The New Pornstar (Looking for M+F)

Started by MsNikki, April 16, 2012, 04:24:42 PM

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Hmmm my character will basically be a girl who just turned 18 and moved to LA to start her own life. She comes from a middle-class and well educated family so money is not an issue. 

In LA, she lives in her abandoned grandmother's house which is a cozy house in a kind of rich area. Across the street, in a very poshy villa lives a very familiar face, a very famous female pornstar. She didn't realize her at first but finally she did.

The story starts when they first start talking on a morning/evening jogging down the block? It all starts there where she seduces her into becoming a pornstar ..... etc. The character should be very creative and takes lead. She can end up being her agent.

The male character can be a director, a porn company owner, agent... This character should also be very creative.

It is preferred that all characters can play multi-characters in addition to the main character.

Reply here or in PM if interested :)

Looking forward to this one!


I'd be up for playing the male part. If its available, let me know. Have a few ideas for him in mind I could share and talk to you about.


I would be interested in the Male role if still open.

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I am interested in playing one of the female roles if they are open.