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Author Topic: Tiberius' RP Requests [M Looking for F/M]  (Read 1444 times)

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Tiberius' RP Requests [M Looking for F/M]
« on: April 11, 2012, 03:18:29 AM »
I am actively looking for more long term partners, I can post multiple times per day. When i'm looking for a partner, I tend to want someone who can write a lot with good quality I don't mind the occasional mistake, i'm not a perfectionist either mistakes do tend to happen. I have also done games with less skilled people, but I find it to be more enjoyable if they are capable of writing big posts, I don't require it to be a lot every time, there are times that the story gets to the point where it may be required that you can only post a paragraph or so as then it would lead into god modding.

My preferred pairings are M/F/M, M/M/F and for the women to be dominant forces, not specifically fem dom unless that's what the story is about. But I like female characters that i'm playing as or against to be dominant, switch characters are also acceptable depending on what the story calls for. I play strong male characters and I love the interplay between strong men and women, supernatural themes are also a favourite of mine. Vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, dragons.

PM me if any of these take your fancy.

Title: Prisoner *** TAKEN *** Is an old story I had a lot of fun doing, if anyone wants to try it out again i'd be willing  ;D

Content: NonCon, FemDom, M/F, teasing, orgasm denial, vibrators, other toys

Scenario: Navy SEAL is taken captive while on a mission that is compromised, captors intend to try a new method of information extraction they have been devising. He is blindfolded and tied up to a hook wedged in the concrete ceiling. Slowly she observes him and slowly cuts off his clothes with a knife, the torture method as it is, is she draws him to the edge repeated times and offers him release in exchange for information.

Setting: Dark cell, concrete walls with a smooth steel door with a handle.

Requirements: Looking for a partner to play the dominant, the racial aspects and nationality of the captors and domme is up to my partner. No real injuries, a small amount of blood is acceptable. He needs to be driven crazy with lust and longing for release before he even considers letting any information slip.


Title: Honey Trap *** TAKEN *** Is an old story that eventually ended up being my longest, but it didn't end up being finished but I had a lot of fun doing, if anyone wants to try it out again i'd be willing  ;D

Content: Menage M/F/M, werewolf males and succubus

Scenario: Werewolf cops, Sam and Ryan are part of the paranormal enforcement unit and have been sent to deal with reports of a squatter in an old abandoned mansion up in the hills where neighbors have reported seeing movement inside. The department suspects that it is a lure as there have been local disappearances that could be possibly linked to the mansion, instead of sending a normal patrol the paranormal department is sent. The succubus approaches the cops and seduces them, they play along with her not letting on that they're not what they seem to be when she becomes involved and begins to feed on them. They turn on the power and not let her escape their touch. A werewolf can still be fed on and drained, but they are immune to the succubus allure, they can also overwhelm the succubus with more energy then they can handle.

Setting: Old Mansion

Requirements: Looking for a partner to play the succubus who will be aggressive at the start and then allow the werewolves to dominate her once she discovers they're not human.


Title: Blood Hunt

Content: Dominance battle, M/F, male werewolf, female vampire

Scenario: Werewolf alpha Lucas is on the hunt for a vicious female vampire that had been stalking him, he knew she had been watching him for weeks, he planned to draw her out and trap her. Demand to know why she stalked him, the vampire was an assassin, her job was to track him and build a profile on him before she struck. He was a powerful alpha, his strength shone like a beacon, they didn't say anything about what she wanted however, she didn't want to kill him. She wanted to strip him, lick him all over and feast on his rich blood, having a powerful alpha as a bondmate would strengthen her considerably. His scent teased her, the wolf had no idea that he was to be her mate, first she needed to fuck him and make him more pliable until she was able to inflict the bonding mark. They would fight then she would fuck his brains out.

Setting: An old water tower, converted for storage

Requirement: Need someone to play the part of the vampire


Title: Sacrifice

Content: Paranormal, Dub-con, M/F, group play potential

Scenario: A soldier is captured and offered up as a sacrifice to protect their village from demonic raids, YC is a succubus and leads a warhost they have various requirements to keep them sated. Various tribes give them offerings for protection, but none as such as what you have been presented with this time. A male in the midst of his prime, his wrists bound behind his back, instead of being subservient which she had been getting with the disappointing offering of boys and virginal girls. This one had a real fire blazing in him, he glares at you with a defiant stare, normally you would watch as the lesser demons had their fun. But not this time, you would reward his defiance with soulburning pleasure, you torment him using your demonic claws to slice off each piece of his armor until you've shredded the loincloth around his hips. You've decided, you've finally found a worthy sacrifice and will make him into one of your loyal guards.

What I want is a power struggle between them as the succubus burns away his control and ends up making him orgasm multiple times as she twists him into one of her demonic bodyguards. You will be playing as the succubus, I don't care for player gender either. Intention as a short term one shot as I already have three RPs running, but if we're happy with how its running we can discuss making it longer term.

