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June 21, 2018, 12:08:54 AM

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Author Topic: Wolfy IDEA! (Shocking, I know. F x F)  (Read 298 times)

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Wolfy IDEA! (Shocking, I know. F x F)
« on: April 15, 2012, 09:54:09 PM »
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If you must know, it was inspired by the above.

Being a princess is certainly a boring life, isn't it? All the boring, stuffy parties, the boring dignitaries, the boring princess....or at least those were the thoughts of one Felica Von Fabre, princess of the realm. A young woman of (insert age here), she had grown bored of the life of a princess, looking out of her window at the castle town below, where so many people seemed to rush too and fro, and children played on the streets, their laughs carrying up to her in a symphony of everything that she could not have, and it was always like this, day in, and day out, always gazing out her window when she could, imagining herself down among the common people, laughing as they did, working as they did...but it was an empty desire, for she knew she would be stuck in her castle until she was married off to some boring prince, and forced to bear his children.

Or at least, that's what she thought would be her fate, until the day she awoke to the sounds of someone rummaging in her room. Frightened, she gently moved her eyes and head, so as not to alert the intruder, and saw that it was a girl, about her age, who had managed to some how sneak in, despite the guards posted at her door twenty four seven, and the castle walls being unclimbable, this young woman with dirty brown hair had managed to find a way in.

Slowly, Felicia spoke up, alerting the girl that she had been caught, and that if she tried anything, Felicia would call for the guards who she knew were stationed outside her room. The Brunette only smiled, winking to Felicia with a giggle...and moved through the wall like a ghost, showing that she could easily come and go as she pleased. Felicia silently called out to the mysterious girl, seeing her floating away from her window, and asked her why she had come. The girl only shrugged, saying that she was having fun and needed something to sell so that she could eat. Growing a little bolder, Felicia asked the girl if she would return.

The Brunette merely shrugged her shoulders, saying that she may. Felicia couldn't accept that answer, so she told the ghostly brunette that she would give her anything that she owned to come back. The Ghostly girl thought for a moment, and smirked, nodding her head, promising that she would return to the princess the next day. Felicia was overjoyed at having someone who she could talk to, someone who seemed to be from the outside world, but how the girl managed to go through walls and float, she couldn't begin to guess...but to finally have some excitement in her life, it was worth ignoring the small details. The girl also seemed to be able to phase objects beside herself through walls, as she had been carrying a golden vase as she floated off. Felicia's eyes sparkled with delight, imagining herself and the girl escaping from the castle so that she could explore the outside world!

(So yeah, there's the idea....Could be long term, could be short term...the name of the princess can be changed to suit your needs if you like, or you can also play the 'ghost girl' if you prefer.)