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Author Topic: RedSatinSheets: Ideas & Such  (Read 1205 times)

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RedSatinSheets: Ideas & Such
« on: April 11, 2012, 11:27:50 AM »
Ideas & Such
Please PM with thoughts/suggestions/interest/concern

Well, though I am still only working with one computer, the kids are back in school and that does mean my days are free to write again. I am available to discuss my ideas, or yours, just shoot me a PM. My posting times would be sometime between 8am-3pm Mon-Fri. Friday's being the most least post-able day, but not impossible. I won't be taking on a ton of new threads. I like a small controllable number. I think I produce better work if I don't spread myself too thin. Thanks and happy writing ~ Red

Here you'll find a growing list (yes it may be small now, but give it time) of my ideas/thoughts/suggestions. I'll try to keep links to the posts with the ideas and will update when necessary. I'm sure the more familiar with this site, the more I'll add and subtract things that I place here. As always any questions please PM me.

Thank you,

~ Red

Available Ideas:

Modern Nonconsent/Reluctance
Modern Incestuous/Non-Incestuous/Romance
Wild West - Nonconsent
Modern - Nonconsent/Reluctance 

Currently running:

Two Rroma Hearts - 16th Century
The Promise - 19th Century
Empress - Tang Dynasty

Other threads I'm in:

Apartment 3B - That One Guy and myself

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Gypsy - Silverfyre and myself
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2012, 12:43:21 PM »

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Approx. time period: 16th Century (open to change)

A large group of Gypsies traveled overseas and into the colonies of America, not by choice but by force. They were deemed undesirable by Europe and neighboring countries and so they were gathered up and forced to start their lives somewhere new. During the voyage a young woman is traveling with her gypsy family: her father, mother, older sister and younger brother.  Due to a sickness that spreads fast through the ship all of her relatives that on board perish, leaving her alone.

Though the idea is simple the story can go in various directions – that would be between myself and my co-writer. Some thoughts are:

  • 1.   She has befriended a group of gypsies and stays with them.
  • 2.   She is sold/kept by the Captain of the ship to pay off a debt her father had incurred.
  • 3.   She stays with the group she befriended, but somehow is separated by them and must make it on her own, or she’s kidnapped and forced into some life of servitude.
  • 4.   Open to your suggestions.

Sexual elements I’m open to:

I can see a variety of sex in this story, simply because of the way it may/may not play out. Perhaps she stays with a group and she falls in love, struggling in a new world with her new family. Or she is taken and sold, either to a gentle man or a not-so-gentle man that could become gentle. Or maybe he’s rough and cruel and a hero comes along and saves her. The captain could be cruel or gentle too, eventually either abusing her or gaining her trust. Light or heavy BDSM is agreeable to me, as is Non-consent/Reluctance – Humiliation/degradation – Romance – MFM - FM - FF and several other things that we can discuss via PMs.

My overall goal:

I would like the woman to have her happily-ever-after … eventually. I would like to see realistic struggles, mentally and physically. I don’t want her to arrive and just have the world open up all its doors and embrace her.


If you need an idea of the struggles of the Gypsies, I don't mind helping. I wrote a paper on the hardships of Gypsies and I was shocked to learn how they were once protected back in the 1000s and then were being exterminated way prior to Hitler and for hundreds of years they were hunted down for sport. It’s an ugly history – so if someone would rather take the story back further in time and examine it from that angle, I am open to that as well.


This is to be written in 3rd Person POV.
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The Promise - JackWhite and myself
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2012, 10:22:05 PM »

Approx.:  1800s (19th Century Europe) – loosely based historical fiction

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
An idea from a story of mine:

A promise on the battlefield results in the second son (a soldier) of a very wealthy family being left guardian of a young girl, a fellow patriot’s sister. He meets her only once and that is the day he arrives to make his presence known to her as her guardian. The young man fulfills the promise to take care of the girl, sending her to school and making sure she is provided for. He then washes his hands of her, after all he’s got a group of lawyers that will take care of her needs and make sure she’s ready for society when the time is right. Years pass and she grows up educated and reports are sent to him – everything is going well, she’s talented, lovely, and well versed in several languages.

He realizes it’s time to head home when he receives a note from an old family friend that tells him the young woman has opened her own business and was openly engaging in unsavory ways to earn coin. Since women are so inferior to men, he realizes it’s time to marry the girl off and wash his hands of her. She’s sullying his name after all – women aren’t supposed to run businesses; they are supposed to make babies, sing songs, play the piano and look pretty. He isn’t given the details of the business, only that it is causing quite a scene in the upper levels of society.

