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Author Topic: Lingo's Current Cravings (F seeking M, Dom/Equal) (Dark, History Fantasy themes)  (Read 2167 times)

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Hiya, sunshine, thank you for your time.

Big, big notice: Please don't refer to my ons/offs for my basis of sexual tastes; it is very restrictive to what I do and out of date. I am open to a majority of kinks and sexual preferences, minus intense mutilation and scat. Please pm me to discuss this and how we incorporate sex into our stories!

So, returning to the wondrous world that is roleplaying, I have been dying to start up some old ideas  see how they'd play out. Since I haven't really been roleplaying for quite awhile, my description of these stories are very small, and that is because these ideas have loose plots. The characters in them are up for interpretation, which can be further discussed in messages.

As for literacy, I can usually write at a bare minimum two paragraphs, comfortably. Depending on what you give me to work with and my inspiration at the time, I can post well over a page. I tend to adjust my level of writing to my partner's, so writing smaller or larger is no problem. Frankly, as long as you give me good content to work with, length does not matter. I always chose quality over quantity.

Also, even if none of these stories interest you, feel free to shoot me a pm if you want someone to share your ideas with! I am a huge fan of collaboration, and I am always open to new ideas and adding my two cents to a story.

That being said, I'll list my ideas! :D

Dream of Me
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Modern story involving vampirism and medical kink (is that a thing)/hospital setting. A young actress has just become the toast of society, her image appearing on every tv set and billboard. Just when she is at the prime of her promising career, she picks up a deadly fan; a demonic/vampiric man who works as a doctor/psychotherapist at a mental institution. Determined to bring her to him, he devises a plan to infiltrate her dreams and slowly drive her mad by terrorizing her in her sleep. Finally suffering a mental breakdown, the poor girl is admitted to the institution, where the man acts as her therapist by day and continues to torment her at night. I really want this story to be a game of cat and mouse. Maybe she will begin to catch on, or will only finally piece everything together when the doctor finally wants her to; his purpose can also be up to you (he wants to make her his pet, break her down, etc). We can discuss sexual points as well; maybe mild torture or needle play, mind control, hallucinations, humiliation, rape.

You Had My Heart Dom/Sub: TAKEN :D
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A medieval roleplay involving vampirism. A mighty king is blessed with the birth of a lovable, beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, she is also extremely delicate and physically frail. The child is diagnosed with a mysterious illness affecting her heart at a young age. Doctors feel helpless and declare she will die. Desperate to keep his daughter alive, the king becomes frantic and strikes a disastrous deal with a powerful vampire king. Though she is still a child, he finds the king's mortal daughter lovely. The vampire will replace the princess's faulty heart for his own, and on her 18th birthday she will be sent off with the vampire to be his bride. Only a few years later, the king dies and her older brother takes the throne. There is no one left to remember their bargain. Life is going perfect for the happy, healthy princess until her 18th birthday, when a dark, evil man approaches her and demands her hand. More of a controlling relationship, possibly non-con or reluctant, could mature into love. Maybe the king is completely possessive of his fragile human, and keeps her in a sort of "gilded cage". I'd like to explore some elements of pregnancy, with the King seeking a half breed heir.

Old Acquaintances. Can be dom/sub, or power struggle, REALLY interested in this story and open to different twists!
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Medieval setting, potential fantasy elements or focus. This story is very vague, and I'd like to hear some feedback or ideas if you would want to change it. Two kingdoms have had strained relations for years, going to war one moment, then striking peace the next. Currently at war once more, the two heirs of these kingdoms- one a prince, the other a princess- are both at the age to assume the throne. In order to prove to their people that they will be strong, diligent rulers, both join the war efforts. But what will happen when the prince of the rival kingdom defeats the princess and holds her captive? Will he simply abuse her and hold her for high ransom, or use her position to the throne to somehow unite both kingdoms under his reign? I'd like both of these characters to have previously established relationships; perhaps they were affianced to one another at some point, or were childhood rivals or friends? Potentially non-con, lots of dark passion and power play in this plot line!

Teach Me, Possess Me: Psst. Like this one a lot too  ::)
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Futuristic, supernatural setting. The roles of the creatures are completely negotiable. The human world has been dominated by vampires and werewolves, two mighty forces that oppose one another. In their heated feuds, humans have often been the casualties, used as pawns to strengthen one side and weaken another. Almost all positions of powers are dominated by the two superior races; after all, how many humans are brave enough to stick their necks out and potentially do something that may anger either side? My character, a young, human girl (her age is another variable- perhaps she is hardly more than a child, perhaps a naïve teenager) , is the daughter of a hard working politician, one of the few mortals who has managed to secure a place of influence. When the poor man says the wrong thing, or perhaps encourages an unfavorable law, he and his entire family are found slaughtered in their home- minus their innocent daughter, who was fortunate enough to be out with friends at the time of the brutal murder, but also unfortunate enough to be the first one on the bloody scene. She manages to catch a glimpse of the murderer, a prominent vampire/werewolf who wanted to dispose of a meddlesome human.  Enraged and overcome with grief,  the young girl seeks out a jaded vampire/werewolf (the reverse of whatever role is chosen above) to train her and help her seek vengance. Of course the man is hesitant to do so, not wanting to bother with a weak human girl, but she bribes him with the enormous remaining wealth of her family’s estate and her services as a servant in return for training. As the man trains the human girl, he finds himself growing increasingly posessive of his little human student. 

A typical teacher/student relationship with emphasis on the characters’ growth and the attachment that forms despite their many differences. When the human bargains with the man, I could see him begrudgingly taking her as servant in a purely domestic fashion, or something far more sexual, if she is a bit older when approaching him. Be it sweet or just plain kinky, I’d like this story to eventually take a more romantic turn.

Feel free to message me if you are interested!

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Dream of Me

Thanks! :)

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