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Author Topic: Motivado's Current Cravings...(Now added: 'The Wickedest Witch')  (Read 921 times)

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Below are some roles that I am currently looking to play, please do get in touch via PM if you wish to discuss an idea.

Motivado's Superhero Roleplay (Female Villain Wanted!)

The role I am looking to play would see me playing as a superhero character (I will use my current username unless you would prefer something a little different) that watches over the citizens that dwell inside the fictional city of Gothika (Think of any modernised, cosmopolitan city with a strong and prosperous financial sector). My character would be a relatively young male, between the age of 25 and 32, who would have lived a life scarred by the loss of his family when he was just a young boy. Both parents perished in an apparently motive-less double murder years ago that left the young man traumatised and sent to live in some kind of youth charity household. He would recover and was eventually sent to live in a care home where he soon began to notice that any wounds of his would heal remarkably well, in fact his body had begun to develop at such an astounding rate that he had the strength of a bodybuilder by the time he was in his mid-teens, despite the size of his frame not reflecting the power that he was capable of. He also noticed he was more agile and flexible than others, with the ability to perform feats of balanace and movement that were jaw-dropping in precision and execution. By the time he was 21 the mysterious male would set up a secret hideaway for himself so he could perfect his supernatural gifts and train to use them to benefit those who had helped him to overcome the emotional trauma of his youth.

The role would center around the latest creating by an old nemesis, or maybe just a new female character with her own background story, who would be the ultimate male weakness, designed to prey on the one chink in the hero's armoury. This femme fatale figure would be one of such allure and arousal, that no male figure would be able to resist her. If you have seen any of the Batman films (Or I assume, the comic series) then you will probably see the character 'Poison Ivy' somewhat relates to the female villainess that I am seeking though I would like you to make your own additions to her supernatural abilities and how she might be able to gain a pyschological advantage over a male who was usually so mentally strong-willed. The plot would basically be to have this female lure her target close to her and use her womanly charms and powers to fill him with insatiable need for her. Eventually he would of course give him to his carnal desires of lust and maybe even love, turning his back on his crimefighting duties as he becomes disillusioned with the powers that be, who want him to eliminate the woman he yearns for.

I am open to the storyline direction and would love to read some input. You could wish to mould an elaborate plan where you plan to capture/brainwash/seduce my character. One scenario I have used in the past is me receiving a signal from the Mayor's Offices that is directed towards an old abandoned warehouse at the docks in the port of the city, where a trap has been prepared.

The female character in the role is more of a tease or seductress who can bring out the dominant side in a male by using the right approach psychologically, or through suggestive words and body language, though I would be interested in a domme type female figure if you wish to play her using that perspective.

The Wickedest Witch
In his role (high school or college setting, characters of course are all of legal age) I play a popular male character who is the star of the sports/athletics/football team. The problem is, he is all too aware of his own popularity and his achievements and it has led to him developing an ugly side to his personality. An arrogant young man with a poor attitude, he seems to be able to carry on underachieving academically and displaying obscene behaviour without any risk of being punished. That all changes when one day he insults your character's appearance (this could be a teacher, a fellow pupil, faculty member etc) when being his usual crass self, trying to show off in front of his peers. Now, that doesn't mean to say that your character has to have a grotesque appearance, she could just have a bent nose or something out of the ordinary that keeps with the theme of her being a secret Witch. She would then gain her revenge by casting a spell or concoting a potion of some sort so that my character actually envisages her to be his ultimate dream woman, unable to say no to her and basically eager to meet all her demands. At the snap of her fingers or with him perhaps reaching the point of climax, her true form would then be revealed. The woman-scorned could choose to have the handsome youth service her sexually or she could set out to put him in some embarrassing situations that he has to get out of, either way then plot should revolve around him getting taught a lesson whilst the female character gets to enjoy numerous romps with him before perhaps offering an ultimatum of sorts, or even changing him for the better so that he becomes a more admirable character. As always, I am open to discussing the finer points and making alterations where needed but I am really craving this role at the moment so if you are interested then please do get in touch via private message. 
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Re: Motivado's Superhero Roleplay
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2012, 03:23:38 PM »
Still craving - Bump!

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Re: Motivado's Current Cravings...
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2012, 06:04:17 PM »
Added 'The Lure of the Throne'.

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Re: Motivado's Current Cravings...(Now added: 'The Wickedest Witch')
« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2013, 02:15:23 PM »
New story added.