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Author Topic: Ryan's dark desires.  (Read 1403 times)

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Ryan's dark desires.
« on: April 06, 2012, 02:27:51 PM »

Title: Fallen Hero

Lord Garrison was a warrior of legend, hero of the Kingdom and paragon of virtue. Over twenty years ago now, the War of Darkness was fought aganst the demonic forces of the Darklords with Lord Garrison at the forefront of the climactic battle. He fought and slew the Darklord's champion amidst the raging battle, securing victory for the Kingdom of Men - however the victory came at a price as Garrison was gravely wounded and was taken from the battlefield with little hope of his survival.

Miraculously he recovered swiftly, his body healing far quicker than any mortal. The King and the nation rejoiced as their hero recovered. However, their joy was short lived. For reasons known only to himself Garrison exiled himself to the other side of the continent, past the great forest and beyond.

Two decades after the War of Darkness and evil has once again come to the Kingdom of Men. The King's seers and magicians have foretold of the coming of a greater force of orcs and demons than has ever been seen and the armies of man are still underprepared for a new onslought. The King, now an old man, has called for Lord Garrison to be found and persuaded to return to his former position as general of the King's army. Rangers have been sent to find him, but none have returned with news of his whereabouts.

A proclomation has been sent to all towns and villages offering a fortune to anyone that can find Lord Garrison and bring him to the King.

Lord Garrison

As the Legendary hero of the Battle of Caern Pass, the man known as Lord Garrison slew countless orcs, goblins and demonic soldiers before he faced the champion of Darkness, a huge creature of inhuman strength and cunning. Exactly what the creature looked like is open to debate with various sources giving wildly different accounts. Whatever it looked like, Lord Garrison was mortally wounded by it despite dealing it a killing blow. For several days he lay in the King's Apothacery before rising from his death bed and declaring he was to leave the kingdom forever.

Garrison in his prime

In his prime Garrison was over six feet tall and broad shouldered, well muscled and a skilled swordsman. While he may not have been as quick as the Elves of the Sea of Leaves, or as strong as the Dwarves of the Underhalls of Kazad-Dun, he possessed an iron will and a unbreakable spirit. He has not been seen for over two decades as he has battled against the injury inflicted by the demon champion. Though his body has healed (aided by the demon's spirit that now battles for control of his own soul) he fights to maintain control of his mind and soul as the demon slowly takes control of him. He is stronger and quicker than he ever was, but should he lose control he fears he will transform into the demon or at least some form of demonic entitiy.

Possible alternate forms


I'm looking for a female or futa character to partner Lord Garrison as they journey across the land to search for him. Once he is found, he needs to be persuaded to return to the Kingdom he seeks to protect by his self-imposed exile.

There could be a connection between your character and mine.. maybe she is the daughter of a former companion or lover, or maybe she knows of the struggle he faces.

Possibly we could include other characters too, when Garrison returns there may be people who gravitate toward him and when he returns to the kingdom maybe the Darklords send people his way to tempt him and force him to loose control of the demon within?

I like exotic looking women, either Oriental, Asian or Western but maybe with tattoo's or unusual eye or hair colour. I'm not a fan of skinny women, though slim or athletic builds are fine. I do like curvy women, with boobs and hips.. I like to have a photo or two (I am a guy after all and we are visual animals right?)


Some of the things I'd like to explore in the story are (but not limited too):

Orgasm Denial/Control, Mutual and Solo Masturbation, Voyeurism, Bondage, Power Struggles, N/C, both Male and Female Domination, Bisexuality, Anal (both giving and receiving), Oral (Both), Teasing, Bathing, Shaving.

Updated 8/4/16

I've been offline for a while and just come back looking to start up a new story.

I've got a craving for Brother/Sister pairings at the moment, though I like the idea of mixing that pairing with a fantasy type story that would allow the inclusion of futa and other exotic characters.

I had the idea that the pair could be the children of one of the Old Gods in some kind of historical/fantasy setting where incest is forbidden among the Gods and their offspring. The pair are twins and were inseparable as they grew up, each idolizing the other. However, they were bound by their father's rules and envied the mortals as they had no such restriction, being able to love whomever they chose.

