The Hunt (F looking for M)

Started by Sampais Wrath, May 06, 2012, 11:36:00 PM

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Sampais Wrath

For thousands of years the Earth's fairies have been hunted for their magic and beautiful wings. Some where spared death and turned to slaves but without the proper care they soon died off. They all have faded into memory and become the stuff of fairy tales due to the near extinction. The smart ones fled to a different realm. A real of magic. A realm free of those who hunted them. Recently the realm has become open to a few other kinds of magical beings.

Without many rules another group of hunters has formed and even this realm's fairies are gone as well as a few other species of magical beings. There was nowhere else to flee to. The hunters grew too powerful to stop. The people of the magical realm lived in fear. There was still hope however. A small army has built up but they still weren't powerful enough. They needed just a little more magic. It was then something was discovered. There was one last fairy. She had lived secluded for years oblivious to the murdering of her people. Now there was a race. The hunters were racing to capture and kill the innocent fairy while the small army raced to save her.

Basically the it's a modern world of fantasy. I'm looking for one of two things to happen. Either a hunter finds the fairy and without meaning to he falls in love with the fairy and since he won't kill her must try to hide her or join the small army working to stop the hunters. The other idea I have is someone from the small army has been sent to find the fairy hidden in the world and it seems like love at first sight. Of course either way the fairy isn't going to be willing to leave her paradise at first and even might put up a fight. It's all negotiable but I quite enjoy love stories. Pm if interested or want to negotiate.
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