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Author Topic: New Marvel Universe Idea  (Read 522 times)

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Offline Modern Fairy TaleTopic starter

New Marvel Universe Idea
« on: April 16, 2012, 07:37:06 PM »
Okay, this is a new idea, it just came to me today.  Here goes.  We will use the Marvel Super Hero system.  I love it... its simplistic... easy to use... nearly universal.  Suits my needs.

On this world, heroes are a new development.  There was a time in legend... when heroes of great power fought wars of cosmic signifigance.  Because of a great peaceful treaty, no interference is allowed from either side, the side of the Light... or the corruption of the Darkness.  Then... something happened and everything changed.

Idea One.
An alien came down.  He was dying... gives a crystal which gives ultimate power.  A small child... William Dodgers... or whatever.  He tried to help the child.  Then came the Mercs... and the child called on the power of the crystal which had burried itself into his body.  "By T.H.U.N.D.E.R."  Anyway, he turns into a comic book character from his past.  Imagine a new spin on the 'Captain Marvel' or 'Superman' story.  He calls himself 'Captain Stranger'.  Red suit, blue hair, bronzen belt, chestplate, and guantlets, a flowing black cape and the power of strength, invulnerability, power of lightning and thunder, flight, and a form of hologram ability... clairvoyance and clairadiance... simulates many of Superman's abilities.  Well, it seems two mercs from another dimention come trying to get the crystal.  So they fight... piece of thier technology rain everywhere.

This Causes Idea 2.
This is how the story of 'Saphire Fly'.  A oftentimes overlooked female scientist, also a closet lesbian, is given a project about a fragment of the thrusters.  It glows blue.  She finds a way to use it harmonicly... like a sterosystem.  She can channel it in surprising ways... giving her kind of blue, glowy wings.  She takes the name "Saphire Fly" she used to use as a politically active, annonymous hacker.  Now, she uses a suit system giving her flight, power bolts of kinetic energy, some level of super strength and speed... about half the strength of Spiderman.  In fact, concider her a Iron Man/Robin/Spiderman rolled into one.  She finds other scientists from the firm are using thier tech to create alternate identites based on astrological signs.  Now she sees herself as the only answer our world has against these high tech thugs.

Because of 1, Idea 3 Occurs
Now that an alien has interfered... things get even more interesting.  Seems that alien... is still alive.  Didnt die.  Is an agent of chaos... who destroyed his whole species to gain insight and contact with the Elders.  He is starting a chain reaction.  Powers of evil begin fiddling with things.  Agents of good must draw a line.  A michievious night spirit known only as the 'MoonSparrow' decided to get inolved.  Chosing a very young girl, Im talking 16, he or she or it prepares to offer a choice.  Some gangers were setting fire to her house, terrorizing her family.  The young girl, shes an asmatic video game player... is hyperventolating... she hears a voice.  'Serve me... and I will make sure you have the skills lyou need to succeed.  In my name, avenge the night.'  She agreed.  Stood up, and kicked every one of the gangers down as if she had been a lifetime discipline of gymnastics, multiple martial arts, accrobatics, almost anything.  Now, though, she puts on blue tights, takes the name of 'MoonSparrow' and under the cloak of night, she is given her incredible abilities.  She fights magical forces, similar to a Batgirl, but without all the gadgets and training.  Just... coincidental magics... explaining the actions of air spirits.  Similar magical forces guide other wierd villians... most seeming to be insane... with really wierd physical skills.

So there will be three stories going on.  Here is the offer.  You can play one of them.  Or... play a versiion more interesting to you.  For example... you like the 'MoonSparrow' idea... but you change it to a bright blue costume with a bird like emblem and call yourself 'Bluejay' instead.  Just because... its more like you than my stupid idea.  Other than that, though, if it seems cool... we could run with that.  Lets say... you want to play a support character from one of the stories... lets say you always wanted to play a Lois Lane like character... imagine being the boys mother.  She is an action reporter... gets in scrapes... Captain Stranger shows up to help out when he can.  Things get around... people start thinking the mother is a romantic squeeze of Captain Stranger... meaning shes targeted even more.  CAptain STranger has to show up even more.  Mother starts to think... this full grown superpowerful man shows up whenever I am in danger... he must love me or something.  Or... maybe you want to play a partner... imagine the 'Commissioner Gordon' of 'MoonSparrow'.  A good cop... but with lots of bad cops around him... with MoonSparrow being a good source for him on difficult, insane, really bizarre cases.  Or... what if MoonSparrow has to go up against something too powerful for her... she has to take some help.  Imagine a group of others... similarly empowered beings.  Imagine Rose Quartz, a super sensitive mystic channeling chrystals, able to heal and wield earth powers and a Rogue Shot... a crime mercenary who was very good and skillfull with Green Arrow like devices... but hes sworn to never kill... but recently framed by a very public murder, hes gone truely rogue... off the grid... trying to clear his own name.

Now, these are just a few idea.  A powerful and truely cosmic story, a moderate and more gritty technology oriented story, and a magical, more pulp leveled story about super abilities and insanities carrying symbolic meanings... explaining all those wierd Gothum City wackos... explainging Killer Crocs strength or Toyman's wierd invention abilities, ect.  Would any of this interest you?  Do you want to play something like this... or a support character in such a tale?  Could you be interested in writing with me?  How much we use the system is up to you... its at least a good explanation of abilites and comparison.  Just roleplay it from there, if you want.

What interests you?  Send me a PM and let me know.  Be part of a new 'Silver Age' style world's beginning.  What part would you want to play?