The Doctor's Results (Steampunk, F/Futa)

Started by Dhi, April 05, 2012, 08:58:15 PM

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Howdy forumers! I'm looking for someone to play a futa character in a steampunk story.

The setting is an oppressive one. A smog-choked industrial town, feeling the pressure of a distant war. Zeppelins drift across the skies and lantern glow barely lights the foggy streets. Unskilled children supplement the workforce and seventy percent of the town's population are women. A good deal of the latter work as prostitutes to get by.

But not Prudence. Prudence is a good girl, a dapper gentlewoman, a charitable soul kind to all god's creatures. She has worked for the Doctor for months now, believing that his mysterious work will be the salvation of the nation's flagging spirits. All that she knows is that it involves unlocking the secret potential of humanity, and a female subject who's starred in her most unspeakable and improper fantasies.

One night, the authorities crack down on the Doctor and his work. Prudence is told to flee with the subject, hide her away and care for her in the Doctor's absence. Little does she realize the extent of the Doctor's tampering, or the hunger she must satisfy.

This could take place in a London setting or something more magical, like the Iron Kingdoms. I'm much more interested in playing Prue, so I need someone to play the futa test subject. The extent of her abilities is up to you!

What I'm looking for:
  • Romance or smut, either is fine.
  • Multicocks (triplets) are a bonus.
  • Anal, creamy messes, and lovely steampunk fashions!