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Author Topic: My ideas (F for M)  (Read 4691 times)

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My ideas (F for M)
« on: April 01, 2012, 05:25:50 AM »
Thank you for your attention. 
This thread is full, so I make a new one here

First, please read this before going further

please read this before contacting me

At first, please understand that all the thing below are based on my unpleasant experience. Sorry if the tone is abrupt, but I wasn't in a good mood when I wrote those sentences.

- Pm me, don't write in this thread and wait for me to contact you because I won't. I've learn that mean you don't really want to RP.
- Non-con, all of these ideas would be non-con at first. Or even the entire story would be non-con.
-I play female, I'll play minor male characters to keep the story going but my main character is female. And I would like the male character is older than mine, though this could be discussed.
-I prefer the sub role, my main character maybe would change as the story goes, but at first she would be sub. The minors could be switch or dom, though.

-This is MxF, could consider FxF if the plot is interesting enough, but even with FxF I prefer to take the submissive role.

- At least a paragraph, but please not twelve. I need something to read and work with but also don't like a novel. Normally I post from one to four paragraphs. (I have some opening posts for some plots down there, you can see the variety of my writing length, and remember that opening posts alway are longer than normal ones)

- I have never had to require this before and I also did not think that I have to since I believe it is not a necessary thing to ask especially when I know my partner would be an adult but please be able to use punctuation because I do not like to kill myself reading a long sentence without any comma or dot

- I won't leave you hanging for more than a week (unless my computer or network has problem). Sometimes I post couple times a day, sometimes it takes couple days before I post. Depends on my mood and free time. But I would advice you not to expect me reply more than once a day. So, don't spam my inbox if I can't reply instantly, but you're more than welcome to inform me that you're busy and not going to post for awhile. That's what I would do.

- Also, I would require your first post to be within three days and the next two-three posts would take at most a week for each. I can wait for months for a reply, but it is when I already know the player. If you're not eager to start the game, don't start it at all. If you're busy, drop me a line.

- Please write down a name of a flower, ex: "daisy", or the word "flower" in your pm so that I know you've read this.

- If we do history, I need you to have a basic knowledge about the time and some events, I would do research if I have to and hope you can do the same.

- My O&O isn't 100% percent true, well, maybe true for the On, it depends on the story actually, so please discuss this with me.

- Unless I'm extremely bored, this's not first come first served. But I won't drop without a word, I promise.

- Mostly I'm up for a medieval, Victorian era, Elizabeth era...I mean any historical RP. So shot me a pm if you have an idea.

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Re: My ideas (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2012, 11:45:15 AM »
If you haven't run away, keep reading for my...

Plots and Ideas

The sacrifice

The monster (Any kind of humanoid monster) requires a young woman from the village.

The young girl thinks she would be eaten, then figure out the monster has another idea of using her. To help her family and village, she does all she can, reluctantly at first, to please her new master and as such he shows her kindness and a relationship blossoms, she teaches him to be slightly more civil and some common knowledge, he keeps her and protects her...

The girl would be young, 18 at most, and is short, petite,innocence, shy...everything that makes a cute small girl.

The monster, must be humanoid, like Giant, Ogre...or just a rather oversize man. And since this's size difference, he would be (a lot) bigger than her. I was thinking he would appear to be dumb: can speak but not in full sentences, act like a big baby... people fear of him just because of his size but they think he's stupid. But he's just as smart as any human. Just a thought, though. He's your character so feel free to create him.

Love triangle

Three childhood friends, very close to one another and nothing could break the relationship between them. In their group she was the princess, her two childhood friends always took good care of her and protect her. That also meant protecting her from any other guys. But hardly did she notice that and be bothered by that. She enjoyed very much hanging out with the two, teasing the young brother and arguing with the evil older brother. Why would she need other boys when she had these two wonderful guys?

However, when the new transferred student came to their school, she found her heart beating fast thinking about him. And the young men found themselves a new enemy, they had tried to restrain their feeling, to keep their friendship, now none of them wanted to lose her.

Beyond the sky

A dragon is intruding upon enemy territory. Seeing as he does not inhabit with other dragons because of their rare breed, they perceive humans as peaceful people, only to misunderstand how humans actually despise dragons. So, he is shot down, wounded, bleeding, and half dead as his last attempts to live is to transform into a human in hopes of a human to find him and aid his wounds.

A young woman finds him and helps him. She doesn't know who he is, and she takes him home. Her father/brother is a dragon slayer. Somehow discovers his secret, has him captured. The girl comes to save him, but now he know how terrible human are, he doesn't believe her. He wants to harm her but decides to bring her with him to help him escape...

The complexity of royalty

An arranged marriage, the princess has never met her future husband, but she is young and never loved before, so she falls in love with him just by seeing his picture. Her future husband, turns out to be a cruel person, rapes her before their official wedding and even let his servants participate.

Yet her father insists that she has to marry that man. (perhaps because of sponsorship or political reasons...). She now has to find away to get herself out of this terrible marriage but still not destroy her country

You could be the Prince or someone who offers to help her, or both...

opening post
They had been engaged since she was twelve. Yet, they had never seen each other for even once. It was just a political marriage and she didn't really understand why she had to marry him. In fact, except for the young Princess had grown up with the thought of becoming the Prince's wife, no one seemed to remember it. Until recently. Until her country suffered the rain of wars from other countries, for being too prosperous. The fertile fields, the developed industry...were the target of all those greedy people. The country needed help, her father, King Andrew II needed help. And then he suddenly remembered the engagement long ago. He hadn't waste any time, had promptly contacted his old friend to talk about the marriage between his daughter and his friend's son.

