A different request, abusive in nature... the darkest sort of fun

Started by Google, April 14, 2012, 09:36:08 AM

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It looks like a spectacular RP that I was in has come to an end... and I don't want to have someone pick it up because that just wouldn't be the same but I will outline the basic plot

It would revolve around my character and yours having been in a relationship, they are both in their senior year of college, the first semester is just starting and she has moved to a new school and is essentially starting her life over there. At the end of the last semester she ran away from my character, who is jealous, possessive, controlling, and at times abusive.

She never told anyone about it, he was always smart enough to make sure the abuse never showed and if really pressed about it she might even say that it made her hot, she liked the danger but eventually she reached a point where she couldn't take it anymore and ran.

Right before classes are about to start at her new school she is out with some new friends at a bar when suddenly he walks in, he found her... and he isn't letting her go so easily...

Now there are a dozen different ways this could go, ways to play it out, possibilities for love and deceit... PM me if interested
Psychopaths cannot feel love.
Not in the traditional meaning.
To a psychopath DOMINATION is the closest sensation to love.
Though it is much greater.
Its intensity is all consuming.
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