but give you some potential and freedom. I do not intend to begin this right away, since I want to get my other project up to its original speed, but I want to know if you want this or not. Given the incentive and enthusiasm, I can almost promise you a side of Mass Effect that you have never seen before.

Offline Treehouseroleplayer

Re: Mass Effect: Revolution (A different take)
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2012, 03:26:56 am »
Alright, I'll bite. I don't get too interested in fan-based RP often, but this one fulfills my requirements for doing so, and it sounds like a cool concept. Are PCs all going to be on the side of the revolutionaries? Or will there be people on both sides?