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Author Topic: Diingo's Den of Desire / *Updated 22/4 2017* (Under construction)  (Read 2835 times)

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We're currently under construction. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.
Welcome to Diingo's Den of Desires

Pardon my manners. I hope I didn't scare you. You just looked so... delicious I couldn't help myself. I have always been a sucker for... free food. Just kidding! Welcome to my humble abode! My name is Diingo. Even though I go by many different names across a hundred different worlds, in this particular one, I am Diingo. I could probably go on and on about my life and my dreams, my failures and my successes. But that is a story for another time. You might have passed by before and you might notice that something is a bit different. Why yes! I felt a change was in order. Still no shinies though.

Ahem.. Well, who is Diingo? I am a man in in my mid twenties. I started to RP quite some time ago, in a similar site as E (without the smut, mind you). Writing has always been a interest of mine. I've always been playing games and I have always (tried) to write stories from these universes. World of Warcraft is my main source of inspiration; the lore is just fantastic! That is a little about me! Please enjoy the rest of the thread!

~~My Writing~~

  • Post length: I try to give back what I get. Sometimes my muse is sleeping or other issues can make me post a little less. But generally I try to do at least 2-3+ paragraphs.
  • Replies: Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if one could post every day? Most of the time, I can do this. Sometimes, due to real life, I can go away for a while. I try to stay in touch with whoever I am playing with, but sometimes it slips my mind. Best way to get a hold of me is to just send a message.
  • Details: Absolutely LOVE details! I try to be as descriptive as I can in my games. Sometimes I worry if I push it too far =/
  • Smut vs Plot: Even though I always love a good smut filled story, I am equally thrilled for a long term plot story. Or why not both? I do not favor one over the other.
  • Sexual preferences: Lately, I have been a bit divided in what I want to play out really. I am straight in RL, but I have started to want to experiment.  :-[ With that said, I prefer FxM pairings (and a few other more exotic ones) but could be persuaded into other couplings as well.

~~My partner~~

Here is basically what I put what I expect from my partners.

  • Post length: Since I myself got my ups and downs, I can only say that I would like to see 2-3+ paragraphs from my partners. Sometimes I can appreciate the need for one liners or when it is hard to come up with something. As a general preference, 2-3+ paragraphs.
  • Gender: I have no problem with my partner being male and RPing as a female or vice verse.
  • Communication: Fleshing out ideas, brainstorming or building worlds and characters. Bring it on! I love to discuss RPs before starting them as well as during the game itself.
  • Most importantly: HAVE FUN! :D

~~What makes a dingo tick and what doesn't?~~

God, yes!
○ Teasing
○ Romance
○ Pleasure Control
○ Multiple orgasms
○ Forced orgasm
○ Dom/Sub
○ Futa
○ Monsters
○ Oral (Giving and receiving)
○ Rough play
○ Romance
○ Furry

○ Multiple partners
○ Anal (Giving and receiving)
○ Femboy/Trap
○ Non-con
○ Female characters
○ Male characters
○ Blood

○ Mutilation
○ Impregnation
○ Beastiality

○ Scat play
○ Wet play
○ Vore
○ Extreme gore

~~The ideas, plots and overall naughtiness~~

This is where all my ideas, planned and spontaneous is put. Keep in mind; this is still under construction and layout might change in time!

A Special Kind of Detention | Monster, college, Dom/Sub, Size difference, smut,
This is loosely based on another RP I have (further down) and a picture that I found.

X had always been a rowdy student. Even in his younger days. College wasn't going to be any different. X had applied to a new college that had marketed itself as a fresh start for everyone. A place where no one didn't belong. One thing that had caught his attention was a cryptical line at the end of the letter he had received. It said, humans guaranteed placement. Sounded like a too good to be true kind of deal, but X applied anyway. Both him and his parents were surprised when he got accepted. He found it hilarious and decided he might as well try it out. None of his previous teachers had managed to rein him in. Could college be different?

Walking down the wrong alley - A sub/dom femboy tale (Dom/Sub, Non-con, Aheago, futa, excessive cum, smut)

So, this is one I kind of want to experiment with. X is walking down a shady neighbourhood. His usual route home was closed due to an accident happening, so he had to change it up a little. The new route took him straight through the famous Red light district of his town. Trying his hardest to get away from the quickly, he soon lost his way in the alleys and shops. Cold and alone, he is on the verge of breaking down when suddenly two (or one, up for discussion) takes "pity" on him.

