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Author Topic: Emma's Requests (seeking any gender)  (Read 1028 times)

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Emma's Requests (seeking any gender)
« on: April 09, 2012, 09:38:18 PM »
Hi! Iím Emma, and here youíll find stories, characters, or even thematic elements Iíd like to explore with a good writing partner. A few things to note:

1. Read over my Guidelines ( to get an idea of the type of partner Iím seeking.

2. If youíre interested in one of my ideas or would like to propose one of your own, please PM me instead of replying to this thread.

3. Iím very open to playing with people of any real-world gender. All I ask is that youíre able to write the gender youíre playing well.

4. I only run a single story at a time. I'm currently writing Ludi Mancipium with Neroon, so I'm unavailable for now. That said, Iím happy to discuss future plans. I'm also happy to put a game below in reserve if I think we'll make good partners.


Stowaway (TG x M or F, long-term)

We open on the pleasure world of Namar, where a caste society of bioengineered Namaru live an existence solely devoted to satisfying the universal eliteís desire for the drug sem. A planet without breeding in the traditional sense, Namaru children are grown in a lab to possess feminine qualities, excepting their phallic genitalia. Upon their 17th birthday, Namaru enter the service of the Adus Ganea Ė the foundation and authority of Namar. Here, a Namaru can expect a life spent producing sem for international trade and servicing dignitaries who come to drink it from the source.

Sem, as the name implies, is quite literally the ejaculatory fluid of a Namaru. Produced in far greater volume than human semen, a Namaru can expel 75 Ė 100 milliliters in a single orgasm. The consumption of sem brings on intense increases of serotonin in the brain and has been linked to cellular regeneration. However, sem loses much of its potency after 30 seconds outside the body, a reality that fuels Namarís tourist industry.

One such Namaru, on the eve of her dedication to the Adus Ganea, decides that she will not tolerate a life of forced prostitution. Slipping away in the light of the moon, she smuggles herself onto a visiting ship and hopes to sail away to a better life in the stars. She soon discovers, however, that the ship she finds herself on doesnít chart the safest course through the universe.

What Iím looking for:

Tonally, this game is similar to Firefly without the western elements and with greater biodiversity in the universe. I would play the stowaway and you would play the shipís captain. The crew, and people we meet along the way can be shared. Piracy, crime, action, and romance will be the major elements. Ideally, Iím looking for a partner that would enjoy building a large, detailed sci-fi setting with me.


The New Flower (TG x F, long-term)

The year is 2055, and Earth is quite different than the one we know now. Despite the progress women had made in the early 21st Century, it was still a man's world. As civil society began to crack under the weight of war, climate change, and depleting resources, a radical feminist movement known as 'The Flower' held its first secret congress on June 17, 2034. Their aim was simple, a world without men.

The implementation of that dream began in 2046, when a virus resembling H1N1 was released on flights destined for Beijing, New York, Houston, Berlin, London, Cairo, and Moscow. The mortality rate was 99.6%, but the virus had a special characteristic: it only affected individuals carrying XY chromosomes.

A period of panic and civil unrest ensued, but The Flower stepped out from the shadows to lead Earth's remaining children. Evolving into a global authoritarian regime, The Flower enacted laws that would see the masculine side of humanity to extinction. Reproduction is now exclusively handled through artificial insemination, with advanced genetics allowing for the mandated selection of a female child. The sight of a man has all but vanished, with those few left living undignified existences in hiding.

One such man, but a boy of 17 years, is fed up of running and hiding. Finding a way to make contact with his mother, a renowned plastic surgeon, he convinces her to give him a chance at living in this new world.

What I'm looking for:

The major themes of this one are gender transformation, what it means to be a man versus a woman, and life under a unique brand of fascism. Loosely inspired by Y: The Last Man, but with my own twist. I would play the boy/new flower, and you would play the mother who helps him transition to her. I don't see incest being a part of the story, but secondary characters will allow for intimate encounters.

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Offline Emma′s RevengeTopic starter

Re: Emma's Requests (seeking any gender)
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2012, 12:14:23 AM »
Games in Progress

Ludi Mancipium (F x M or F, long-term) Taken by Neroon 

Itís a game that every schmuck can feel in their bones. A few old guys with collars around their necks even come close to describing the specifics. Heaven. Hell. The war for human souls. The battle for divine dominion. The detail that most people get wrong is just who the good guys are.

War is usually painted in shades of grey, and this war is really no different. But if you ask Lucinda, or Keira, or Samantha, or whatever other name Baalís top ďdiplomatĒ is holding in vogue, the tiff between Lucifer and Yahweh is clear-cut black and white, freedom fighter versus fascist. Her business is taking out angels and other heavenly elements that get in the way of the revolution, and she excels at what she does.

That is, until she meets this one angelÖ