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Author Topic: Drow Enslavement [Freeform DND]  (Read 1306 times)

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Drow Enslavement [Freeform DND]
« on: March 25, 2008, 05:03:45 AM »
This is a idea I’ve had in the back of my mind, that I spent some time working out, based on some ideas from the Book of Erotic Fantasy, some thoughts regarding drow, and thinking about a society that flip flops some of the nature of drow society.  Use the DnD basis for things, but prefer the game to be a FREEFORM one on one, at least, until I see how things shape out..

Maybe could expand it later with enough interest.  Basically looking for someone to play the female [or females, could have 2] , preferably from outside, and drow.. But can work with any elf the other player wants to try.

The idea is of a powerful male of a one of the Noble Houses, likely a powerful Hexblade, Eldritch Knight, Archmage, or Ultimate Magus, finds a female (or two) that catches his eye at the slave market, and decides to purchase her.  The adventure is to see how and if he can master her. 



Hidden within the planes, is the city of Alzara, a 50 mile underground city.. Ruled not by females, but by males, with only deity, the goddess Selva’zra [sell vaz ra], the city is vast and ruled, like most drow cities, by a number of houses, but it is not devoted to evil, or spiders as most drow cities are.  This demi-plane only allows elves to enter, male drow, and any female elf [including half-elves], and all elves within age to mature, then their aging freezes, forever, unless they should venture outside of this plane again.  The demi-plane actually extends a total of 500 miles, and there is a surface is about 300 miles up, where wild forests grow, filled with many kinds of fruit trees, and wild game that are occasionally harvested by the city below, by hunters.  [A few females even are allowed to spend some time here, or escape to these parts, mostly captive druids and rangers from surface elves].  Note: This is a Sexually Open Society. 

There a few parts of the city, that are dangerous ruins, as it is a huge city, as well as places outside that are quiet dangerous, like the underdark often is.    There is an area contaminated by the demonic, on the edges, and another by undead, the houses responsible for them were hunted down and exterminated. 

The teachings of Selva’zra however, have greatly changed  the nature of the drow society within, most females walk naked, with a collar and leash, sometimes in chains.

A slave market opens periodically, with elven females of all races, are taken from other planes, though only a few from each, every thousand years, for the slave markets.  There are enough prime material planes however, for about a 18 to 36 slaves at the market each year, about 1 to 3 a month.  Some females who were born here are also occasionally sold, should they displease their former owner/protector, bring the number up to about 4 to 5 a month.  Half-elven slaves are more numerous, about 7 to 10 month on sale, 80 to 100 a year, but are cheaper, and usually purchased by lower caste males, unless they are exceptional in some way. 

All males within the city are drow, they collect no males of other races, and no male clerics can enter this plane, they can not even see it.  Males who practice divine magic can do so as imagists, though even this is discouraged by Selva’zra’s teachings.   There is a group of female rogues and diviners, who work against the most sadistic and evil beings in the city,



Selva’zra, Drow Goddess of Secrets, Seduction, Sensuality, Sex, Spells & Submission

Most often pictured as a naked drow female, kneeling with a collar around her neck, and wearing nothing else.

Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Body, Drow, Limbo, Lust, Pleasure, Spell, Voyeur, [Clerics must select Body, Lust, Pleasure or Voyeur as one of their domains]

Weapons:  Firsts only, Her Clerics may not use weapons and armor, or wear clothing [unless their master desires otherwise], but instead, get the AC and Unarmed Bonus of the Monk.. Bonus Feat (Improved Grapple or Stunning First), Unarmed Strike at level one, Bonus Feat(Combat Reflexes or Deflect Arrows) and evasion at level 2, Improved Evasion at level 9, they also get the same saving throws as monks, they do not get any other abilities, and may never multi-class as a monk, they turn or control undead normally.  [Those who shift from devotion to a previous deity do not get these bonuses, but are still bound not to use weapons or armor… or wear clothing.]
Holy Symbol: Collar

Teachings:  A female should submit (gracefully) to a male who can master her, one who can not master is her is unworthy of her..  Only females should practice divine magic.  Only males should practice arcane magic.  It takes more strength to submit then to dominate.  Sexual pleasure is a joy to be sought always, with any and all partners.   Seduction is a joy and a delight, and should be savored.  Secrets are precious, and should only be released with reluctance.  A woman should wear her masters collar and nothing else, save to please her master.  Female elves.. Especially drow,  should be taken captive and brought to her teachings.  Sadism is to be rejected.  Males should be powerful, protective and dominant.  Females should be beautiful, pliant, and submissive , but only to one who proves his Mastery over her, she should be dangerous, unpredictable and wild to one who hasn’t or can’t master her.

