Young Loud and Snotty (M for F)

Started by debasedmidnight, May 14, 2012, 10:00:50 PM

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For you rock and rollers.

After years of shows in dingy basements, sketchy dive bars and the most disgusting squats you've ever laid eyes on in your life, The Shamefully Obscene have begun to get some real attention from major record labels. The A&R guy fills their head with the works: tour buses, beautiful girls, mansions, hundreds of thousands of fans chanting your name and signing along with every word you've ever written at the top of their lungs. In short, everything they've ever dreamed of. And no one wanted it more than lead guitarist and principle songwriter Ryan Pierce. He'd played in these kinds of low to no paying shitty gigs ever since he was fourteen, and now it was time for the big time. But as we've often heard, it's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll. After signing a development deal and going out on tour opening for established stalwarts Ill Line, things start to go almost predictably awry. The label hates the new songs, they want something catchy, something that'll play on the radio. The band members begin to quickly take advantage of their new access to all the drugs and alcohol they could possibly desire. Peoples egos are at odds with each other. It's a bad scene, and things are barely being held together.

She didn't care much for the term "groupie," but deep down, she embraced it. What could she say, she liked the rock and roll lifestyle, and, even though she knew it was a total cliche, loved the bad boys. But she didn't just sleep with the guys in the bands. She knew all of the songs, knew things about the members that even their close friends didn't know, and overall did all she could to immerse herself in the scene that she loved. Not just your average self described "rock chick." She had seen Ill Line a million times, but never missed them every time they rolled through her town. They were one of her favorites. And while she usually skipped the opening acts in lieu of drinks with her friends, this time she took a look at the flier for the show.

"Huh, The Shamefully Obscene...sounds interesting" she said to herself, thinking maybe she'll get there early this time.

Shoot me a PM if this sounds like something you'd be into. I'm completely flexible and open to suggestions if you like the basic idea but think it could be more fun taking it another direction. Can be a one shot or something longer.