Years had passed, the little Princess Anita had grown up into a lovely young woman with long curly blond hair and big blue eyes. And, she still had all her dreams about a prince charming and a true love kiss.

Yes, she loved him. She had seen many pictures of him as his father, the King of her neighbor country, had sent to her in exchange for her pictures. The last picture describe a heartthrob with a face could make women swoon. Even though it was just a picture, the first time she looked at it, those eyes made her heart stop a beat.

She had fallen in love with him, before she even knew what love was.

Especially now she was so lonely as her mother had just passed away couple months ago. The Queen was a beautiful woman, as beautiful as her daughter, was charming, gentle and sweet. Perhaps too sweet and gentle that she couldn't stop the King from bringing other women to his bed. He had never had a concubine, because it would put the country into danger if those women decided to fight for power, but he had never stopped searching for someone to satisfy his lust. And after more than twenty years enduring the lewd husband, the Queen had drawn her last breath with her daughter siting near her bed, crying while the King was having fun with a busty redhead.

Anita hated her father, hated him since she was young as she knew he was the one made her mother cry. She had never talk to him more than three sentences. And he didn't care either. A reason for the King to spend time with as much women as he could, was to produce an heir, a Prince. Daughters were useless to him, girls were useless to him, he needed a son. And only now that he found he could put his daughter into some good use, marry her to a man she had never met, in exchange for money and army.

And the young Princess was counting day by day, waiting for the love of her life, waiting for him to get her away from her father. She was more than happy to know their weeding wouldn't be postpone any longer. In fact, her fiance was on his way to her homeland to meet her; and bring her back with him. And the big day finally arrived. She was standing in the big hall of her castle, in her most beautiful dress casually peering out of the door each time she heard horse steps...

Be careful with what you wish for

She uses dark magic to make her ideal man falls in love with her. But it falls on the wrong person.

We'll discuss more to develop this.

She could be a maid, a princess or a normal girl, but this would take place in medieval, Victorian era...any time that not modern day.

Falling into darkness
A lonely, desperate princess meets a vampire who believes that taking life from someone who enjoy living would be more pleasurable, and the blood would tasted much better. He tries his best to cheer her up, He didn't plan he would eventually fall in love with her, then she discovers his real purpose...

This could go on may different way:

- Now he wants her to be happy, but she hates him from the bottom of her heart and turned into a slut, which would break his heart into pieces

- He doesn't love her like a man loves a woman. He loves her like a kid loves his toy. She belongs to him, and him only, he has the right to do whatever he wish to her. Even if he get bored and leave her alone, she still belongs to him and no one else could touch her.That's what he believes.

And, again, the opening post (it probably would change due to our discussion for the plot though)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She was standing near the window, staring at the black sky. Her story began two years ago. Yes, she could remember well the day her beautiful life ended; the day she saw her father head left his body, rolled on the ground and stopped in front of her. His eyes were open. His brown eyes was staring deep into her black eyes. She didn't cream, she didn't cry, she didn't show any emotion on her face. She was dead right at that moment. Or perhaps her life had already ended before that, when she accepted the marriage propose and came to this country. She was hoping she could be useful. Since she was a princess, she couldn't be able to help her father on the battlefield, so she hoped she could help him in the political field. And she did help him get killed, very quickly.

Closing her eye, she wished for the air turn her into an ice statue or the skies fall down and crush her into thousands pieces...

The Princess heard a loudly noise behind her back. But she didn't startle, she didn't turn around to see what happened. Because she knew very well that was the way her husband enter their bedroom. Perhaps he got tired with all the women in his harem, and came to her for some entertainments.
Throwing himself on the bed, the prince asked his wife to come and "comfort" him. Silently,unemotionally Endora did whatever he asked her to do, she also had lost her pride. But right after she unbutton his shirt and was going down below, he kicked her out and asked if a smile would hurt her or she preferred a cry. Smile or cry, to her it didn't matter. The princess looked at her husband with empty blankly eyes, and he was the first one turned his face away. Telling her to be ready for the ball, he notice she was still on the ground. He asked if she could stand up herself or she needed a "little help". Slowly, Endora stood up and again walked toward the window. The ball, she had forgotten it. The yearly ball of the nobles. "Will it be a problem if I do not attend?" she asked. And his answer came with a hard grip on her waist, he said he wanted her to be there and so she had to be there, end of discussion. Then, he hit her head to the wall, carefully enough not to leave any scar but hardly enough to draw stars in front of her eyes.

She didn't know when he left. Laying there on the ground, Endora let the wind gently caressed her body until a maid saw her and panically rushed in. She thought the princess was dead. Again, without any feeling, Endora let the maid take care of her while she was thinking about the yearly ball. Why did she have to be there? She didn't have any power, any influence to the court. And yet, her husband insisted he wanted her to walk into the ballroom with him. The worst thing he could do would be taking off her clothes in front of all the noble, or perhaps killing her with their witnesses? Both of them were fine to her. She couldn't understand him and she didn't mind to understand him. If he wanted her to be there then so it be. Looked at herself in the mirror, she knew she was ready, and she walked outside.