Setting: Dark Temple/Throne Room

Requirement: Require someone to play as succubus, short term, option for long term.


Title: Jungle Heat ***TAKEN***

Content: Sci-Fi, M/F, extras can be discussed.

Scenario: A Special Forces soldier is injured in his damaged escape pod after escaping what appeared to be a well planned ambush. He doesn't know if any of his unit has survived part of the black ops Star Wolves squad they had been sent to the steamy jungle planet Calidus II to observe an treasure hunter/archaeologist in secret, given they were ambushed it was likely someone else was already here. YC can be either a treasure hunter an archaeologist or both and she's here on this steamy planet as she had heard whispers of a trace of the mysterious alien race that used to inhabit the local region.

Their technology if it could be recovered would be infinitely valuable, along the way she realises something or someone is watching her, could either be a observation drone or someone spying on her. When MC's pod crashes into the jungle ahead she becomes curious and heads towards it, rescuing MC from the damaged pod, but now you realise you're being pursued and you need to get out of there.

What makes things difficult is the fiery sexual attraction that flows between the both of them like an electric current.

Setting: Hot, humid jungle on a planet close to its star, (similar to the Amazon during the hottest part of the year) dangers including frequent storms and now the unknown pursuers.

Requirement: Someone to play as the strong, fiery treasure hunter/archaeologist 


Title: Goddess' Offering

Content: M/F, bondage, NC (implied or otherwise), Ancient Rome

Scenario: The Centurion has been seperated from his unit after a fierce ambush from a marauding Gaelic warband and he is captured by a fierce woman who had spearheaded the ambush, she claims him as her property and as such intends to sacrifice him to the Green Goddess Morrighan the multi-faced aspect of war, fertility, desire and many others. She drags him back to her village then the next day she takes him to the ritual altar and ties him down, then she strips him down and mounts him to offer up to the goddess the mixture of his essence and his blood. While she works on him, he frees himself and takes control over her, its his turn now.

Setting: Ancient Rome, Gaelic forest, village

Requirement: Someone to play a demanding Gaelic witch, if we decide to continue the story she can go either way, dominant or submissive.


Title: Demonic Ascension

Content: M/F, NC(implied), Apocalyptic setting

Scenario: Hell had come to Earth, demons burst from hellmouths all across the world but the heavens were silent, there would be no rescue from the scourge that swept across the world. MC is a SEAL, and had been hunting demons but he had been noticed a powerful succubus YC had claimed the city as her personal domain and stalks MC watching him before approaching him, MC strikes showing YC just why you had to claim him then you offer MC a chance, either you feed from him or become one of her demon lieutenants.

Setting: Ruined post-apocalyptic city, rubble, burning buildings

Requirement: Someone to play a powerful succubus, must be dominant at start but if we decide to continue the story to see where it goes can become more submissive.


Abandoned - Goddess of War, first post up, story up for grabs

Title: Goddess of War

Content: M/f, Fantasy, One-Shot

Scenario: Greek soldier is visited by the Goddess of War, Athena

Setting: Forest

Requirement: Someone to play Athena, has to write as a powerful goddess.


Title: Doomsday Horizon ***TAKEN***

Content: M/M/F or M/F/M, pre-apocalyptic setting

Scenario: A top secret government program had been initiated after an asteroid had been detected on a collision course for the planet, the program would collect the strongest, healthiest people for the Genesis Project to reseed the planet once the dust had settled. The project had been completed, 24 Genesis sites large underground cities had been excavated at great cost spread across the planet, as the asteroid approaches the work on seeding them with people would begin.

MCs are soldiers sent to retrieve one of Genesis candidates, all they know is that it is a top secret black level operation so it doesn't exist, the soldiers names are not included on the lists as it may give away more then they want known. You can decide what profession YC is, while they try to get the genetic profiles as good as possible, having the right knowledge entering the site is also crucial.

Setting: Suburban setting, urban setting, secret base setting.

Requirement: Anyone to play the female character, looking at making this a long RP


Title: The Domina's Centurion ***TAKEN***

Content: FemDom, M/F, potential for others

Scenario: YC, a powerful Roman noblewoman, could be a senator's wife or daughter, or maybe even the Emperor's daughter requires guards and as such has men assigned to her, but her new guard catches her eye unlike her other guards that show her proper deference and respect he has an aura of arrogance. MC a Centurion that had recently come back from the field had been appointed as one of her guards, and also she wants to see him bow before her, while she had done something similar with a few of her other guards that were no longer part of her house. This one she hoped would be difference, the arrogance made him appealing to see what he would do, she held all the power here it was her house.

Setting: Roman villa in a large city, doesn't necessarily have to be Rome

Requirement: Someone to play a powerful, confident woman.

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Re: RP Requests
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Re: RP Requests
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Re: RP Requests
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Re: RP Requests
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Re: RP Requests
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Re: RP Requests [M Looking for F/M]
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Re: RP Requests [M Looking for F/M]
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