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April 23, 2018, 08:51:16 AM

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Author Topic: Video Game Based Ideas [Skyrim/Borderlands/Halo/Prototype]  (Read 539 times)

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Offline DrayTopic starter

Alright first I am looking for female writing partners whom are literate.  I like detailed and descriptive posts, so be willing to read/write a few paragraphs each post, t least three full paragraphs.  It's really not all that much to ask when you consider everything you could include in your post such as thoughts, surroundings, actions, feelings, emotions, reactions, etc.  I am understanding so I know mistakes are made.  I'm not a grammar Nazi, I myself am no where near perfect and make mistakes all the time.  All I ask is that you do your best.  So if you think you can meet this minimum then do not hesitate to PM me, I'm friendly and open for discussion and I love to discuss the details before starting a role play.  Kinks/Fetishes/Sexual elements are all open for discussion as well.  Please no males playing as female characters unless you have some merit and experience.  Sometimes it's rather obvious when someone is writing as the opposite gender and it takes me out of the role play and makes it harder to enjoy the character.

So below are just some games that I would be interested in creating a role play with.  Mostly it would involve the world/universe inside the game.  I don't like playing canons or sticking heavily to the plot, I like to tweak it to the preference of my role play partner and myself.  This way it gives us more freedom, really I just want to role play in the setting of the video game that I believe could be rather fun.

Skyrim - One of my favorite games of all time from Elder Scrolls.  I have logged...well an insane amount of hours playing this game so I'm looking for someone that shares my passion and has a good knowledge of it as well.  I would like for our characters to some how end being travel partners/companions that adventure together throughout the land of Skyrim and complete quests and what not together.  We can follow some of the actual plot and quests from the game or we can make up something of our own and go along with it, or maybe even a mixture.  Looking for romance with this, full of sexual tension, passion, lust and rough sex but also having its more vanilla moments such as cuddling and what not.  Race/skills/etc are all open for discussion with this one.  If you are interested then please send me a PM so we can discuss the details and flesh out something fun for the both of us.

Borderlands - A game I have been playing rather frequently as I prepare for the second one to be released in September...and let me say I am looking forward to it and very excited.  So I'm looking for a role play that takes place on Pandora and has all of the same elements.  Perhaps our two characters could be two vault hunters that are working together.  Maybe we could also follow the different classes and skills a bit too, such as Siren/Soldier/Hunter/Berserker.  I would probably prefer to have the female be a Siren while I myself would probably stick to the soldier class.  This is of course up for discussion and we do not really have to follow the classes.

Halo - For this I'm looking for more of a Reach setting where there are several Spartans and they have not all died out.  It's the climax of the war between humans and the covenant.  I would really like to include space travel and what not into this.  I would of course like to play a spartan but the main female role is up for debate.  She could be an infantry soldier or ODST...maybe a field medic or even a pilot/captain/etc.

Prototype - Looking for sort of a post-apocalyptic setting with this one.  The virus is spreading across the Earth and is wiping out the population as more and more become infected.  I would like to play as one of the human Prototypes, one of the ultimate shape-shifting weapons.  The female role is up for discussion, could be someone he rescues, maybe someone from his past before he was turned into the monster that he is.
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