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Author Topic: The Land of Elbia(Fantasy 1x1)  (Read 328 times)

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Offline DarinthusTopic starter

The Land of Elbia(Fantasy 1x1)
« on: May 20, 2012, 02:50:14 PM »
Elbia, a land of fantasy creatures, magic, and adventurers that have always existed in this land, Powers have risen and fallen, hero's have been born and died, legends are formed and crafted to be shared with others. That was the land of old however, what happens to this world when modernization is brought to this country, what happens when quests become nothing more than inconveniences to others rather than people actually needing help with their problems. People are beginning to settle down, the once magical creatures that have once traveled throughout the land are becoming extinct. People have turned away from legends, away from these magical creatures, claiming a religion that labels all things magical with a contradiction to the religion that people believe. In the end many wars break out, technology, faith, and legend all meshing together to fight for what they believe in. The once different and peaceful races have all turned into this, even now a dominant human race is taking over and making themselves the all powerful race of this world. Imagine that, a world where only humans rule controlled by their own greed for power and technology. Who could even think of a world without these magical creatures that once roamed the lands?

He owned a farm with his parents, hidden away from the outside worlds and only told tales from the days when his father was an adventurer and his mother was a noble that was rescued once swept away. It all seemed wonderful to him, once of age taking his fathers armor and sword and setting off into the dying world. What he found however was not at all what he expected, a world filled with wonderful technological advancements but cruel people. What happened to all the legends he was told of from when he was a kid, where were the flying beasts in the sky or the powerful kind old wizards. Adventuring soon was not at all what it was cracked up to be, city officials became more serious towards law breaking and monsters so helping people became nothing more than delivery and fetch quests. That was until he met her, a simple boy meets girl love story with a twisted tale strung between them.

She was once a powerful demon lord, ruling over the entire planet with an iron fist over the rest of her species. She was a cruel and powerful ruler, her magic was so great she had the power to kill mass numbers of people at will, bring back to life whoever she wished, it was even said that her power had the ability to make new worlds. Of course many opposed her rule, it was only wit the alliance of every single living being that existed that they were able to trap the demon and seal her away with what magic they knew. That was all they could ever do, remove their tyrant leader and begin anew in a world they were unsure of themselves. This was thousands of years ago, the demons were eventually hunted down to extinction by the humans who had soon developed their own religion at the time. Demons were the ones said to have come form the heavens on a ball of light to a dead world, giving life to it with their magic and have new intelligent creatures evolve over time beside them. Of course this contradicted the belief of an all powerful God that many did believe, only then did demons along with other creatures only become legends.

He found her in a simple ruin deep underground, lowly bandits had stolen something of value from a noble woman and he was asked to retrieve it just so he could have a meal. It was times like these he wondered why he wasn't a bandit himself, however such a life would probably be worse than the situation he was in. The old magic that had once locked away these ruins slowly wore away with time, it was so long ago that the magic eventually drifted away with no one to maintain it. It was here that he found her, the once feared and frightening demon lord that was trapped in a coma like state, finding some way to release her out of curiosity as the warnings written all around her were unreadable and the guarded protection had left along with the rest of the magic. It was here that he released her, a sinister laugh filled the chambers as the demon rose to take her place once more as the ruler of the world she had been away from for so long. There was only one problem, the powerful magic that she had once had with her wore away with time on its own. She was no more than an oddity to anyone that saw her, what was she to do now that she had no power and no understanding of the world that lay outside the walls of the ruin? And so after a dry order given to the adventurer the two became companions, traversing this world and doing what they could to eat and get supplies. However that's when things had changed for the both of them, soon running into old dying legends and many new threats of world destruction through Elbia's old enemies looking to begin what they started. Could legends truly win against technology or would humans truly claim the title of dominant race of the world. It was here where the story starts, a curious young adventurer and an old demon lord searching and waiting for something that would allow her to receive the power she once had.

This is the premise of the plot and I would be happy to see if anyone would be interested in it, I guess with some 1x1's I have a few guidelines for this.

-This will be a shared RP, I left the story and its legends a little vague as I want this to be both of our stories. Don't let me be leading you around on a leash and only posting paragraphs that respond to what I just wrote, sure I'll have something in mind when I start off a series of events but it would be more exciting if more exciting plot twists were thrown into the mix.

-I'm not picky on paragraph length, I admit I can go overboard and be lazy at times. My minimum from what I've seen is two average sized paragraphs, I haven't had many time for conversations among characters though because my RP's are mostly story driven so we'll see how things go. I don't care how long your posts are, give me some truly amazing writing and I'll take the quality filled paragraph rather than the five long "I'm just dragging this out for length" posts.

-For information on some of my preferences see my recently added ON's and OFF'S page. I didn't cover everything in there so if there is something you are unsure of simply ask.

-I probably covered this but once again this is your RP to, tell me what's bothering you or what you would like to be included in this RP. If your unhappy where things are going tell me immediately, don't stick with this being unhappy and eventually stop trying or drop out all together. Communication is key in these types of things and probably the reason most RP's drop out of existence.

-It's true that everyone has a life outside of this site, I especially do so if you won't get angry with me if on occasions it takes me a day to post then I will never get mad at you for these types of things either. I will inform you when I should be away longer than that due to sickness or obligations.

-In the end I just want this to be fun, don't join if your not going to have fun and don't stick with it especially if that's the case. If I'm not liking where things are going I'll tell you so feel free to take the story in another direction without me getting angry.

Overall if there are changes to the plot you want to make, questions about the story, or if your simply rather just interested feel free to give a reply here. I don't want four of these same RP's so if your interested I encourage you to say so, I'm not asking for a job application but if it's not too much trouble just simply state while your interested in the RP as well.