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Author Topic: More things of a kinky nature (much of it NC or EX)  (Read 898 times)

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More things of a kinky nature (much of it NC or EX)
« on: May 18, 2012, 11:37:40 AM »
And they both are a bit different

The first involves an abusive exboyfriend chasing down the girl that ran away from him, for this one I am looking for a character who will get off on the abuse and the humiliation while at the same time trying to deny that she enjoys it and of course hoping to find a way to get away again... will she accept that her domineering and abusive boyfriend is the right one for her... or will she continue to fight against him?

The other involves a single mother, her child is in high school, now the child can either be male or female and the age will be around 16 either way but the sex of the child will change how it plays out.

If her child is a male (the simpler RP that only has one primary character played by both of us) then he is being picked on by my character, a senior who is the child of very rich parents... she goes to contront him about it and when nothing else seems to work... offers him her body... this works but it only goes so far, he is more then happy to use an abuse her... and might not even hide it from her son.

If the child is a female then perhaps she has started seeing the senior, trying to keep her innocence while dating someone with expectations, mother knows this and tries to help her daughter by taking care of the boys carnal needs behind her daughters back... surly that can't go wrong.

And more ideas

Mother desperate, broken and a drug addict trades her daughter (or daughters) for drugs. While she's feeling the pleasure of a hit, the drug dealer is feeling the pleasure of one of the daughters. Not only does this drug dealer enjoy taking the girl(s), but the darkness escalates as he begins to pimp them out and hook them on drugs. Again a series of dark themes can be done in this were they are broken, used, and manipulated.

A rich mother wants the best for her daughter, will do anything to make sure she gets the best in life. The daughter is an uncaring ruthless bitch, who controls and manipulates men. The daughter is failing a class, falling behind, and figures her mother will make things right, with a monetary payoff to the teacher. However this time it goes very very wrong, when they come up against a teacher that wants more, so much more. First the man takes the mother and uses her, ravishing her, till she is nothing more than his sexual toy. This story gets darker, when he wants more, he wants the daughter too, and the mother helps him, figuring the girl deserves it. The daughter fights back, but finally like her mother comes to be another fuck toy for the teacher. Now starts jealousy competition as each strives to outdo the other.

A single mother and her daughters living the good life in the trailer park. Till mom gets a new boyfriend who stays home, while mom goes off to work. Off course this gives the new boyfriend ample time to enjoy what trailer trash girls do best ... fuck! This story can be a little tongue and cheek, played over the top. Ideas: One daughter is a stripper by night, one daughter is hoping to get pregnant or already is, while another is looking for more than young boys to play with and wants the boyfriend to break her in. Is mom willing to throw the boyfriend out, just because he's banging the girls? The drama begins.....

He was sexy, he was a bad boy, the kind that all the girls swooned over. Never did he chase girls, if a girl wanted him, they had to make themselves available for his pleasure. She was a good girl, but to get the boy she was infatuated with she would have to be a very different girl. Could she, would she be that kind of girl? He was so dirty, mean, and nasty the way he treated her, and yet she found his strength so sexually overpowering. How could she not do every despicable deviant thing he asked?

A very well endowed young boy of about sixteen or seventeen year old, discovers sex, either because of a sister or mother. However, his effect on the opposite sex and his rather large appendage, soon finds himself taking control of the women in his family. The father can no more than whimper in the corner as his son gives his wife everything he couldn't. Nor could he say a thing as his son finds his mistress and takes her from him. Soon the woman and girls of the family are openly fighting for his attention, wanting no more than another chance to be with him, even if it means demeaning themselves to get the chance. Is the need for sexual satisfaction greater than self esteem? How low would you go, to be sexually fulfilled?

Father, mother, oldest son, oldest son's girlfriend, daughter, and youngest son are on a winter vacation to the family cabin in the mountains. Little do they know that someone else has been using the cabin for the winter, and is less then pleased with their arrival. This will be a story of corruption, subversion, and manipulation. A mother unhappy with her marriage and sex life, a girlfriend dating out of convenience, and so much more. The story is involved, and crosses many lines as the family is held hostage. Humiliation, degradation, violence and depravity will be common themes, as family members are forced into situations and sides in this dark and depraved story. How far will the family go, is blood truly thicker than water?