The ballroom was cold, the coldest of all. She took a drink right after she walked in. The last thing she wanted to do was to dance with her husband. He seemed didn't care either, as he soon have a beautiful woman in his arms on the dance floor.  Everything here was cold, weird and fake, Endora feel stuffy. Finished her glass of wine, before she could sneak away, her husband grasped her arm and asked her to dance with a fake gentle smile. Return him a cold smile, like how she had been feeling from the beginning of the ball, Endora had no other choice but to dance with him.

Finally, the dance was over, and finally her husband was carried away by a group of noblemen. Women weren't allowed to attend when men talk about important things, like politic or a rabbit hunting. Endora didn't want to know what were they talking about. She wanted some fresh air. And so, the princess walked out the balcony, hiding herself from the uncomfortable ball behind the curtains. Again, she enjoyed having the night breeze all around her.


This is a Myth of my country:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He was the new King, wanted to establish a beautiful citadel as the new capital of his country. He saw the strategic and geographic importance of the citadel. On two of its sides, the place was surrounded by impenetrable mountains and forests. There was also a river flowing by. No one knows why the King favored the spiral, shell-like shape of the citadel, but legend has it that its construction was extremely tough and difficult to complete. Each time it seemed near completion, it was undone at night by a hoard of evil spirits.

 The King burnt incense, prayed, made offerings, and evoked the gods to help him. One night, in a dream, a very, very old and venerable man with long, white hair came to him and told him the only person who could help him build his citadel was a golden turtle that lived somewhere around the citadel.

 A few days later, while sitting in a boat on the river and thinking about the meaning of his dream, a giant golden turtle appeared suddenly out of the water. The golden turtle told the King that he would need one of its claws in order to accomplish his plan. Pulling out one of its claws and throwing it to the King, the turtle vanished.

The King had a weaponry engineer, build a crossbow incorporating this claw which could shoot thousands of arrows at once. Indeed right after obtaining this claw, the King saw his fortunes change. His capital started taking shape. His kingdom prospered and soon was coveted by neighboring states. Among one of those who coveted his territory was the Evil King from the neighborhood country, who had been attempting many invasions to conquer his country but failed each time due to the Great King military skills and defense tactics.

 The Evil King, having been beaten several times, devised a new plan. He negotiated a peace treaty with the Great King's kingdom. He determined to find out where lay the strength and strategies of his foe. He even went so far as to propose marriage between the Great King's daughter and his son. In time the Evil King found out that the Great King had a magic crossbow that made him almost invincible. The Evil King then he told his son to sneak into his father-in-law's palace and steal this "magic crossbow", replacing it with a fake. The Evil King, with the magic crossbow in his hands, launched a new attack on his foe and in-law the Great King.

 This time, the capital of the Great King fortress fell into the Evil King's hands. The Great King grabbed his only daughter, and fled the scene of the battle. He rode to the river and encountered the giant golden turtle, which told the Great King, “The enemy is sitting right behind you!”

 Angered by his own daughter's betrayal, the King slew his daughter (in a popular version of the tale he beheaded her). Then he jumped into the river with the giant golden turtle.

 The Prince, searching for his beloved wife, arrived a few minutes later at the scene. The body of the Princess was lying in a pool of blood and his father-in-law was nowhere to be seen. In accordance with conjugal fidelity and devotion, he drew his sword and killed himself as well, in order to be with his wife forever in eternity.

Just wanna see if anyone would be interested in and like to make a plot out of this, we will discuss how we could change this. I'll play the princess though.

Beauty and the beast - open again


He killed her father (or her whole family) . She went after him for revenge. Of course he would easily catch her. However, he didn't kill her, he kept him with her for some reasons. And during the time she stayed with him, a lot mature things happened. She wanted to run but she couldn't, she had to revenge.
Eventually he fell in love with her and she fell in love with him. But he was an evil and he didn't want to change. She had to kill him, now it wasn't her personal revenge any more but for the sake of other people.

More about the story:

- It can be a fantasy story, still the Beast now isn't a real beast but an evil person, enjoy killing and hurting other people. Or at least he looked more like human than animal.
- I hope it could be like the original story: a prince and a normal girl. But we can discuss.
- For the mature stuff: violence, sexual...fell free with them. I do have some limits for the sexual details, but in this story I'll take the risk, I want to feel scared. Still, if your character hurt mine, he can break her arm but please don't rip it off. I would like to have her in one piece. In short, give her the kind of wounds that can heal.
- The ending, if this ever comes to end, would be tragic. One of them would die, or both, or they would live but not together. Please, make me cry.

opening post
He will die! Definitely he will die! By my own hand I will stab this dagger right on the left of his chest, where his heart is beating until it isn’t going to beat anymore.

 That was all she thought while changing into her maid outfit. With a help from a distance old friend of her father, she was able to become a royal maid. He helped her because her father had helped him once; he helped her because he would rather to let her earn her money on her own than to take care of her; he helped her because he didn’t want her and other people think he was a heartless man, who refused to take the daughter of his friend under his aegis, especially now that his friend was no longer stay in this world. But he was just over-worried, because the only thing in the girl's head now was killing her enemy, the crown prince of this country.

 Mirabel Rose grew up in a noble family with the tradition of being loyal to the Royalty. She had studied to become a true lady: how to behave in public, how to smile, how to walk, how to dance…but she didn’t study how to react when seeing they killed her father right in front of her eyes; she didn’t study how to feel when hearing her mother screamed in panic “Run, Mira, Run!” Running through hill and meadow, through day and night, Mirabel didn’t remember how she could find the mansion of Lord Baron, an old friend of her father.

