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April 23, 2018, 06:22:41 PM

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Author Topic: Klamity's Chest System! (Combination of Sethbling and CNBMinecraft inventions)  (Read 471 times)

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Offline klamityTopic starter

So folks, after a bit of inspiration at work today, I whipped up a prototype of the system to prove its viable and workable before I build it in my survival world :D

Basically, what it is is a combination of two different minecraft redstone systems. First is the...
Chest on Request by Sethbling
And then also the...
Compact Minecraft Station v1.0 by CNBMinecraft

Let me give you a run down of what features my invention has
  • Infinite Expand-ability
  • Call, Return and Selection Buttons
  • Auto Reset Function
  • Sounds! AMG
  • Can be expanded to be accessed through a network of rails
I'd say thats a fair amount of features. Now, lets go into what it looks like, and then I'll give a demonstration.

First up, lets take a look at the front 'panel' of the device.
Front Panel
So, as you can see in the image, there are a number of buttons and torches. If you watched the CNB video, you know I've copied this current design straight from him. If you haven't, Ill explain. The left most button is the return button: pushing it activates a powered rail which sends the cart rocketing off. The second from the left is the reset button to change your selection. The right most button is the call button to call the cart to you, and the remainders are the choices 1-4. I only did four for this example mechanism. When you push a selection, the light turns on to indicate that its selected, and will turn off when the cart is returned.

Now lets take a look at the circuit shall we? be warned, its confusing.
Confusing Circuitry Gobblegook ahead
Yikes! I know, its ugly to look at but thats because its a prototype. let me try and explain how it works. Buried underneath all that is a series of RS NOR latches which are a memory cell. Its a design copied from CNBs video as well that makes it all fit into one row. Those are directly hooked up to the lights at the front panel, as well as the transistors and subsequently the cascade which Ill get into in a second. In between the RS NOR latches and the tracks is a series of and gates which are fed from the RS NOR latches as well as the call line. Above that are a few pistons transistors which are flipped by the return system (gimme a sec im getting there). The closest thing to us, the three random lines, are the cascade as I call it because flipping the last one (4) will cascade its on status to the prior lines via repeaters to make sure the cart gets back. The weird bulbous growth off to the side at the back with all the repeaters is the return/reset gizmo. For now, lets cover each part in the order I built them.

RS NOR latch
This may not be the best picture but it works for now. When the button is pushed, the lower most torch gets power and flips the latch to 'selected' status in this case. To reset the latch, power must be provided to the block to the right of the note block. The upper most torch visible is feeding power to the panel torch as well as to the transistors/cascade.  The other line is sending it to the and gates.

And Gates
As you may be able to see I have them labelled for convenience. When a choice is made, half of its respective and switch is powered off. When the call line is pushed, it trips all the 'other halfs' at about the same time to call whichever choice is made. The gates are stacked like that to be able to fit them all in the tight space I had. Each output directly heads to the respective cart is supposed to call, triggering a powered track to push the cart out. Lets look at the call line.

Call Line
It's a little strange to see but the call line is the line thats under everything and kinda runs through the middle. It all hooks up to the and gates as well as its own chiming system for added fun.

View of the carts and and gates

Return Gizmo
This is a bit complicated. Let me do my best to explain. When the cart gets sent out, it trips both pressure plates. However, the second plate is dependant on the first, so when it trips nothing happens since there is a delay on the first being switched. It switches another RS NOR latch which sends a signal to turn on the transistors and the cascade as well as deactivating half the and gate for the return trip. When a return trip is made, the second one is tripped and activates the and gate which sets off the return line which flips ALL the RS NOR latches (memory bank and return gizmo) to their 'off' positions.

Second shot of the gizmo

The Transistors

The Cascade
Here is that thing I keep talking about. As you can see, there is only 3 lines. Why? The first line doesnt need any tracks flipped and therefore doesnt need a line. The number of cascade lines is the number of cart lines minus one. Each line sets off the one below it, so line 5 would set of 5, 4,3 and 2. It simply switches the tracks so they face the right way, allowing the cart to travel back to its resting spot.

Lets do a demo run by selecting line 4!
First we have to push the button...
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The the light turns on!
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Once we push the call we check to make sure its the right cart...
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Redstone in the fourth spot means it is :D Lets peak at the circuits now.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
As we can see, the transistors are down because the gizmo tripped, and since line 4 is selected its lit up and providing power through the transistors to the cascade.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
As you can see, all portions of the cascade are online and have turned all the tracks the right way. All that remains is to push return and reset the system!

I hope you enjoyed this prototype, and I plan on making it in my survival world as well to expand my already large chest on request system. I'll try and keep everyone updated ^^