Tales from an aspiring devil [Interest check(s) seeking F]

Started by Dave, May 15, 2012, 07:48:05 PM

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Below are a collection of roleplay ideas I've had in mind lately, both with submissive and dominant roles for females, as well as opportunities to play with multiple people, or multiple character (the more the merrier, right?). If any of these interest you, or inspire you in some way feel free to PM me and we can work something out.

Modeling Agency Female submissive
A young girl attempts lives out her cliche dream of becoming a model and actress in the city of New York, only to find herself waiting tables and scrambling for small parts on commercials and small-time theaters. An opportunity arises as she finds an advertisement seeking models for photoshoots in a small studio with rather lucrative offer. Taking it up, the girl begins her modeling career, only to find out the photographer has different plans for her. The girl soon finds herself overpowered and helpless, stripped down in rather sexual outfits and at the whim of this modeling agency.

Nightmares Two female submissives
Two close friends move into a small apartment building together, having recently graduated from college together and beginning to pursue their careers. After a few weeks, both of the girls begin to experience vivid, and shamefully arousing nightmares of being tied and overpowered by a mysterious, dark figure. As time goes by, the dreams become even more realistic until one night, the figure from the nightmare comes to life and ties both girls in their apartment and begins to enact the dark, erotic acts they had dreamed of.

Blackmail Female submissive
Your character, a single, strong, and rather independent woman has just secured a position at work that will soon help her rise up to the top, a goal she's always dreamed of accomplishing. Unfortunately as she returns home, she finds an envelope addressed to her with photographs and evidence inside that would ruin her chances forever. Along with the pictures are very specific instructions, as well as a few 'toys' so she may fulfill the instructions. With no alternatives, your character goes along with this blackmailer, who continues to send you more instructions, eventually crafting you into a perfect toy for him to have.

A summer to remember Female submissive
Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Fake tan, amazing body with perfectly large breasts, Ms. Robins is the perfect woman and she knows it. Getting married young to an old man who supported her and then finally left everything to her when he passed away, she has everything she wants and needs to keep up her extravagant lifestyle. Now in her late thirties, Ms. Robins loves the summer months where she can drive down to her private country club and sunbathe in front of all the attractive, wealthy teenagers, letting them stare at her body as she teased them. Three of these boys begin to get sick of this however, and follow Ms. Robins home one day, breaking into her home and overpowering her, they begin to perform all the sexual fantasies they've always wanted to.

Corruption of the holy Female dominant
A young, brave and very skilled paladin of the Order of the Silver Hand gets in over his head when he openly declares war on Asemond, one of the greater demons in hell. Asemond has sent monster after monster after the paladin, with little success, but has figured out another, more cunning plan to cut the man down. Sending one of his succubi, the demoness infiltrates the Order and seduces the Paladin, before sexually overpowering and binding the man. She ties him up and begins training him to be her pet by taking him to the underworld with her, where he can no longer fight against the demon lord.

My best friend's brother Female dominant
Your character has always been friends with my characters sister, going through high school and then college together. However, you've always had yes for her younger brother, who has now entered college himself. The opportunity presents itself when my character's sister leaves town for a month, leaving you alone with the boy you've always wanted to dominate. You find a way to tie him up and make him all yours, training him to be everything you've always wanted.