 She hid her father’s dagger under her apron. She was the daughter of a Lord, a mayor, she used to have maids, not used to being a maid. But that wasn’t the matter, a maid or even a slave, she will be both in exchange for a chance to kill her mortal enemy. He had burned her house, he had burned her parent, and he had burned her beloved brother... She just remembered her father was a little worried after receiving a letter, which informed him that the prince would send an inspection officer, along with some soldiers, to ask him some questions. They didn’t ask much, they just burned everything. The prince had burned everything; the prince had burned her life.

 Yet she knew the reason. Her father used to work for the prince as an enforcer of his laws. He would make sure that people payed their taxes and that there was peace on the streets, but one day the Prince asked him to do something that he couldn't do; take the life of an innocent child. His parents hadn't been able to pay their debt so the prince wanted to burn the house, with the couple and their five years old boy inside. Her father had refused, so the prince burned their house instead.

Home sweet home
A young man, perhaps a college boy because he still lives with his family, has always had a problem with his younger sister. She is always the golden child and he is the abandoned one. He knows she deserve that, but also is jealous. And he decides to teach her a lesson, just to scare her a little. Maybe he locks her in a freezer room or have someone kidnaps her. In the end she dies, but no one know it is because of him. He feels guilty but also relax. His sister is gone, he would enjoy being the only child. The mother almost goes crazy and has to stay in a hospital. She then meets a young girl there, who has lost her memory and parents during a car accident. The family soon adopts the girl, now the boy has a new sister. Now what would he do to her?

Well, the opening post, could be longer if you like to, but the contain will still be the same.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
"This is your new home, Jane." Her new mother said, looking at her tenderly. was going to be her name now. And this was going to be her home. She didn't know her real name, Jane was the name all the nurses use to call her. The seventeen years old girl didn't like it thought. She had heard some kids in the hospital say that they usually call dead unknown women body "Jane", and "John" for men. So, she was dead? Obviously not, but they decided to call her by the name of a dead girl anyway.

 "Do you like it, Jane?" the mother asked, giving her a smile. "It looks" was the only answer the girl could come up with. She couldn't tell her new mother not to call her Jane. To the old woman, that name had a lot meaning, it was the name of her dead daughter. The girl sighed again, the name she was carrying now had so many things related to death. Perhaps it was because she should have been dead? She remembered the doctor said he couldn't believe she had survive after a terrible accident like that. Though he refused to tell her detailed, he didn't want to mention the death of her real parents. What was the problem anyway? She couldn't remember them, she couldn't remember how they looked, she couldn't even remember she had parents until he told her they were dead.

 The girl noticed her new mother's face lighten up immediately hearing the word "mom". Somehow she felt glad too. Perhaps this could be the start of something new, the start of her new life. Perhaps it was a good luck that she had forgotten everything about her past, she had a chance to start over again, a chance that not everyone can have.

 "Oh, and I need to introduce some one to you" the mother interrupted her thought "This is your new brother, he was busy with his entrance example to college so you two didn't have a chance to meet each other before."

Marie Antoinette era RP - open again
The RP would take place during Reign of Terror, the French revolution and a little earlier before that. I'm just recently interested in that old time. There would be some real historical details, but our characters don't have to be real.

I do have plots, but there are so many of them and would be changed due to our characters. So, please pm the role you would like to play and perhaps the role you would like me to play, I'll send you a plot. Something like: "I'd like to play count Fersen and hope you can play Marie Antoinette"

-Please keep in mind that the characters don't have to be real, but I would love you if you play Fersen.

Here's the opening post for the pairing Marie Antoinette and Fersen:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
How could I find you;
the one will leave a response when I call
the one will give a hand when I fall
the one will wake me up from power, luxury and sumptuous balls?

When I stand alone in the deluxe hall
when everybody gives me a blackball
when I am attacked by tongues dipped in gall
how could I find you among them all?

How many time had passed? How many night had her husband left her alone? She had lost counting. The memory of her wedding was blurred and imprecise. Her husband had given her a light kiss on the cheek, and that was all. Her mother, the mother of sixteen children, had told her that everything depended on the wife, it was her duty to make her husband want her. Hadn't she tried enough? Hadn't she been good enough? Was it because she didn't have heavy bosom? Was it true that she looked like a child and totally unattractive to him? She had been dreaming about a prince charming long before she got this marriage, and now she had to face reality.  She was the Dauphine of France, yet that woman came from a brothel could humiliate her. How was this possible? She was just a crown princess in name only...she needed a child, a son in order to have real power, in order to be free from those whispering behind her back. Yet, her husband still kept a distance from her. A tears escaped from her eye, until her friend approached her

"What's wrong, your highness?"

"Nothing, and don't call me your highness here!" the princess said with a low quick voice

"No worry, this is a mask ball, no one knows who you are!" the other lady chuckled "Now why don't you enjoy friend? There's a fine young man has been staring at you for quite some times now." she continued, pointing to the conner. Turned her back to look, princess Antoinette saw a man; and her friend had been right, those eyes that was looking at her had made her heart skip a beat. He certainly was a fine young man.

"Who is he?"The princess asked

"I don't know!" the Lady took a sip from her drink before replying "Why don't you ask him yourself?"

"Don't be silly!" princess Antoinette gave her friend a slight push on her shoulder and the two Ladies burst with laughter. Only if her husband was like that, strong, handsome with a charming smile, instead of the shy timid man that turned his back to her when they were in bed. The young princess thought and sighed. But sadness soon left her when a gentleman asked her for a dance, the princess answered with a lovely smile "My pleasure.". As he took her hand and leaded her back, she turned her face and once again her eyes were locked with those two seductive eyes. Now she was sure that man was showing his interest for her.

