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Author Topic: Tease Me, Please? [M seeking F Characters]  (Read 2551 times)

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Tease Me, Please? [M seeking F Characters]
« on: April 17, 2012, 04:01:07 pm »

I've started this thread because I've a huuuugggggeeeee craving to play out the roles below, so if anyone is interested please do get in touch!

I'd like to add that I don't mind who plays the F character in these roles, be you male or female in the real for so long as you're happy to play, then I'm happy too.

I'm not only interested in what's in this thread though, so if you've an idea of your own and wish to share I'm all ears!  ;D

There are a few things I like to include in most of my RPs:

Teasing! The best part, in my opinion. I'd like the female to be a tease they will edge and edge and edge the sweet young man, they will expect their share first and they might not give my character what it is he so badly wants for a few days at the very least.

Awkward boners! Yes please! Boners everywhere. Tents. Boners from just touching or showing a little leg and him getting all hot and bothered to kissing him and rubbing his crotch. Please?

Orgasm Denial and Blue Balls. I just love everything to do with it.  O:)

Anyway... onto the roles!  ;D

Doctor D. Nyle
Doctor D. Nyle is a female doctor, though only in name. She has no real degree or qualifications in being a doctor, with her clinic instead just a front for the wealthy woman to act out her desires and fantasies. As the pun in her name suggests, she specialises in orgasm denial, teasing and chastity. Her patients are all men who can't keep their hands off themselves, and with the doctor's help and unique treatments they are trained to be good, submissive men. I'm looking for someone to play the doctor as a new patient, whom would be my character stumbles into her clinic. The young man is then put under her training, his orgasms few and far between at the most as he's trained to be her perfect patient, and maybe even more.

Geek x Popular styled roleplay
Bringing in the whole thing of experienced x non experienced in sex would be the ideal sort of situation. Bonus points if he's a virgin and has only ever felt his own hand before. I'd most certainly like there to be romance in this, where the two characters have a relationship that blossoms with time, but from start to finish the female character would have the upper hand. I'm not talking about domming on a massive scale (whips and chains etc) but on a smaller one, where she has a hold on him purely because he loves her and her body and quite frankly, because he's never had sex before he's never felt anything like what she's giving him, if you get me?

Mom's A Tease
The basic outline of the plot is this:
- A middle aged woman lives at home alone with her son.
- She's striven all her life to provide for her son, worked hard to ensure his upbringing has been as good as possible and spent the last 17 years or so focusing purely on him.
- It's only now he's grown up a bit more that she's started to realise just how long it's been since she really felt appreciated as a woman. There's no doubting the love of her son to her as a mother, but after all this time she wants to be seen as a woman.
- One day she walks in on her son, he could be masturbating, or laying half asleep with a morning wood and it triggers something inside of her.
- From then on she starts to tease her son a little. Wearing revealing clothes, flirty gestures, talking about things which she knows will excite him and what have you.
- She doesn't want to have sex with him, she just wants some male attention. She wants his eyes on her, longing for her.
- As things progress she teases him a little more blatantly, sly touches, stopping him from relieving himself for long periods of time, all so that he craves her more and more, using his primal urges as a way to raise her own self esteem back up.

A Sister Like No Other
The main focus of this RP will be on a Brother/Son and Sister/Mother. Duh! XD

I've written the plot outline for the brother and sister, however it can easily be adapted for the mother/son alternative I think.

A few years ago their parents got together and found love, and since then they've lived together as a happy family, much to everyones delight. Their parents met when they were both in their mid teens, and they've grown accustomed to eachother during that time, the parents delighted at the apparent lack of ill feeling between the children. The step siblings get on very well together, they always have, despite their slight age and personality difference, but maybe that's what allowed them to do so, rather than being too similar which could well of ended in them bickering a whole lot more. I'd like it so the sister is a few years older than the brother, and in a way she's always felt a little responsible for him and kept an eye out for him when she could. The reason for that is that he can be quite shy and quiet, especially around new people, where as she is a bit more outgoing in her personality.

I'd like the RP to start a changing point in their relationship, that point being that the sister has decided that she needs to get him to open up a little more, especially when he's around girls. To do that she decides to do what she does best, which is to flirt with him and tease him a little, in hope that it'll give him a bit more confidence and boost his self esteem. What it does have is a slight effect on his sister, for she just finds herself wanting to tease him more and more, slowly finding more and more ways to drive him wild as their relationship continues to develop. In return the brother finds himself lusting after his step sister more and more, falling head over heels around her.

I see this as being a long term RP, where we would follow the two characters as their relationship grows from simply step siblings, to a more flirtatious one, and then maybe even on to more, depending on individual preferences, and where the story goes. I'd like for the teasing to remain a big thing throughout, even during the latter stages of the RP, for I think it would be most fun for her to play out her teasing games, all whilst keeping it secret from their parents, and their friends. Of course their would be more than just that to it, as I'd like plenty of plot as we build the characters and let things grow between them.

The Inheritance
Steven Bradley's father died almost 3 years ago, the oil tycoon left behind a fortune for his son, the sum rumoured to be around $11Billion, though no one knows the exact figure. The young man is set to inherit the huge amount of money on his 18th birthday, and though he knows this it hasn't stopped him from working hard at school and generally being a good kid. It's six months or so now until he turns 18, and it's this moment that his beautiful step-mother decides it's time to put her plan into action.

Tracey was his father's wife, and even though she and Steven had always gotten on well, there had always been rumours she'd only married his father for his money. Steven had wondered this himself, for Tracey was stunning it had to be said, but at the same time her and his father had always seemed very happy together, and he fully well knew that should it have been Tracey coming onto him, he'd have been in there like a shot.

