One on one for other females

Started by Adere, March 26, 2008, 03:08:05 PM

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Ok, here's the deal. I want to try playing a male role. It can have a story plot behind it, but I really want to practice writing with one. I've played male rolls before and I've found that I've enjoyed them greatly. It's big turn on for me because I would do it like how I'd want it but try to please the other lady aswell.

My Male character is not into huge bondage. But He is dominate. He likes to establish that he is the one in control, but is gentle and seductive, using this to gain control over the women. So that they melt for him and plead for him. He does not really get off on getting head. So that is definitely not required. He wants someone to torture with pleasure, rather. Not much into pain, although I would do a rape scene aswell. Then he can get rough ;) but no more violence then slapping and bitting. He's also not big on anal.

If any woman is interested in roleplaying with me (male) and them as the female, pm me, or post here. Then we can figure out a story line based on both our likes.

Also, if any would like it, he's quiet capable of being romantic ;)