So our fellow heads home – unannounced. He discovers she’s running a boarding house that occasionally doubles as a brothel, depending on how desperately she needs money. He is of course shocked, after all from the reports he’s received she should have tons of money and lack for nothing. He learns the money he has sent throughout the years has been rerouted and the money he had left in the care of his bankers/lawyers has also disappeared; it is because of her that he still has a home and land. Though grateful, he has to find out what happened and who double crossed him, and why…

Also, the woman herself is not one of the regulars when she throws a party. She’s very choosy of her lovers – so she’s not a virgin, but she’s used to calling the shots in the bedroom, because she is the one that holds the power (for now).

Some possible suggestions:    

  • 1. Someone he had to deal with in the past is seeking to ruin him.
  • 2. Your suggestions.

Sexual elements I am open to:

For this thread I see romance – eventually. The brothel business is a side bar story, but could include scenes involving some of the girls and some clients, but it shouldn’t be the MAIN story line. The main thread of the story should be about the growing relationship between the young woman, and her guardian.  I am looking for a revenge angle, but am open to any other suggestions. Also I can see elements of various sexual encounters – including but not limited to – BDSM, FMF, FM, MFM (mainly for the brothel scenes) – Kidnapping/torture/humiliation/forced oral (but no intercourse – unless discussed and agreed by me) (if the main girl is kidnapped) – Light bondage, FM (for the woman and the guardian).


I would like realistic dialog, setting can be made up, but carry the theme of Early 1800s. I am not familiar with the time era as far as what wars were happening where/when, so I am very open to my co-writer taking the lead on some of the historical aspects. But we don’t need to keep with reality, just the foggy version of it.

My overall goal:

I see a good ol’ romance story, the kind women read years ago and still read, but with more sexual spice between the covers than what they used to get. A happy ending of course, but not before we deal with two people who just don’t see how good they are for each other, as well as dealing with the villain(s) that have forced our lady to lower her morals.

POV: This story is to be written in 3rd POV.
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Modern Day Gambling Idea
« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2012, 07:18:34 PM »

Theme: Possible: Romance/BDSM/NC (flexible)

Approx. time period: Modern Age

Story idea: During a high-stakes poker game a young man makes a hasty bet – and his girlfriend is placed into the hands of the winner.

Some possible suggestions: (this is just off the top of my head, so I am VERY open to any suggestions, and will probably have more than the three I’ve listed.)
    1.   The most obvious is the woman is totally against this and refuses, but is forced to submit for however many days the wager was made for.
    2.   The woman wasn’t even aware the wager was made, until the winner comes to collect her, and again she’s forced to submit.
    3.   The young man and woman are actually very smart and hope to gain access to the winner’s home, however once there something happens that makes the girlfriend stay longer than the job requires.
    4.     Your suggestions.

Sexual Elements I am open to: Very flexible – it will come down to how the characters are written and interact as well as discussion from the co-writer.

Realism: Realistic setting as well as realistic emotions.

My goal: To construct a good story with a variety of elements: physical, social, and emotional.

POV: This story is to be written in 3rd POV.

*Writer's note: I know next to nothing about gambling, so my co-writer would need to control the card game and write the actions of all the card players. If option 3 is chosen and the girl is part of a larger scam then be prepared for little "gambling" interaction as far as cards go.
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Modern Incestuous/Non-incestuous & Romance
« Reply #4 on: April 14, 2012, 07:54:48 PM »
Theme(s): Incestuous and non-incestuous/BDSM (flexible)/Romance

Approx. time period:
20th or 21st Century

Story idea: Two young people meet or have always known each other, perhaps going to school/church together, living in the same community, etc.  The young man has known for years that the young girl was abused (non-sexually) as a child by her father. He knows the girl’s father doesn’t approve of him. He is a poor boy and she is – though not overly wealthy - on the edge of upper class (perhaps the father has ties with the local government or law enforcement agency). The young man leaves for college, gaining an education and hoping to prove himself to the father – he takes off shortly after High School graduation at the age of 18.

The mother, no longer in the picture, left her child and the man early in the young girl’s life. Most likely she did not think he would ever sexually abuse their offspring, but she most likely knew he would physically and emotionally abuse her.  However when the young girl turned 18, he did and has since. Though she longs to escape, she feels as if she has nowhere to go. The boy she liked, has never called her, nor written to her. She feels abandoned and her father’s will is very strong and his degradation of her is also very hard for her to overcome.