At first she thought it was just a coincidence, a man looked at a woman and there certainly was nothing wrong with that. But when his eyes kept following her, watching her talking, observing her definitely wasn't normal. And somehow that made the young princess frequently glance back at him, just to quickly turn away. This was the first time a man made her feel nervous. If her husband could give her this kind of feeling, things would have been much easier.

As the dance was over, she smiled with her partner before walking toward the balcony. The young girl needed some fresh air, before returning to her boring husband. The cool breeze touched her face and gently caress her soft skin, it felt so comfortable. The princess closed her eyes to enjoyed the night, forgetting her marriage, her husband, and even her status...

Because I love you - Open again

They have been working/studying together for a long time. She always appears unattractive, no make up, messy hair...but he does have some feelings for her. Yet he hasn't confessed, he believe no other man could love her and she would always be available, waiting for him. He doesn't want to settle down, having a girlfriend yet. But suddenly in a party, she introduces her boyfriend. He's perfect, and she looks perfect too, with make up, sexy dress and stuffs. Now he has to confess to her, has to make her his. No, she is supposed to be his. She belongs to him!

The STEPFORD wives - Open again

Here's the original plot of the movie
This's what I want to play: A young, just married couple moved out of their hometown as someone had offered the husband an ideal job in a small town. In the new place, the wife tried to find a job but there was no real jobs for women there. "The zombie-like, submissive Stepford wives" told her women were supposed to take care of the family when the men working.

"As the story progresses, the wife becomes convinced that the wives of Stepford are being poisoned or brainwashed into submission by the men." And she discovered she would be the new victim. Now she had to pretend that they had succeeded in transforming her, and tried to find her escape.

As a robot-like wife, her husband would be the King and she would have to listen to him, perhaps having sex in public or share her with his "friends"...The problem here was she hadn't been brainwashed, she was fully aware of what she was doing, but she had to show that she enjoyed it.

And we can discuss for more details.

The story of a neko - open again


Your character, either a scientist or a mage, is testing a new drug/machine/spell and asks my character to help. The unexpected result is she is turned into a neko, and they don't know how to turn her back to normal. First, he just touches innocently to check what's wrong with his work, and she moans. Perhaps she has become more sensitive. He decides to check further, and after the sex she changes back.

Then every times she is turned on, she changes into a neko and only changes back after having sex. He would have a great time teasing her, making her horny, make her beg for his touches. This is a pure smut idea.

Who am I? - open again


A young woman had a car accident and wakes up in the hospital. She doesn't have any personal paper, no credit card, no driving shows who she is. She gives them her name and address when the doctors asks for her identity; but when the polices inform her family, they are told no one like that lives there. Next day, she wakes up and doesn't remember anything, she also give them another name. They soon find out she has many split personalities, and don't know which one is real.

You can play a doctor, a police or anyone tries to find out who she is. Each personality would have a different story and a problem needs to be solved, perhaps it would disappear after it satisfy. The stories of her personalities could be sexual or horror or anything else that we'll discuss.

Daughter of the Nile
A western girl, redhead with hazel eyes, travels to Egypt and visits a tomb, as now it's open for visitors, she was trying to read a sentence on the wall written in ancient language. It's a spell and she is sent back to ancient time.

As far as I know, the Pharaohs would have their tombs built long before they're dead, so perhaps she is sent back and the workers see her. They think she came from hell for her "fiery hair" and "snake eyes" and capture her immediately, then send her to the Pharaoh.

Before killing her, the Pharaoh decides to play some sexual game with her, since she's after all a woman. After he finishes and let her wait for her death in a room/jail/prison...she blows it up and escape (she could make explosives since it's her study, or she would use some other modern technique...), he would chase after her and capture her again, now starts to think he could use her "power" to develop his country.

They would eventually fall in love or he would turn her into his sex slave or....we could discuss.

For this, I have already started it with someone but then realized our writing styles didn't match. We stopped, and I have the opening post already:

Egypt was a wonderful place to be, though it was bloody hot! A young woman stood, staring at the Nile, she let a felt a small smile crack onto her face. Susana Hayward was a college student, and would be graduated next year. So, she took a long strip this summer to let her mind relax, before staring to work hard for the next semester. The light breeze pulled a few red tresses from her messy ginger hair, which she'd hastily tied up into a pony tail to keep it from sticking to her neck. Yet, it still looked like her head was burning under the sun.

Susana fluttered her hazel eyes and then started walking upriver, heading towards the tomb area; she had been separated herself from her group for some fresh air, and now she had to get back unless she wanted to be lost in this desert. Yet she couldn't find her friends, a little bit worried she entered the temple, the cool air was refreshing. The decor was traditional, as this place had been restored well. Perhaps her group was somewhere inside. The redheaded girl began to walk deeper into the dark tone way that was lightened by some torches, she shouldn't felt worried, even if her friends had moved on, they would soon find out she was missing and get back here. The dim light didn't do much for her so she had to touch the wall to avoid tripping or any trap there would probably be in the tomb of a pharaoh. It sounded stupid though, not like no one had ever been here before. That was when her fingers found something carved into the wall. She turned her head to side and had to narrowed her eyes to look at it. Something like a careless hand writing. In a Pharaoh's tomb? Weird. Trying her best to read it, even though language, especially an ancient one, wasn't her major, Susana somehow managed to finish it.

