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Author Topic: ~Secret Window~ (MxF or MxM, Psych-Drama, Johnny Depp-inspired)  (Read 2458 times)

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~These are a series of plots with my two favorite father and son characters, Mort Rainey and Johnny.  They are usually related by blood, but if (in the plots involving incest) you don't feel comfortable, they could be made into step-relatives.  I'm am flexible when it comes to these plots, so if you have any ideas of your own, please feel free to admit them.  All ideas here are spinoffs of the actual "Secret Window" film with the Mort/Shooter conflict.

Mort as played by the eternally sexy Johnny Depp (:

Name: Mort Rainey
Age: early thirties
Appearance/Personality: As played by Johnny Depp in "Secret Window".  Ruggedly handsome, slightly sarcastic, "quitting smoker", somehow always manages to look sexy with messy hair in a robe.  Lean, masculine build.

My character

Name: Jonathan (Johnny) Rainey
Age: around sixteen/seventeen
Appearance/Personality: Photo is that of young Depp, I thought it would be most accurate for a father/son description.  Short messy hair, silly/teasing humor, sometimes steals his dad's cigarettes when he's not looking, kind hearted, care-free, slightly scruffy looking, likes to stay out late, looks up to his dad, respects him.

~Plot #1 "New Addition"~

Mort has finally got a new girlfriend, a very pretty woman in her late twenties/early thirties.  Johnny's father seems to be extremely pleased with having her around, for a number of reasons.  Johnny is the only half decent cook (surprisingly), but he's glad to let Mort's girlfriend contribute.

Johnny develops a crush on the woman, somehow always managing to "bump" in on her when she's changing, ect.  Little does he know, that she's interested in him as well.  She begins to tease him when Mort's not looking, physically and verbally.  Being a teenaged virgin, Johnny comes across as a little desperate/eager, and comes crawling to her for sex like a lovesick puppy.  It seems he just can't get enough of her, and his damn hormones are burning him up alive..

~Plot #1 "Don't Leave" ~

Mort Rainey and his wife had been drifting apart for months, her alone on the back porch, him coming out of his office less and less.  While intolerance and another man consumed her, the desire to write and write and write consumed him.  The only person he'd deal with willingly was his son.
When the separation came, everyone was relieved.  Everyone, except Johnny.  His father moved out, and Mrs. Rainey's new interest moved in.  Johnny couldn't stand to see his father leave, and began acting up without even really realizing it, staying out to get drunk, developing an angry temper and even coming home with a tattoo.  The tension in the household, especially between Johnny and this "new guy" gets to be unbearable, and finally Mort speaks up.  Much to Mrs. Rainey's disagreement, Mort suggests, or insists that Johnny come live with him for now.
Johnny couldn't be more eager, and packs his things one day to go live about 45 minutes away in Mort's two story lakehouse in the trees, his quiet sanctuary for writing.  It is here that Johnny realizes he doesn't have to be so angry anymore, and begins letting his guard down.  He doesn't want to go back, and develops almost an obsession with his father, believing his mind and work is genius.  Becoming almost completely detached from his old life, Johnny becomes extremely physical with Mort, and their relationship takes a turn.  Suddenly, Mort finds himself looking forward to the morning when Johnny walks around half bare, quickly taking any opportunity to wrestle him, to cuddle him, just to touch him at all.  And Johnny doesn't want to let go.  Eventually, after a little alcohol, Mort pushes things a little too far, but Johnny never says no.  In fact...

I was thinking something like, Mort catches Johnny with his bottle of Jack Daniels (used to inspire writing at late hours), and then the whole "You can drink as long as you drink with me around" situation unfolds, they both get tipsy ect.  Just an idea though.

~Plot #2 Man in The Shadows ~

Mort Rainey is a ruggedly handsome writer in his early thirties, often found sitting at his desk, typing away with a messy head of golden brown hair, a cigarette and an uneaten peanut butter sandwich on a napkin.  When his marriage fell away, he began living more and more in his head, only writing his stories, only worsening his distance from his wife.

Now, living off of his decent pay from the publishing company, Mort Rainey lives with his sixteen/seventeen year old son Johnny in a two story lake-house in the woods.  The two are living a good life, have a close father and son relationship and live in a very boy-oriented household, like a comfortable little bachelor pad in the trees.  Things go awry when a man named "Shooter" arrives at the house, telling Mort that he plagiarized all of his stories and owes him his entire career, threatening him.  The man scrawls messages on the shed, appears at random times, even threatens to kill his son and ruin his life if he doesn't admit to plagiarizing.  The thing is, no one has ever seen Shooter except for Mort...

Johnny's father is actually slowly going crazy.  Shooter is Mort Rainey.  Mort is paranoid about Johnny leaving the house, becoming overprotective of the boy and even beginning to see his wife in his eyes.  Mort just wants to hold his son at night, to feel his heartbeat and keep him safe...but eventually, the relationship takes a turn, and he finds himself sleeping with his son under the impression that that's the only way to keep him from harm.

Johnny doesn't know that Shooter doesn't exist, that the man he's looking around corners for is really a figment of his own father's imagination.  He comes crawling to Mort, scared and perhaps more vulnerable than usual, letting his father do things that go against his better judgement...

I am literally obsessed with these stories. XD  If no one takes me up on the offer, I just might have to write them out myself!  Tee hee.

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Re: ~Secret Window~ (MxF or MxM, Psych-Drama, Johnny Depp-inspired)
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Added the MxF plot "New Addition". (: