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Started by Frost, April 19, 2012, 01:18:30 PM

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Hi there  :D Looking for a female character to fill the below roles for new RP's, see any you like that are free and available then please contact me preferably via Elliquiy PM
Thanks and Have fun !!!  ;D

Available Roles/Unavailable Roles

Hell In The Cells (NC Human)
A recently graduated criminal psychologist has been given a placement at a hospital treating the mentally unstable criminals, she has always wanted to do good for everyone no matter what they had done as her understanding of the human brain intrigues her to find a way to restore the person to a civil law abiding person. The hospital is remote as no villages or cities wanted these persons around, they are the people forgotton by society, a mixed pool of criminals from different stages of criminal insanity, left to be treated and of course the usual under the carpet testing of drugs for the profit. But things will turn sour a couple of weeks into her placement where the criminals take over.

This will be a Non Consent and quite a dark tale so please be open minded if you would like to take this dark path, to the horror awaiting the young female doctor.

The Unforgiving World Of Krallach (NC Fantasy)
This would be set in a fantasy world called Krallach, a war torn world with many tribes and scattered old kingdoms. A heavy muscled long haired warrior fighting to stay alive in the harsh world, his name is Gruskt , he is a battle hardened veteran of survival. Numerous beasts wander the land, killing one another to survive and also for pleasure.  The other character would be a equally deadly, a busty scantily armour clad huntress (name open to be chosen) she is scouring the land for food and a safe bed, when the two characters meet it would be a stand off , a battle of the fittest, as they fight a much deadlier beast takes the huntress for himself a part beast part man who uses her for his liking, Gruskt taking it upon himself to get her back, maybe for himself and his own desires. This story will be pretty dark with violent battles , NC, torture and maybe even death of one or more of the characters towards the end. Please be OK with this before wandering whether to take on the roll as this world of Krallach is very unsafe and deadly, also please be ok with all of my On's also.

Property of Others
This is a dark tale of a woman gifted with perfect curves, a body that attracts a mans eye's to wonder all over, but that is the only thing she was lucky to receive in life and now feels that it is a curse, hard up times makes her turn to hard decisions. Answering a add in the paper for a secretary she answers the add and thinks that her life maybe on the up but she has just opened the door to being used in every way by her vile new boss who is no pretty picture to look at or know, she is totally at his mercy as he chooses what she does/wears and who she does things with, she has become his property and she see's no way out.

*NEW* New Driver Required (M searching for F)
This is a tale of a creature not from this planet, the creature poses as a man who runs his owns successful business, he owns a nice black stretch limo and requires a driver, the driver is required to be female, a curvy sexy female. The creature takes a fancy to her and shows his true form, slipping his tentacles all over her and pleasuring her more than any human could ever do. The creature is involved in a lot of dark business and killing anyone who gets in his way. Looking for a female Rp'er who is comfy with my On's and does not mind getting in to a sticky mess.


Lady Temptress

Hi there. I am interested in the Property of Others, idea.
Lady Dreamer