Listen all of you! The priest of Hathor will beat twice any of you who enters this tomb or does harm to it. The gods will confront him because I am honored by his Lord. The gods will not allow anything to happen to me. Anyone who does anything bad to my tomb, would have to face me in person.

The young woman took one step back, realizing it was a curse. But "face me in person"? Did it mean that unlucky intruder would die and meet the Pharaoh in hell? Didn't it also mean the pharaoh would be sent to hell himself? Before she could figure out an answer, strong winds, as strong as a storm, hit her from every side of her, and the sand below her foot came to live, dancing around her, wrapping her, making her closing her eyes in confusedness. She couldn't breath, sand was getting into her nose and down her throat. And she blacked out.

Not knowing how long it had been, her eyes fluttered, the darkness was gone, replaced by a flickering light; torches lined the Temple and she winced, slowly sitting up. Something did not feel right and she took in a deep breath. The smell was slightly lemon-ey... like a lemon and a pine cone morphed together... Frankincense? Shaking her head gently, she began to observe around. She was still in the tomb, but it was very looked, well, unfinished. It wasn't the old rubble but a fresh new construction was being built, there were even some workers working outside, she could see them through the incomplete wall.

"Hey!" Susana shouted, hoping to catch their attention, and yet she did, but perhaps it was a stupid thing. A man glanced at her as she wave at him, his eyes wide opened and he screamed in panic, as if he had seen a ghost. He even fell onto the ground and from a this distance, she was sure he was shaking violently. He wasn't scare, he was terrified. The others came to check if he was fine, then they all screamed and ran away. What was going on here? Soon enough, two Royal guards came in and grabbed her, before she could say anything, something hard slammed into the back of her head and she blacked out again, still be able to heard they was saying about the ambassador of Seth...

The prince and the beggar
Just like the old story, the young prince wants to get out of his castle, finds a beggar that look very much like him. But the beggar is a girl. Not a real problem because she really does look like him and with the right clothes, no one can tell the difference. But some one does. Could be the King, the prince's loyal servant...or anyone else in your imagination. And so, unless she wants her head off, she has to listen to the man.

This story could be developed in many different ways.

-The prince comes back and knows about the story, what would he do? Would he fall in love with her later?

-For some reasons, the princes dies on the street and the girl is stuck.

-Or could be vice versa, a princess wants to know the real world outside. She then get lost on the street, get revealed and taken advantaged by a baker who used to give the beggar food...Or now the beggar tries to take her place by saying a witch has turned him into a man since the King doesn't have any son...

opening post
Walking in the hallway, she had used to people bowing to her and calling her "your highness". Eliza still couldn't believe this had happened to her. Couple days ago, she had been a lowly street thief, now she was a high rank noble. A Prince. With a shirt featured a comfortable spread collar, a sleeveless dark tunic that had subtle patterns, boot-cut trousers that were slightly wider at the bottom so that they fit easily over those black thigh high boots covering her foot, and the long blond hair tied into a pony tail behind her back, she did look like a Prince. Needless to mention no one could recognize her feminine curves in that puffy shirt.

It had happened about a week ago, when she had been stupid enough to try and steal from the wrong people: the Prince and his entourage. Of course she hadn't known who he was, but she had known they were nobles and she shouldn't have stolen from them. Yet she had to, she had needed to money, and she had believed that she was the best of thieves. Eliza actually was a noble girl. Her father was a high rank noble that was allowed to go to the palace and meet the King. He had taken her mother, his maid, and had promised her a bright future. And it wasn't a surprise that he had thrown her away after he had gotten enough of her. And so, Eliza had been born in an alley, grew up with mice and cold wind. After her mother died, she had had to fend for herself. Stealing what she could, running constantly, once she had been able to find a honest job. Cleaning and cooking and earning her food the right way. But her boss, just like her father, had decided to pull the sixteen year old girl over his lap so she had punched him in the face and gone back to stealing.

She had been bound. She had been caught. Like an animal she had been laying on the ground, staring at the young nobleman after her captured. He started back at her and she realized something so familiar in those eyes. They were at blue and clear as hers. After a moment he had laughed, he had told her she had been very lucky and that he wouldn't kill her, he had another plan. And this was his plan. Having her took his place while he was running around freely outside the castle. No one knew about this, as they had exchanged their clothing in private and he flee away right after that. Eliza had had a hard time, and was still having it now, to behave like a Prince, talk like a Prince and walk like a Prince. People certainly had noticed "the Prince's" strange behavior, the way "he" blurted out "Holly shit!" when something suddenly happened, but no one had suspected anything, at least not yet.

The girl let out a sigh. When would this end? When would the real Prince return home and she had to return back to the street? It wasn't that she enjoyed being in his place. There was things to take care of, even though the King would mostly take care of it, and those noble women that ran after her everywhere. But everything she needed was provided here: food and a shelter. She hoped once the Prince came back, he would pay her some money and she could start a new life.

"Ouch!" she accidentally pumped into someone as she was thinking. Looked at the figure on the ground, Eliza rolled her eyes, perhaps it hadn't been an accident. She offered her hand and a warm smile "My apologize...Are you alright, my lady?" that always happened, a young girl "accidentally" hit her, and she would have to carry the noble woman to a room, asking a servant for something to treat her hurting ankle.

The end of the world


WWIII, the secret storage of atomic bombs exploded, leaded to many natural disasters: earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruption...many peoples died and those who are alive are seperated from each other.  A girl was born in the day the world ended. She and her mother survive somehow. The girl grows up, and the only human she ever knew was her mother. One day the mother dies, the daughter now is all alone and she accidentally meets a man.