A: He is offered a package deal of sorts, your character(s) teasing him and making him agree to a deal ($ amount for the night). Too late he realises that he is there for her/their pleasure instead. Kind of smut oriented, might even be a one-shot. Let me know if it strikes your fancy. Can be a more long term RP as well.

Tease/Blackmail/Taboo - M/F, M/F/F - No current name

So, I got this real craving after reading a story online. There could be a lot of different couplings for this but the main idea involve massive amount of teasing, maybe blackmail, forbidden relationships. E.g. His girlfriend's little/big sister comes to visit and makes it her goal to seduce him. Teasing him whenever she can, forcing him to think about her, even when he is with his girlfriend. Being together for so long (years), have caused their relationship to cool off a bit, even if it is still great. But her sister is something new, sexy and wild. And he can't resist it.

Other pairings could be teacher/coach x student/player - where there he is the one actually interested and she also is, but when she notices and he refuses to say it to her, she does all kinds of *innocent* and teasing things and acts to get a response from him. The forbidden relationship and how they could be caught, how she uses her youth and body to drive him nuts is leading actions in this.

Blackmail - A young woman has seen something he didn't want her to, maybe they know each other from before or work at the same place. She torments him and makes him do things to her and she is doing things to him that he doesn't want his girlfriend to know about, but even if he acts reluctant, he is loving every second of it.

Most pairings are up for discussion and ideas are very welcome. This is a big craving I have and I would love to discuss any and all suggestions!


This is a story I've had in mind for a very looong time, after I read one just like it some time ago. It is basically a story between a priest (my character) and one of the pairing I listed. The priest would have just recently taken his vows and he is taking confessions on the day our characters first "meet". Your character would be taking a confession and for different reasons she would try to excite the priest as much as possible:
- Succubus - She is a demon and plainly, she wants to corrupt a man of the cloth, trying to turn him away from the path to God. Maybe she caught his scent and as she see he is pretty handsome, she decides to make him her own.
- Nymph/Stripper/Prostitute - They confess their sins and as their sins are mostly of the very lustful kind, my character can't help but to get excited. Your character notices this and comes back to the church every day, giving more and more details, teasing the priest. It becomes a game to you, to see how much you can push him before he cracks.
Of course, it could be a normal woman too, with a trait for being dominating, who takes control when she hear him breath faster or louder, asking him directly and thus blackmailing him (or the like).

I would be playing the priest and sub. Would like to see a character that would enjoy breaking down his innocence and enjoy corrupting a priest :).

Masquerade - Student/Student - D/S, Possible bon., orgasm denial, pleasure control, teasing. Romance. -

This is an idea that I had a couple of days ago and I really want to play it out. So, the basic outline would be two students at the same college, in the same class. He would be the "joker" of the class, always happy and always making people laugh. She would be the "top student" of the class. Beauty, wits and grace. She would have it all. He and she would be childhood friends and remained "best" friends up to college. However, everything is not what it seems. He would be happy at school, but when alone, he would be depressed, things in his life not working out as he wanted. She on the other hand, content with her life, would be a bit different. If he could be considered a sub, very obedient when asked anything, she would be the total opposite. She enjoys being in control, she enjoys doing what she wants to whoever she wants. Of course, she doesn't show it at school, but her ex-boyfriends and her family knows of it. She have kept this mask up for him as well, as he had kept his up for her. However, an accidental discovery when she is at his house brings about a major change in their relationship. She learns of his submissive ways and decides to use it for her own pleasure.

As for the dominant partner I'm looking for - I can say I'm not looking for the original dominatrix (leather, high heels, whips etc.). I'm looking for someone who enjoys controlling a man through seduction, disarming him using her looks and words, playing mind games with him. Mutual pleasure would be preferably, but teasing is a big ON for me so.. Yeah.. A demanding, controlling, dominating female is what I'm looking for, who preferably would be rather passionate. This is not only a smut play, I'd really like to see some evolvement between the characters and inside the characters.

The Reluctant Master (Comedy, Romance, Monsters, Adventure, Fantasy)

It was a wizard's duty to take on an apprentice. It had always been that way and it was the same when (MC) had been one as well. For years, he studied under his master, enduring trials and tests that would've broken lesser beings. Yet when his time came and he was to find his own apprentice, he just couldn't take the hassle.