Soon after they reached the age of maturity the pair slipped away from the place of the Gods and ventured onto Earth where they masqueraded as mortals for a time, 'enjoying' each other briefly. Of course, they were discovered by one of their Father's rivals and taken before the council of elders so that their fate would be decided. The penalty for defying the laws of the gods is usually death, but their father managed to persuade the council to be lenient and bring about a lesser judgement.

After some discussion (with their father's rival it has to be noted) they were exiled to a realm much like our own Earth, to live upon the mortals for the rest of time, initially separated by a vast ocean. If that  wasn't bad enough, the pair have been placed on opposing sides in a conflict between the people who worship their father and that of his ancient enemy.

Also, they have had their physical bodies altered so that neither of the pair initially recognises the other for who they are. Although they may be beautiful and/or handsome they no longer look like identical twins.

Possibly, there may be another enchantment placed on them, so when they do actually recognise each other (or maybe this only happens when there is intimate physical contact), the pair are sent either back or forward in time so that they can never be together - though over time they come to sense the bond they share and can resist the force that separates them.

Just an outline of the story I'm thinking of..

Update 23/9/13

I'm looking to explore more of my bi curious side. So I'm looking for an M/M or M/trans or some other variant where my male character is somehow lead into either a full blown man on man encounter or some other bi scenario. Maybe its a forced bi experience where his gf wants to see him with a guy or his boss blackmails him into it or maybe a guy he knows slowly turns him on to the idea... any suggestions are welcome guys, girls or lieges. PM me.

Witch Hunter. N/C, BON.

Famed witch hunter Gregor Steiner (name can be changed) has a reputation as the best in the business, rooting out signs of corruption across the empire. His deeds are the stuff of legend, no witch or warlock is safe from his investigations, his purity and dedication to his duty are without equal. Until he finally meets his match in the form of your character a gifted young witch that has been tracked down to her 'lair' near a remote village. He manages to capture her without too much trouble but the problems begin as she gets under his skin and finds he's not quite as pure as the tales would have everyone believe. Once she finds his weakness the tables are turned and it is he who finds himself at the mercy of the witch.

Broken Oath (Dark Heresy); NC/Extreme.

My character will be an Astartes (Space Marine) sent as part of a kill team to locate and neutralise your (female or futa) character, an assassin gone rogue or corrupted by one of the chaos powers.

I'm looking for someone to play the assassin as a sly, hedonistic seductress that will corrupt and slowly seduce my character in an effort to escape capture and certain death if she is brought back to her homeworld. Ideally she will be exotic in appearance - see the 'ladies with ink please' thread for ideas. Someone into bondage/light BDSM and/or orgasm denial and essentially sexual 'torture' would be ideal.

Untitled (brother sister incest/NC/bondage)

Vaguely inspired by 'I am Number Four; 'Separated at birth for their own safety, a brother and sister unknowingly meet up and share a passionate kiss at a nightclub and share a series of increasingly heated texts and emails. They find themselves falling head over heels in lust but just before they go all the way they find out they have more in common than a love of heavy metal and pizza.

Torn between their lust and shock at their blood relation with each other they try and fight their feelings but eventually they must be together despite the risks. Oh, did I mention they have other secrets too.. They are both super's having powers similar to the hero of say 'I am Number Four' or similar. And the girl is a tattooed 'suicide Girl' type with piercings in intimate places and the dress sense to match.

Team Avengers {Light/Bondage, anything between}

I loved Captain America: The First Avenger and I love WW2 war movies. What if Steve Rogers wasn't alone in being a superhuman in WW2? What if his unit wasn't the only one? How would you like to play either a M or F attached to a similar unit? Maybe us Brits had a similar project and launched raids on German occupied France against the Red Skull's facilities there? Maybe my character is a super human who falls for a French Resistance fighter he links up with in one of his missions, or maybe he is somehow seduced and captured by a female Hydra operative who sets out to find the secret of his powers with a series of devious sexual experiments?
Any takers PM me.. Other similar ideas welcome.
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Re: Ryan's dark desires. Ladies with Ink sought NC/bon/extreme (M lf F)
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2012, 09:11:15 AM »
Updated with Witch Hunter.  12/4/12

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Re: Ryan's dark desires. Dom F sought NC/bon/extreme (M lf F)
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2012, 10:12:58 PM »
Updated July 8th, Team Avengers.