We could develop this in many ways, she knows nothing about sex so he could take his chance to teach her. Or her mother has one told her besides her mother and her, all human are monsters (because they started the war that destroyed the world?) and she would try to kill him...We could also add some real monsters, zombies or anything else... My only preference is that she doesn't know anything about men and women while he is an experienced man.

My partner ran away, so, here's the opening post if you would like me to start this

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
One day, everybody was talking about it. It had even been printed in the newspapers. A natural disaster had caused more than half of the world's population would be killed, an earthquake. Then followed by a tsunami. Disaster just came after disaster, was this how the world would end? Was this how human wanted to do with this beautiful planet? It was all started with a war. It always was. And now, people were dying. The war was over, but it was too late. The darkness of human jealousy, hatred and enmity... had put those great cities in flames. The world burn. Buildings crumbled and collapsed, petrol stations blow up, bodies crumpled at the side of the roads, cars overturned and crashed...and the Earth was covered in a hug grey cloud when everything seemed to settled down.

The sky was perpetually night, a woman walked on the ruined street, her swelling belly was telling her to find a place to rest, for her own sake...and for her child's sake. Her water could break if she keep going. But she had to. She couldn't stay here. A painful shock ran through the woman's body, making her whimper and fall onto the ground. Her child was coming. No, not now, not now...

That was the day Mirabel born. Or at least her mother had told her so. Now, the young girl was standing in front of her mother's dead body, the only living person she knew for her entire life. Tears was rolling down her dusty cheeks, making a mess on her face, but she didn't care to wipe it away. Her mother was gone now. She was alone now. What else should she care about? The girl suddenly let out a loudly scream and dropped on both of her knees, crying with all the air in her lung. Her mother had left her behind.

After a couple hours or so...she didn't know, the only way for her to know time had passed was that the sun falling down and raising again. She was gathering tone and brick to cover her mother's corpse. No one had taught her how to build a tomb and in fact she didn't know what a tomb was. But she knew she shouldn't leave the flesh body expose, it would lead the monsters here. With the final tone, the young girl gave a sobbing sound and turned away. She had to live, she had promised to her mother.

Mirabel felt a little bit relaxed when she was finally home. The place she called home, a crumbling building where her mother with her talented art skills had fixed it, decorated it with glass jars to fill the entire place with light. A drawing of trees and grass, how the world had been in her mother memory was in a plastic bag hanging on the wall, Mirabel gently touched it, feeling tears threatening to come out again. Withdrawing her hand with a sigh, the young girl started to take off her clothes and walked out side to a river. Trees had grown back, but weren't like they were before. No jungle or woods, just some lonely stick with leaves standing randomly somewhere, someplace...At least there was water now. Mirabel still remember the long trip her mother and her had to take before getting to this place. She had seen the sun going up three times. Three days without water, it was a wonder that they alive. And the wonder was gone, her mother was dead now.

Shaking her head to clear the dark thought, the girl stepped into the water, enjoy the cool feeling around her, before she heard a loud noise...

The Abandoned

English privateer kidnapped the daughter of a French general, in hope for ransom and some politic negotiation. The general simply replied he didn't care, the girl worth nothing to him. (I know the image shows the opposite, English woman and French privateer but I couldn't find a more suitable one)

We could work together to see how this would go.

opening post
Eliza de Soisson, born the eighth of nine daughters to the Commander of the Royal Guards. Her father, general General François Augustin Regnier de Soisson was responsible for the safety of the Royal family. And her family had been working for the King for two or three generations. Basically, they were one of the highest nobility in France.

Eliza wasn't close to her father, she had never talked to him more than three sentences. And he didn't care either. Daughters were useless to him, girls were useless to him, he needed a son, a successor as leader of the Palace Guards. And the only thing that he found he could put his daughters into some good use, was to marry them in exchange for money and property.

And so, ever since she had been a little girl, Eliza had been studied how to become a proper lady: How to walk, how to talk, how to behave in front of others, especially men. Yet, she couldn't figure out why her younger sister was able to be married before her. Not that all her older sisters had been married though. But Eliza and the ninth one, Rosaline, always were the subjects of comparison. Mostly because Rosaline was just a year younger than her, but was so much more popular, more active, more attractive. No man could be able to turn his head away from those doe-like eyes and silky blond hair.

Eliza on the other hand, wasn't that stand out with her dark hair and brown eyes. She was the type of women would be hiding herself in a corner at a party, not to walk around and dance with men. Probably it really was her fault for being so content, but she just couldn't stand when people, mostly her other sisters or even mother, said that she need to look at Rosaline and learn. Learn what? How to flirt and act like a slut?

In fact now that was exactly what the girls talking about. Telling her to buy new dress, something would show more of her cleavage, like the one Rosaline was wearing. Rosaline would be married within two months, and they were in town, shopping, preparing things for her to be the most beautiful bridge in France. Now Eliza wishes she hadn't come along. Listening about her sister's marriage was bad enough, helping her with it was the worst thing she should ever do.

Yet, coming across a white dress in the window, she must admit it would look better than the plain thing she was wearing. White silk satin with hammered silver floral brocade and silver bobbin lace trim, it looked extraordinary and Eliza was wondering how she would look in it, when Rosaline stopped by and said she would try that one. Eliza walked away, she didn't need to stay and see how Rosaline would look like, she already knew the result: would be more enticing than her.