The young man returns, again not overly wealthy, but he is very capable of providing for the woman and though he is curious and somewhat angry that she never wrote or took his calls, he still loves her. Somehow they reunite – a town carnival/church service/friend’s wedding. Both are now 21-22 years old and she agrees to a date; her father learns of this after the fact…

Story suggestions:

    1.   Father/daughter’s relationship is one that is not necessarily hardcore BDSM, but it is very demeaning and abusive – the girl has been conditioned to do what her father demands of her. The boy eventually learns the true depth of the girl’s circumstances and strives to free her of that life.
    2.   The young couple secretly continue to date/fall in love/etc. and the father finds out that she’s been going behind his back – punishment ensues and more drama leads to more story.
    3.   Your suggestions.

Realism: Realistic setting and emotions.

My goal:
Eventually the dad’s gonna lose this one – either he’s destroyed publicly, accidently killed, or jailed for his continued abuse on his daughter. The daughter and young man eventually will end up together after much hardship. There will be NO impregnation of the daughter by the father.

POV: This story is to be written in 3rd POV.

*Writer's Note: Possible shared control of the father - to be discussed with co-writer.
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Empress Wu Zetian
« Reply #5 on: May 01, 2012, 08:35:01 AM »
Currently under talks

Theme: Consensual MF/FF/FMF - varying elements of soft core D/s

Time period: 643AD - ?

Story idea: Empress Wu Zetian is the only woman to ever be an Emperor of China. A quick recap of what you'll find in the link tells that she was a bright and intelligent woman and from the age of 13 (we would use 18 for the story) - she was a concubine for the current Emperor, eventually becoming his wife. After 27 years of being married to one emperor, she later was wed to his brother (though another history search said she lived some of that time as a Buddhist nun).

I would like the first part of this story to cover her introduction to the emperor as one of his concubines - 18 years of age - and then later as his wife, while she harbors feelings and desires for the brother. Eventually as time moves on so does the story and the brother would become the leader and then we would play out their lives, until more of history took place. The idea also involves weaving a tale of political intrigue as well as highly sexually charged themes that would involve both the Emperor and his concubines, but also romances within the harem.

Story suggestions:

I am VERY open to ideas - off the top of my head, I can see this as a great (fictional) erotic account of a strong leader of China and would need help with coming up with varying angles to produce a great tale.

Realism: Loosely based on historical facts - realistic dialog and emotions

My goal: To eventually tell the "chapters" of this woman's life with different degrees of passion/intrigue/mystery/suspense

POV: This story would be 3rd person

*Writer's note:
Shared control over several NPC characters.

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Wild West
« Reply #6 on: May 01, 2012, 10:34:31 AM »
Currently under talks

Theme: NC/Reluctance/Romance

Story idea: A young woman watches as her father is murdered by a gang of outlaws. She is then raped and beaten, used by each one, and left for dead. After she is nursed back to health, she goes out in search of those that killed her father, discarding bad guys along the way. (loosely based on an old series called Head Hunter - by E.J. Hunter).

Story suggestions:

1. Keeping to the original theme - the woman becomes Sheriff of the small town in which her father had died protecting and she travels the west dealing with corruption. She's not beyond using her body to bring someone to justice.

2. She along with another officer of the law work side-by-side to bring folks in.

3. She unknowingly becomes the lover of one of the outlaws only to discover later that he's the one that ordered her father's murder and allowed her to be raped and left for dead. He's always been aware of it, just never felt the need to let her in on the secret. Perhaps she was semi-unconscious when he used her, or he just watched from a dark corner. He's using her to rid himself of his old gang (for reasons we could determine).

4. Your suggestions

Realism: Emotions and settings (not necessarily towns/events)

My goal:
To create an adventurous tale with the dust and grime of the Old West

Third person POV (but would be open to first)

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Modern - Nonconsent/Reluctance
« Reply #7 on: June 09, 2012, 01:20:14 PM »


As he dipped his hand between her panties and her sex, she wondered who he was and why he had chosen this as a means to extract his revenge on her. She knew her world was full of men and women that hated her. They saw her as a power hungry bitch; she saw herself as strong and confident. Yet someone had gotten the balls to pluck her from her penthouse apartment, bind her, blindfold her and slowly arouse her body to a fevered pitch. It had been happening now for weeks. Every night he would command her to blindfold herself. She would – at first it was out of fear – now it was out of need. Gone was the concern that someone was looking for her. It seemed that he had known what she needed from the beginning and this had been his way of bringing it out of her. Tonight as he brought her close to another climatic release she wondered, would he finally reveal himself to her and claim her as his own?

Just a blurt about this photo that caught my eye and if it stirs anyone to an idea that they would like to help me construct, by all means feel free to contact me and we can discuss possible plots.
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