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Re: Ryan's dark desires. Dom F sought NC/bon/extreme (M lf F)
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2013, 01:45:45 AM »

Been away a while,  looking for writing partner. 

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Re: Ryan's dark desires. Dom F sought NC/bon/extreme (M lf F) Also M/M
« Reply #4 on: June 07, 2013, 04:04:21 AM »
Not sure exactly what I'm looking for other than an M/M story about a lonely guy, maybe married, who is increasingly curious about M/M. Maybe he had a brief encounter many years ago and these feelings resurface after he meets a guy (in perfectly normal circumstances) who he knows, or is informed is bi or gay.

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Re: Ryan's dark desires. Dom F sought NC/bon/extreme (M lf F) Also M/M
« Reply #5 on: September 23, 2013, 12:49:36 PM »
Updated 23/9/13

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Re: Ryan's dark desires. Dom F sought NC/bon/extreme (M lf F) Also M/M
« Reply #6 on: July 17, 2015, 03:20:06 AM »
Updated 17/07/2015.

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Re: Ryan's dark desires. Dom F sought NC/bon/extreme (M lf F) Also M/M
« Reply #7 on: April 08, 2016, 04:19:46 PM »
Updated today.... new story idea.

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Re: Ryan's dark desires. Dom F sought NC/bon/extreme (M lf F) Also M/M
« Reply #8 on: May 12, 2016, 09:52:33 AM »
Updated 12/5/16.

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Re: Ryan's dark desires. Dom F sought NC/bon/extreme (M lf F) Also M/M
« Reply #9 on: June 01, 2016, 02:21:45 PM »
Looking for someone to write as a dominant female character, someone who can act all proper and almost cold in public but still has a simmering sexual tension just below the surface.

Maybe I'm the owner of a business and she is my PA, but behind the scenes she is the one pushing my buttons, having me perform for her, teasing and controling my sexual behaviour. She has me wear a cock ring and butt plug in meetings, sucks my cock when I'm on a conference call and all manner of perverted tasks. 

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Re: Ryan's dark desires. Dom F sought NC/bon/extreme (M lf F) Also M/M
« Reply #10 on: July 04, 2016, 11:23:20 AM »

Looking for a brother v sister or uncle v neice incest story..

Offline ryanmcallister80Topic starter

Re: Ryan's dark desires. Dom F sought NC/bon/extreme (M lf F) Also M/M
« Reply #11 on: March 28, 2017, 11:19:50 AM »
After taking a break from the site I have returned looking for a new story.

I would like to write as a male character alongside either a female or MtF transgender character. I envisage my character will be someone in a position of authority, though not someone especially rich or high-powered, maybe something like a teacher, owner of a small business or something along those lines.

I can post 1-2 times a week, from 1-2 paragraphs to quite a bit longer depending on the story.

I would like the story to focus on the slow seduction and role reversal between my character and his female/trans co-worker, either his secretary/PA or other typically ‘subordinate’ role. They (you) would hopefully slowly get to know my character on a personal level while at work and then have him slowly become submissive in terms of their increasingly sexual relationship. I hesitate to use the word dominant in connection to your character as a lot of stories I see involving a Dom end up with humiliation, sissification and similar themes which I don’t want to end up playing out. I want it to be more about the exchange of control and trust and an exploration of both character’s fantasies and sexuality.

I would like the story to involve some light BDSM, orgasm denial/control, use of toys, power play,  as well as the more vanilla aspects of sex.

My character would be in his 40’s with yours being anywhere from 18 and up. I am anticipating your character would be slightly bigger than average, though not a BBW. Maybe some ‘alternative’ looks, with either tattoos or piercings or just something out of the norm about her dress sense or appearance.

PM me if you are interested.