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Large collection of reworked classics and other oddities

Started by seeker619, May 20, 2012, 09:52:24 AM

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First let me say I am a real fan of quite a few well known pairings.  I guess they are heard so often is that they work so well and in so many different ways.

Teachers vs students   Sex slaveXMaster 
teacher vs student       SorcererXdemons or villains
motherXSon                Ogre VS attractive female
Fixated           Dirty cop vs clean cop
UncleXniece-With this one I have a specific idea as the others are general.  On her seventeenth birthday a young lady is in a car accident where both of her parents are killed.  She is left, at least for a while, without the use of her arms.  She goes to live with her uncle as she will need him to shower and clean her, feed her, dress her, and just about everything else you can imagine.  He could get fed up and take her and perhaps she would satisfy him just as payment for his kindness eventually falling in love with him and learns to seduce him.

Doctor vs patient-Three different options came to mind so if you have others feel free to let me know.
A-A plastic surgeon volunteers to do cosmetic surgery on young woman with faces which have been scared, burned, or otherwise left them disfigured.  All agree to do anything for him in exchange for the surgery.  What he has them do is up for discussion
B-A psychiatrist has caused a number of his female patients to get addicted to the meds he prescribes.  What will they do to get more.  After the first time he gives in what is left for them to offer him?  Other suggestions welcome.
C-A doctor driving home from a medical conference one night notices what appears to be a body lying on the side of the road.  He investigates and finds a beautiful woman alive but in definite need of immediate surgery and a long recuperation.  Taking her back to his office he is able to perform the surgery perfectly.  When she wakes up he explains everything to her and with no memory  of who she is or where to go she agrees to live with him as she recuperates with rehab.  Does she need to offer something as payment for his help or just for her gratitude.  Or does he just take what he wants.  Maybe we find out what happened to her which could twist all of this around.

Incubus X Female
VampireXvampire hunter-  If interested just ask and I will elaborate as this too has a special element to it.
CopXCriminal    Coach vs athlete
Kidnapper X kidnapper
Mermaid X Sailor
Spy vs Spy
If you have pairing of your own please share them.

Now for originals

A handsome man moves into town and his neighbor is an absolute knock out.  Somehow it came out that she was fresh out of a relationship and it would be a long time before she trusted one.  Before she could go on he interjects that she need not worry.  He is gay.  She is relieved to find this out and replies blushing, "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean you.  I just meant men in general.  Soon she has her new best friend in him and she does just as he hoped when he told her he was gay.  She undresses in front of him, tells him her private fantasies, sleeps in the same bed with him but without the sex of course.  How does he tell her it was a lie?  Does he say that it was just to keep her away as he too didn't want to hook up with someone.  But then her battle cries about how his deceit fooled her into doing things she wouldn't have done.  Does she get jealous and in order to keep him offer him more and more of herself?  Do they go separate ways, or does he fess up to the fact that it was all planed out as he was so enamored by her that he felt he needed to do what he did for her to open up to him?  All up for discussion

Tweaked classics

Little Red Riding Hood      A RP based on the sixties show I
Snow white                      Dream of Jeanie.
Sleeping beauty               What really happened to the woman
                                       while on Gilligan's Island.

While moving into a home she inherited from her parents she is cleaning when she discovers an Oak box with a lock on it.  Black paint shows a skull and crossbones.  Curious and not the least fazed by the ominous symbol she opens the box to find an exquisite bottle which obviously held perfume sometime in the distant past.  She opens the top to see if she can still smell it when she suddenly passes out.  She soon wakes up with a large but handsome man tapping her face.  Startled she asks who he is and what he wants.  "You have freed me and I owe you my life so I am now offering it to you.  She jumps ahead of him and says, "Let me guess I get three wishes right?"  He laughs and says it is much more than that.  I know what you need and those things you want.  Choose a want over a necessity and although you will get your wish it will be accompanied by unforeseen but very serious consequences so choose careful.  What does the genie really want from her or did she just pass out as the man planned so he could appear as if out of nowhere before her?  What is his weakness?  All up to talk about.

The box's is based on the movie with Cameron Diaz.  A couple is given a box by a strange scary looking man.  They are told they can have anything they want if they open it.  However if they do someone they don't know will die a painful death.  What is the wish and what happens when that stranger dies that affects them? 

Thanks for reading and please feel free to ask any questions.


I am quite interested in quite a few of your story ideas... maybe we can do some of them?