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May 27, 2018, 06:44:41 PM

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Author Topic: [FxAll] My mind is boiling over again - I need to put my imagination to work.  (Read 338 times)

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Offline zarkensanTopic starter

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Just so you know, I'm no good at playing with people who don't write at least a good paragraph per post. It's not you, it's me. Please don't feel offended.

Welcome! I'm ZarKenSan. I choose terrible names! Just call me Zar or Zark or something like that. I've put my anime interests behind me, I'm afraid to say.

Just a bit about my preferred stuff: I'm on the submissive side. A girl, submissive? I must be incredibly boring. Well, I try and make up for that with somewhat interesting plots.

I've abandoned this site for a while, but because of personal/life issues, I'm back. I hope to stay for a while, too. If we get something going, I'll solemnly promise not the leave out of the blue.

On to some plots:

I should note that while I have a lot of variations for at least most of the plots below, I don't want to put you in too small a box. Ask if you want to hear more!

The winds of change: (Vampire, FxF/FxM, time period:1500-2500, sexual style: Light to heavy)
A girl is raped and then nearly killed on the streets. A Vampire sees it and decides to save her life, turning her just before she dies. The Vampire takes her to their home to get to know the changes - love, lust and all others follow.

Variations: Raped by a Vampire, turned by the Vampire who raped her, various rules as to what Vampires can and cannot do.

Forced ownership: (Human or humanoid, FxF/FxM, time period: Any, sexual style: Light to moderate)

An upstanding citizen in a slave-loving society is frowned upon for not owning at least one slave, so they decide to take one. The slave is from another place, and when the upstanding citizen questions her about the life there, they find she's quite interesting, since she used to play a pivotal role in their society. For the sake of appearances, the upstanding citizen treats her like dirt and abuses her as is expected of him, but in secret, they grow fond of each other.

Variations: Various inhuman fantasy/science fiction options. The upstanding citizen enjoys his slave, but she doesn't enjoy him despite his efforts. More roles to add (household, a second or even third slave, etc.).

House on the hills: (Human, FxM or FxF if I really like you, time period: Modern, sexual style: Heavy)

A bank robbery leads to a hostage, and my character is the one who has the odds against her. Your character, the robber, has to keep her around to keep him (or possibly her, I'll write him from here) out of the hands of the police, but when they reach his safe house - a house in the mountains - he has no more use for her. Well, apart from having her in every way he wants to.

Variations: Multiple roles (more people living with the robber), heacy bondage and bondage/submission play, heavy fetish play, love forming between them, etc.

Future perfect: (Human or descendants of, FxM/FxF, time period: 2500-End of time, sexual style: Moderate to heavy)

It's the dystopian future, but most people don't know it. Most people think they have freedom. Your character is normal, but an encounter with a very strange girl teaches them that the world is a little more than meets the eye. Out of sight of the government, abandoned buildings have basements in them where forbidden things hide - controversial art, anti-government newspapers, and the possibility of living outside of the normal society. My character seduces yours to join the Undergrowth, and at the same time your character seduces mine in the more traditional sense.

Variations: Keeping in touch with the normal world, multiple roles (of many kinds), fighting a fight with the government, slight post-human traits (physical differences or augmentations).

--- End plots.

Also, I'm up for suggestions. I know that doesn't help much, but if you like me, don't like the plots, and still want to have a go with me, let me know. Let me know anything else, too, if you have something to say!  :D