What Tracey now wants is Steven's inheritance, or at least to be in on it. Once he's 18 he can amend the paperwork to include her, or even gift her a sum of money and so on the run up to that date she starts to worm her way into it. She's raised him since he was a young child, and they do get on very well, so it's not like she can just ask him out on a date or ask him for the money, no, that will be too obvious, won't it? Instead she decides to concentrate on something a young man his age will have less control over, his cock. She starts by subtly teasing him, wearing nice outfits, dropping hints, talking about things which she knows will excite him so that he develops an interest in her, if he doesn't have one already. Then, from there she can unleash her plan, stepping things up, teasing the poor boy something wild and seducing him to be her plaything. Then, when she's firmly got her claws into him she can get in on his inheritance. (I'd like for this plot to contain heavy teasing and orgasm denial amongst other fun and games.)

The Sweetest Thing
I've had the craving to play out a RP such as this for a long long time, however only now have I really managed to describe what I'm looking for and put it into words in a way with which I'm happy.

There were many words with which you could describe Hayleigh, however the one which would always crop up time and time again was sweet. She was cute, full of energy and always had a smile across her face. She was the girl that all the guys secretly looked at lustfully, however she never really seemed interested in a boyfriend. That was until she set her eyes upon Steven, he was a right cutey in her eyes, the sort of guy that she just wanted to jump upon. That's how Hayleigh was different though, she wanted a boyfriend to hang out with, to snuggle up with, to kiss and hug, however she wasn't all that interested in sex. For sure she wanted to know that she turned him on, she wanted him to pop boners around her, sure it was fun to touch eachother in nice ways, but, well, Hayleigh just hated cum. Just the thought of a boy doing such a thing turned her off, why she didn't know, it was just so icky!

I'm looking for someone to play Hayleigh in a RP where we will follow her and Steven on their relationship, where they have all sorts of fun and adventures, however she tries to bring Steven around to her way of thinking, making him promise not to ejaculate, all whilst they discover themselves and eachother in their relationship.

I Need Help With My Homework
Michael was never really that popular at school, sure he had friends but they were all like him, a bit geeky, afraid to talk to girls and not very cool. Sarah on the other hand was one of, if not the hottest girl in their year at school. Wherever she went she had the boys lusting after her, and the girls secretly wishing they could be her. As of this it was a surprise to say the least when seemingly out of the blue Sarah came to Michael after one class asking if he could help her with her homework. You see, Sarah was spending her time doing other things rather than work, what she needed was someone who could do her work for her. Enter Michael.

Sarah wasn't stupid, she knew that she only needed to flirt a little and make him think there was something in it for him and she'd have him in the palm of her hand, and that's exactly what she did. Poor Michael was so blown away by the fact that she were wanting to spend time with him that he fell into her trap just perfectly. After their first meeting Sarah sent Michael home with a boner and a promise not to jack it off as he'd get a wonderful handjob from her should she get a good grade on her homework. It wasn't like Michael was going to say no to that now was it? Things then went on from there and everytime they would meet up Sarah would make an excuse to not let him cum, be it the grade wasn't as high as she had hoped, or some other petty reason that he was too horny to realise was not true, instead just having to endure day after day or her teasing tortures.

Most boys would of just jacked off, but Sarah had planned for that, for if she even expected he had done so then she would never talk to Michael again, and he certainly didn't want that. Sarah would regularly check up on him, making sure he was still stiff and denied, not to mention giving him handjobs for doing the homework, but it always ends up that he just hasn't done enough to earn that orgasm he so desperately craves yet.

Friend Zoned
Every year Paul and his Mom would go on vacation with his mother's friend Kim and her daughter Sarah. It was something they had done since before he could remember, and was now firmly routine. For the two women it was a chance for them to let their hair done, and the kids could enjoy eachothers company, what with the fact they were the same age. When they were younger it was fun playing with Sarah without a care in the world, but now that they were both a little older they wanted to do more, go out to bars and clubs rather than build sand castles all day long. That wasn't a problem, for they could still do that together, the problem was the room booking this year, it seems Kim forgot that they were now both 18, rather 8, for they've been given a single room with a double bed, and Kim just thinks it's sweet to see them together.

The duo however grit their teeth and go through with it, after all they're good friends, what could possibly happen? Naturally though a bit of sexual tension begins, sleeping in such close proximity to eachother, glances at eachothers bodies, and now with a shared bathroom and bed chances to relieve any pressure are slim to none. After a few days of this they're both starting to get a little frisky, and that's where our story begins.

What I'd like to happen is the sexual tension stays very high between the two, hitting clubs together, spending days together, which starts to develop into flirting and finally Sarah starting to tease Paul, giving him erections in all kinds of places, acting like a couple when out together, however once back in their hotel it leads to nothing.

The Camping Trip
My older sister and her best friend are going on a camping trip, and my parents have forced them to bring me along too. My sister isn't too keen on the idea, but her friend doesn't mind though as she thinks he's a bit of a cutey. What I don't know however is that my sister's friend is the most sadistic little cocktease. After persuading my sister to let her have some time alone with me, our relationship develops, all the time I'm falling further and further under her spell, as well as getting deeper and deeper into her teasing games, leading to long term orgasm denial amongst other things.

A few ideas I like, but have no plot for.
Milf/Younger man
High School Setting
Mind Control
Religious type theme

If you're interested, then please send me a PM as I'd be more than happy to discuss the role in question, and throw some ideas back and forth.

Thanks for reading!

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Re: Tease Me, Please? [M seeking F Characters]
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