Salav’zra is very different from most drow deities, the only thing she shares with Lothe for example, is  the idea that females only should be clerics.  She is the sole goddess of a strange and peculiar demi-plane, one connected to all planes where drow or elves live, but not truly part of them.  This place is strangely invisible to all other gods, many suspect that it her doing.   

Divine spell casters find that only clerics of Salva’zra gain any spells or powers in this demi-plane, all other divine connections are cut off..  Unless they turn to the goddess Selvar’zra, who only accepts women as her priests/clerics.   Native females are also encouraged to follow the path of the Kundala, or Bard or Shadowdancer.. Art, Music and Dancing are encouraged by the goddess


Classes: Imagists (Mostly female.. A few rare males), Kundalas(mostly female), Tantrist (Mostly male.. A few rare females), Warlocks(very rare.. Usually male, but some females exist), Clerics (all followers of Selvv’zra only), Barbarians(very rare), Bards, Druids (rare- exclusively female, and only those who draw their power directly from nature, rather then a divine being), Fighters, Monk(rare, Kundala is much more common), Paladin (very Rare - Exclusively Female, and from outside, like clerics, must swear to Selva’zra and her code to regain their powers), Rangers (rare, almost exclusively female, must draw powers from nature), Rogues, Sorcerer(this is the excpetion to the rule only males should practice arcane magic, sense it’s innate), Wizards (rare, and usually Male.. Tantrists are far more common), Warmage (Usually Male)

The follow Prestige Classes are common: Disciple of Selva’zra (same rules as Disciple of Aaluran for BoEF), Harem Protector(Males Exclusively of course.. And really only available to NPCs), Rake (Usually Female), Sacred Prostitute (Exclusively Female  follow Selvra‘zra‘s teachings),  Voyeuristic Seer, Lyric Thaumaturge [usually female], Ultimate Magus (almost exclusively Male), Unseen Seer [Suprisingly, these are mostly female, and very secretive part of Selvr’zra’s cult], Archmage [Usually Male], Eldritch Knight, Shadow Dancer [usually female], Hex blade [Usually Male].. Others exist but are not common.

Stuff taken from: The basic books, The Book of Erotic Fantasy,  Spell Compendium, Complete Mage, Complete Arcane, and several of the Complete Series (I don’t have all of them yet though),

Offline HybridHalf

Re: Drow Enslavement [Freeform DND]
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2008, 05:20:11 AM »
As the resident Drow Lover here.....I like the idea and the backstory, but let me input a few more ideas:

There is a Forgotten Realms book called Underdark. In that book, there is a Drow city (name escapes me for the moment) run by mostly Males due to some freak occurance of more males being born than females. You should also get Green Ronin's Plot and Poison: A Guidebook to Drow, which coincidently enough contains info on various common enslaved races done by the Drow. Drow of the Underdark and Book of Vile Darkness should also complement as well. But being D&D supplements, don't expect anything too sexual. But Vile Darkness does provide some really neat devices and spells that can be used sexually.

I would like to play, but already committed to another player here doing somewhat the same concept. Maybe think about it for the backburner abit....or offer more advice if needed.....maybe pics....

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Re: Drow Enslavement [Freeform DND]
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2008, 05:54:32 AM »
I am definitely interested in this. I will send you a PM.

Offline KruleTopic starter

Re: Drow Enslavement [Freeform DND]
« Reply #3 on: March 25, 2008, 06:10:37 AM »
I've read the book of vile darkness...  I'm afraid I found it a bit distasteful, so didn't really catch much of that, also read Drow of the Underdark, though it's been a while.   I'll give a look at Green Ronin's book, next chance I get, they are usally rather good.

Would love to have either of you join.. but if your commited already elsewhere, I'd enjoy your input at least, thanks for your interest.

Offline renapet

Re: Drow Enslavement [Freeform DND]
« Reply #4 on: April 09, 2008, 01:34:33 AM »
this does sound fun.......i like it a lot, if you still want people or somthing hit me up

Offline KruleTopic starter

Re: Drow Enslavement [Freeform DND]
« Reply #5 on: April 09, 2008, 01:39:53 AM »
At this point it would require alaherdra's agreement, sense we are already a ways into the story.. if you have an idea PM her and ask about it.

Offline renapet

Re: Drow Enslavement [Freeform DND]
« Reply #6 on: April 09, 2008, 02:16:55 AM »
its cool, if ya wanna do somthing else let me know, but i do like that idea