Several Scenes for Fantasy Group Sex! (M/M looking for F[s])

Started by Diocletian, April 04, 2012, 10:22:37 PM

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Welcome to the Jungle

After several days exploring the hot, humid jungle you finally arrive at your destination.  Entering the temple, you pick up a torch from the side of the wall and light it, the fire burning away the rampant darkness that threatened to engulf you.  You'd been searching... searching for days to find the best, most fun roleplay group you could imagine.  Here in this temple, you think you may have found it.

As you enter the main chamber you notice several murals across the walls.  Each tell a different story, each respond to a different type of person, but all promise a good time.  The first you come to seems to be the most prominent.

OOC Information!
Hello and welcome to my group ad!  I hope that beginning part caught your attention because I need some help!  My friend RedMoon and I are looking for one or two ladies (per scene I might add!) to join us in threesome and foursome scenes that cater to our interests and hopefully yours!  Most of these came from our collective minds and hopefully I'll have him add some stuff as well if he wants.  Meanwhile, here are some scenes we have been interested in playing out for a while.  After the scenes I'll have a list of universal kinks and finally how we want to play this out.  Read on!

Fighting in the Streets (High Priority)

Juri Han is a bad girl.  After her parents died and her left eye was damaged, she joined the evil organization S.I.N. as an assassin.  Now the sex-crazed fiend has begun attacking fighters across the world.  However, several fighters have finally stopped her, cornering and defeating her.  Now it is time for humiliation!

This scene is based on Street Fighter, of course!  We are looking specifically for someone to play the Street Fighter IV character Juri Han, a sensual and insane addition to the series.  If we have multiple takers for this one we would like someone to play Cammy or Chun-Li as well, though most of the Street Fighter ladies are up for discussion!

Lonely on the Normandy

Sometimes even Commander Shepard has needs.  Flying through space fighting Reapers, every could use a break now and then!  Thankfully our intrepid hero has a ship full of gorgeous ladies, all of which have a hidden desire for their illustrious captain!

Looking for a gangbang with any iteration of the Mass Effect crew.  Miranda, EDI and Liara are the top candidates but we will take anyone as well.

Around the Campfire

After traveling and fighting for days, it was time to rest.  The party settled down and started to tell stories, but one after the other the stories took a strange turn toward the erotic.  After hearing about the elf's exploits back in her homeland, the entire party began to create new stories!

Looking for a D&D style party orgy.  Elves and halfling girls are the tops!  This one could include forced homosexuality if one of the ladies wanted it.  It's not something we usually do but we can be urged by a pretty woman!

Here are some quick kinks we enjoy!

Dirty Talk
Rough Sex

We won't do this:
Weird insertions (into nipples, etc)
Strange Transformations

Anything else, please check with us first!

Contact Info
PM me if you're interested or post here in the thread.  We'll start to gather people together if we have enough replies.  RedMoon should post around here in the next day or two so you can contact him as well.  We should update here once in a while so keep on the lookout!


I'm defently interesed in the campfire rp. Maybe as a pretty elven priestess who starts reluctant to release her chasity. or generic archer :)


That sounds like a good idea! Send me a quick character bio through PM and we can work things out. I am liking the priestess idea, personally.


ARE YOU SERIOUS, I love street fighter and I have been waiting for a roleplay like that for soo long, im so in on that. Juri and Cammy are my two favourites, let's go frame traps.