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May 23, 2018, 02:38:35 AM

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Author Topic: Angels (Apocalyptic/interpersonal Seeking M and F)  (Read 338 times)

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Offline EliasTopic starter

Angels (Apocalyptic/interpersonal Seeking M and F)
« on: April 25, 2012, 08:00:14 PM »
I am hoping to work from the experience of a 5 man squad  4 other players plus myself. It will be the current world, the only thing I care about on your character sheet is your characters job before hand so we know their skills outside combat, and what they have lost thanks to the "Angels" the roleplay will revolve around combat, survival and the search for answers to where these things came from.

They were so beautiful. You can't understand it truly until you see them. They descended that year 2012 on a day of rain, I recall it being miserable until they arrived and for one glimmering moment we thought the time had come. The world was to be brought into a time of peace... Christ, God, the heavenly chorus they had sent their angels to save us all, at the time I believed it myself, at least in those first moment when they had just arrived; I was conducting business in Washington at the time, when A being of such spectacular presence. 15 feet tall, wings a heavenly glow. Armor and spear that shined brighter than anything that earth could offer an alien face not quite human too perfect and devoid of a sex, devoid of any blemish or imperfection. We were so dark in comparison. They said nothing but arrived on the steps of the places of governance and as if by some divine prophecy armed guards moved aside and the officials stepped forward like lambs before our lion. The president moved to his knees... The world caught him and the Chinese chairman on film they acted in unison it was incredible, we assume Germany, England, France, India, Japan, Israel, Russia and Vatican city all had it happen as well, information collected indicated that much. We are not sure if it happened anywhere else... Information is hard to come by these days.

These beings looked on him, and I recall a smile it was slight I am not even sure if its true or I imagined it but the next part ill never forget. As I watched like the hundreds of others on the grounds outside the White-house. This being rose his hand and the world watched as the president began to bleed from his eyes and ears and still kneeling before this being he died a smile on his face the entire time.

I think the world went silent then, it was only a moment a second, but we took a collective sigh and realized that of course we didn't get to be saved? We never earned salvation. Like I said it lasted only a second. Because following the death of the strongest leaders in the world came screams, the angel turned and looked out and as it rose it's hand we began to die.

The secret service stood there and let themselves be picked off, one after another they just bled and died... But than something broke us free As the tenth man on the lawn died a shot rang out a bullet, I am not even sure if it was by accident or someone just losing it but a bullet slammed into the beings head; well of course those with the ability to think laughed I mean angels don't die I thought it to myself as well but I watched as the being took it between the eyes blood, a silvery fluid flew through the air and the being just fell over dead.

We mere mortals were not granted even a sigh of relief the sky opened up and they came... Thousands, millions, of them and even as they descended we began to drop like flies no bombs no bullets just their eyes and their hands pointed at you and you fell over dead.

I recall how silent their kind of death was, even as we ran screaming and soldiers called out orders they were perfectly silent they landed on buildings and just began killing room by room. Man, woman, child. They wiped it all away with a look. Not even their wings made a noise  even when the first hummer arrived on the scene and a machine gun rattling off at the beings they died in silence their silver blood littered the streets. I remember seeing it after the first wave and thinking how beautiful even their death was. The initial bases and capitals stood no chance After all your machine gun has bullets you need to reload, you need to stop, they dont all it takes is a look. We were swept away in a week and so the invasion began and we did what is in our nature. We fought tooth and nail.

The apocalypse was upon us.

That was three years ago, the population is gone, we think one fifth of us have survived but its been left untouched our world is very much alive the cities seem to house these beings as well as human rebel forces, they have no interest in our food and we move from factory to factory surviving on the scraps of our former empire trying to figure out what these things are and how we can survive.

They come in waves and every time one wave is wiped out to the last being they retreat for a time but inevitably we fear our extinction is inevitable... Still we fight and give as good as we get. What is worse is that we don't only fight them, but the believers those who think we're meant to die and aid the angels in their task. They throw themselves upon the spear of these creatures only after taking as many of us with them as possible, and unlike the angels they're savage and oh so human.

We're becoming animals out here, rape, murder and suicide is rampant every human being left is focused on survival by any means. Still theres armies left thousands of humans who plan to retake that which has been taken we plan to kill, to cover this world in silver or die trying.