Everyone had their kinks, their fetishes, but you were different. The more objectification, the more humiliation, the filthier, and the more degradation the more you relished the experience. Your friend might have thought it was kinky to get on her knees and suck a guy’s cock, but you wanted to suck a guys cock after it had been buried deep in your ass, then to kneel there as he pissed on you, your mouth wide open hoping you got to drink some down. Your friend told you how sexy it was to swallow a guy’s load, but you thought it would be even sexier if her boyfriend fucked you in the ass, and she sucked that same load out of your ass, now that would be sexy. She told you about her fantasy to have two guys at once, and you thought why not the whole well hung basketball team. All of these fantasy had been buried so deep, and then one day your dad’s depraved friend came along and you found your sick soul mate. Is daddy's little girl ready to get nasty?

You promised your family that you would keep your virginity, till you were married. You didn’t want to get pregnant and you didn’t have birth control. Still you felt the constant pressure, your peers were actively engage in sexual activity, the media bombarded you with images, and most of all, there was a very strong yearning for sexual relief. Some of your friends felt that sucking on a guy’s dick wasn’t sex, so that was okay, and though you enjoyed it, it didn’t seem like enough. What could you do? Then a friend joked that if you took it up the ass, you’d still be a virgin. The real question though is can a virgin be a slut?

You enjoy sex, you really enjoy sex. You're a young girl, whose hunger has never been truly satiated, and you've gone from boy to boy, and though at times its been satisfactory, you're hunt continues. For a while you could thrill in taking and using another girl's boyfriend, but even that has waned in satisfying your need. You have now begun to seek out older, more experienced men, hoping one of them knows how to treat and use a slut like you.

You’re growing up and filling out. Your single mother and you live together, and even on occasion get along. For the most part you fight and argue about just about everything, from clothes, to curfew, to school. Nothing seemed to change till your mother’s newest boyfriend starts to be a regular fixture around the house, and you expect that now that she’s getting it regular its got her calmed down. That was till you came home early one Friday night, a miracle in itself, that you heard the two of them going at it, and not as in an argument. Your mother’s boyfriend was verbally humiliating and degrading her, calling every foul thing imaginable, and promising to whore her out to his friends, when you heard the most surprising thing of all. Your mother was pleading no begging him to do it. Telling him she’d make a good whore, and that he shouldn’t charge much. The conversation was shocking enough, but was more shocking was that your hand was sliding between your legs to give some relief to another problem.

She has a tough life, she always had. Practically had to raise herself and when she was 14 ran off to become a star...Well...we know how that turns out for most. She met a guy. Got addicted to cocaine. The boyfriend decides to drop her as he's tired of looking after her. It was fun at first. Bring his mates around and give her what's for...making her work for the drugs. So...out on her ass she does the only thing a girl like her can. She finds herself a pimp. She's pretty. Pretty face, nice figure, friendly, and knows how to work it, so she makes good money...or did...She's now 20 years old and her daily payments to her pimp have gone -way- down. She's pocketing the cash and favours one client who she sees for free...Pimp is NOT happy. Opal was his best girl...he even wanted a turn with the word from the grapevine is that she's not only ripping him off, but she's giving it for free AND thinking of quitting to move in with her rich client (the one she's spreading her legs for for free) well...Opal has to be taught a lesson in respect...manners...and one steals and double crosses HIM.
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Re: More things of a kinky nature (much of it NC or EX)
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2012, 06:15:16 AM »
updated with quite a few things

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Re: More things of a kinky nature (much of it NC or EX)
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2012, 12:43:48 PM »
pushing this a bit, slightly updateing

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Re: More things of a kinky nature (much of it NC or EX)
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2012, 10:08:50 PM »
Been away for a bit, dealing with personal junk, but back now and happy to be here