Now, this is more of a comedy/romance sort of story. The master of [insert random setting here] would be forced by his peers or being sought out by a rather stubborn apprentice. Shenanigans and explosions ensue as the odd couple try to get right with being in their new relationship. This would be more of a long-term RP , with the duo going on different adventures. Think somewhat of Ricky and Morty ;). Open for discussion and brainstorming!

My friend's (BIG) secret

So this is a kind of general idea that I got. Two friends in college (either Futa or Shemale/F or Futa or Shemale/M (actually kinda craving a Futa/M where I play the male character). Either they both have a secret interest in each other or it is just one sided. But, something ges down, like a party or a gathering or a trip to the beach and my character learns of your characters "secret" - a girl with a penis! This could go two ways really.

The first route would be that with the secret revealed, YC would no longer be subtle about advances on MC. This would mean that I would be more of the submissive one in the pairings. YC would tease and order my character around, as he slowly grows fonder of her.

The other route would be the they sit down and discuss it, exploring it so to speak. Would involve a lot of experimenting from both sides.

~Monsters are abound~
Idea nr.1: Monster College - The Transfer student.

Basically, a college rp with a monster twist to it. My character would be a transfer student, human as well. Unknowing to him or his family, they have moved into a town and school consisting by (friendly) monsters. This is the general outline. Details etc. is up for discussion and I am more than willing to do so!

Idea nr.2: The wildest amusement park you have ever seen! You won't believe what you see.. or will you?

This is a different setting, but pretty much the same concept monster x human or monster x monster. It would start off with my character walking down a street (a hitchhiker or hiker) when he is hit by a car (filled with monsters from a local amusement park where only monsters work). My character is on the brink of death and is brought back as [inster monster here]. He is hired to work at the amusement park where your character, [monster], takes care of him and etc. etc. Also up for discussion and fleshing out!

Idea nr.3: Stuck in his favorite game

Basically, my character plays a game with the latest platform (think Sword Online), and he is suddenly stuck in the game because of a virus. In this one, I'm looking for someone to play either one monster that accompanies him on his travels, or someone who plays various monsters who... have their fun with him.

Thank you for reading until the end! We're currently under construction, so some content might be missing!
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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / Craving (Masquerade) M for F Dom!
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Updated with Masquarade!

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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / Craving (Masquerade) M for F Dom!
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Poke! No new ideas but throwing those I have atm. for those who missed them!

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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / Craving (Masquerade) M for F Dom!
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Poke! Open for ideas/suggestions and more RP's!

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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / Craving (Masquerade) M for F Dom!
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Update! Added A Western Adventure!

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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / Craving (Masquerade) M for F Dom!
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Updated with one new idea!

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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / *New ideas 03/12/2013*
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Updated with three new Monster ideas!

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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / *Updated 1/6 2013* (Diingo is back!)
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Since I am back to E, I am now relaunching all my ideas! Happy hunting!

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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / *Updated 1/6 2013* (Diingo is back!)
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Masquerade and Corruption taken!

Bumping all the others!

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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / *Updated & Bumped 22/3 2015*
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Bumped for the purpose of my return back to the forums! Ideas open and open to ideas!

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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / *Updated & Bumped 23/10 2015*
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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / *Updated & Bumped 7/12 2016*
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Bumped and back! Hi y'all :3

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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / *Updated & Bumped 7/12 2016*
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Updated with A Reluctant Master and all other ideas and pairings open for brainstorming and discussion!

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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / *Updated & Bumped 7/12 2016*
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Update 2017-01-12 : Added "The Cabin" and "My friend's (BIG) Secret"

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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / *Updated & Bumped 09/2 2017*
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Update 2017-02-09 : Added [Blank]. Moved "My Friend's (BIG) Secret to Original Ideas and moved "The Cabin" to TAKEN.

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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / *Bumped 21/4 2017* (Under construction)
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Update/Bump 2017-04-21: Doing my monthly bump! No new ideas! Thread is under construction so new ideas will pop up! All ideas posted are open, however!

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Re: Diingo's Den of Desire / *Bumped 21/4 2017* (Under construction)
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Update 2017-04-21 : Added A Special Kind of Detention and Walking down the wrong alley..

Added Ons/Offs (to be continued)

Added some tags for various ideas.

Fleshed out A Reluctant Master