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Author Topic: WANTED: partner for long-term story heavy on romance and drama - M/M  (Read 553 times)

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Offline jilorbbTopic starter

For over a year, I've been looking for someone to play opposite of me in a dark romance that's full of action and possible revenge.

My character would be all alone in your character's homeworld and your character will be their only actual friend (at least at first). I am willing to play opposite any character - provided you feel that they would be compatible with my outsider, here. Additionally, I am willing to bring this story into any setting - from the mundane to the supernatural. My only request be that the time is anything forward of our Earth's Victorian Period, time-wise.

In order to understand the trouble my character, Pyotr, is in, you need to know a bit about his people. They are a race of spider-like humanoids who have a natural aversion to the sun. Their society is matriarchal and boys are considered weak and unclean; males are considered adults only after they have been permitted a wife to complete them as a person. Once the boys achieve the age of physical maturity, they are sent out into the world to "sow their wild oats" This practice is encouraged because of the practical use of the drug Jupag, which leaves the boys in an infertile state and removes their ability to feel romantic love. The purpose of this exercise is to teach the boys the difference between sex without and with love. When they return and are permitted to marry, their parents remove the drug and they fall in love for the first time in their lives. The idea is that once a boy understands how love enhances sex, they will never stray and, for whatever reasons, Sekassiret marriages do have a very high survival rate.

Pyotr enters into all of this as a fresh-faced boy of 19. Having just spent a year in and out in society, sowing his own oats, his older brother has been given permission to time/space travel once again and he is returning home to fill the required role of 'house boy.' (Whenever a Sek is away from his homeland and there are other unmarried males around, at least one must be in the home at all times) His family becomes aware of the fact that all of his sexual encounters were with males and they are working through various methods of altering him so that he will conform to their societal views. He had been placed into seclusion for three months and given a severe dosing of the drug to the effect of making him nearly an emotional zombie. (The dots on his neck are signs of this, see the following: and

At the start of our game, he is coming down off of his heavy dose of Jupag and the elders of his family are finishing in their deliberating over what is to be done with him. He is still in a very passive state due to the drug and so they believe he will be completely truthful and helpful with their decision of what to do with him. When it becomes obvious to him that they will never accept his way of life, he manages to get a hold on some of his race's magi-tech and flee the world of his birth. However, he was never really trained in its use because of his age and biological sex. And so he found himself stranded on a new world. Knowing that history often brings about a bit of enlightenment and a general shift toward a more egalitarian lifestyle as time goes by, he had the presence of mind to reach out into the future in his shift...

Now he is alone and stranded in another (your character's) world. He is frightened and suffering the withdrawal effects of the drug but ultimately hopeful that he will be able to make a life for himself and eventually find the love his family had not allowed him to have.

My requests of my partner for this game:
* You must be open to a dramatic and longer story involving a bit of horror and drama, at least as far as the drug is concerned. Pyotr will have flashbacks, nightmares and other physical and mental characteristics that are symptoms of his withdrawl.
* I need you to play a male character who is possibly attracted to a more serious partner and can take the lead - at least at first.
* The setting must be at the early 1920's level of technology or (preferably) at any point beyond, up to and including the future.
* I need you to describe the setting a lot in your posts, and then I will bounce off of that to fill in what I can in mine.
* Advanced Lit preferred for this game but only semi-lit is required...
* Keep in mind that jumping into this game helps me flesh out my character and the society he is from as well. Vydania is very precious to me so this roleplay is my top priority. Traveling to Pyotr's homeworld may be an option in the future, if you so desire. (If you'd rather play a game within Vydania, you're welcome to contact me separately and I'll tell you all the details)

Other than those few things, I am completely open to interpretation and I hope you will help develop the storyline with me. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to post them here or send me a message.

Thanks for reading!
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Offline jilorbbTopic starter

Pyotr's Bio
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2012, 06:18:51 PM »
Name: Pyotr Abez'iana

Age: 19
Birth Date: September 19th
Zodiac: Virgo

Sex and Gender: Male; Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Race: Sekassiret
(The Sekassiret are a spider-like humanoid race. They tend to be extremely pale because they have a natural aversion to the sun. He can be easily blinded and his skin burns at 10 times the normal human rate. Sek are carnivorous by need and have a pair of hollow fangs that make them appear almost like vampires. They can suck a victim's blood through these as well as secrete a venom that acts as a numbing agent as well as a narcotic and hallucinogen by most sentient beings. Because of this, they were kept as slaves and treated almost as cattle at some point in their history. Females tend to have spinnerets, occasionally a male is born with the spinners and even though he is otherwise a boy, he isn`t treated with all of the same restrictions that the female supremacist society normally submit them to. There other racial characteristic of note is quad-separated pupils which lend a certain amount of extra sensory perception.)

Origin of Birth: Moskovia, Freeland of Vidania

Parents: Annessa and Andrei
Siblings: Sacha, Anastasiya, Petroka, Erika, Afanassii, Ankani, Raina and Arronai (oldest to youngest.)

Class: Bard, fighter with focus on fencing.

Physical Description: Pyotr stands at 6' even - a few inches shorter than his more feminine-looking older brother. He is not very muscular at all; thin but healthy. His hair is kept short and a little shaggy around his ears; it is mostly red, though a few wisps on the left side of his bangs are white. The genetic condition that runs in his family, causing parts of their hair to go white from lack of pigmentation goes one step farther with Pyotr, as there are a few spots on that side of his forehead and his left eyebrow is white, making it look like he might have been splashed in the face with bleach.

Personality: He is a prim, reserved and proper gentleman, opening up only after getting to know someone well. (For the sake of this game, this will not be so apparent at first since he will be in obvious desperation) He enjoys quiet holidays and is quite creative. He would be one of the last people you would expect to make a joke. He is not a robot, but neither is he prone to outbursts and hedonism. He sings, plays the piano, paints and embroiders.

Drinks: Not Yet.
Smokes: Won't touch the stuff.

Bio: - coming soon-
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