As she was wandering on the street, she heard the huge sound of broken glasses. Then people started to yell and run. A crowd rushed to her, pushing her, pulling her away and she saw her sisters who were still in the clothing store "Rosaline, Dianne, Jeanne..." She called out loud. She saw them turn around, she saw them look straight into her eyes, and she saw them run into the opposite direction. "Wait!" she called again before they disappeared into the crowd.

Eliza froze for a moment, letting the stream of human swept her away, before someone knock her down on the ground. Tears rolled down her cheek as her eyes opened wide. People stepped on her, kicked her, shouted at her for sitting on their way, but she didn't cry because of that. She cried because her sisters had left her like they hadn't seen her at all. But they had, at least Rosaline had...The girl then tried her best to pull herself into a tavern, standing at the bar she breathed heavily, drying her tears and trying to figure out what to do.

A mermaid's story

If you bath in a Mermaid's blood, your skin will become as hard as steel; If you eat a Mermaid's flesh, you'll become immortal; If you make love with a Mermaid, she'll make any (but only one) of your wish come true.

Human don't know if those are real or just rumors, but they know for sure Mermaids do exist and the hunting for Mermaids has been continuing ever since. You, a pirate searching for treasures or a Prince searching for winning in the war...doesn't matter who you are, but you're from another country and have just only heard about Mermaids for the first time in your life. Now you saw/have one. What would you do?

As the above said, you can be a pirate, a Prince or just a crew member. You can capture her or find her in a market...whatever works. And of course you have a reason to want her: treasure, victory, or something could only be granted by magic? (Like, making your dead loved one alive?)

My version for a Mermaid would look like in the picture, her tail begins from her thighs, not hips, and her womanhood would be exposed even in her Mermaid form. She would also have two pelvic fins, are sharp and could be used as weapon. Somewhat like the picture on the right but bigger, longer and placed higher, maybe stick to her waist.

The mermaid, was a chosen one from her own kind. Mer-people chose her to mate with a merman and produce the next generation, since their kind was almost extinct. She was on her way to her new home, and was captured...
opening post
Deep under the sea, colourful fishes glide among strange plants which waved gently to and fro in the crystal-clear water. In the deepest part which no human had ever visited, the mer-people lived. The mer-king's palace had coral walls and a roof of oyster shells which opened and close gently with the waves, each one hiding a gleaming pearl.

It had been that way thousands of years ago. Now the coral palace had fallen into a big huge debris. The mer-people, lived only a few and were as old as the sea. No lovely young mermaids that would sing beautiful songs and capture young Princes' hearts. Except for one.

She wasn't the youngest daughter of the king, like in fairy tale, just one of those rare young mermaids left. One of those that was able to mate and stop the mer-people falling into extinction. Her hair has the color of the moon, a little bit white mixed with yellow, her tail and fins were of silver and pearl, and her eyes had the color of the sea: so dark and so deep, like it was reflecting the sadness in her heart.

She couldn't scream, she couldn't see, she could only struggle to save her life but it seemed to be hard too. She didn't know what had stuck on her, some kind of weeds? She thrashed and dashed, trying to break free, trying to call for help as there were no one else around. It was a stupid idea to decide to go alone, she supposed. Her fiance must have wondered why she was taking too long. She had to come to him. She was one of the young mermaids was able to mate him and give birth to at least a mer-baby. He was twice her age and had other six wives. Or more accurately other six mermaids had had sex with him, but that didn't matter, she had to come to him, it was her duty to save her kind.

But now she had to save herself first. Continued struggling, the first time in her life, the young mermaid felt afraid of water. Even though she had a fish tail, she still breathed with her lung, and she needed to stay near the surface, like a whale or dolphin. Probably that was while she got caught in this mess. Water was above her head, water was in front of her, water was behind her, water was all around her...and she struggled again...

A Sorceress' story

They say she has sold her spirit to the devils and is using dark magic. They say she has killed the Princess from the neighboring country because she's in love with the Prince...They say so many things, and none of them is true. Certainly she didn't kill the Princess, and the only magic she knows is Shape-shifting.

She is actually the daughter of the Royal Mage and is still studying. All rumors started when people noticed her hair has changed from brown to white. The reason is because of the Shape-shifting lesson: she can transform into a white fox, but every body takes that as a sign of dark magic evolving; they have never seen a white hair human before.

After the accident that took the Princess' life, she becomes the most wanted criminal. As a white fox, she was caught by one of the knight that chasing her a knight. And when she could no longer hold the animal form,he finds a naked woman with white hair in his house.

opening post
The war had been going on for what it seemed to be like forever. They wanted the war to end, but they also wanted to win at the same time. And what could be more appropriate to solve this problem than an arranged marriage? A Princess, beautiful and wonderful as people said she was, had been sent to the opponent country to marry the Prince. And after just a week, her personal maid found her dead in her room. It hadn't taken long before people started to suspect the Royal sorceress. She always wore a black cloak that covered her head, but more than once people had seen her snowy hair, the hair of a demon.

And now, Mirabelle the sorceress was running in the woods, with a group of knights chasing her. If she had known it would turn out like this, she should never have put one step into the palace. Her father had warned her, about the color of her hair, but she was curious to know how the Princess looked like. After all that girl was going to marry the man of her dreams. Yes, she admired the Prince, and she wasn't the only one. He was charming, tender, handsome...a perfect gentleman, every girl in this country loved him. But to kill the Princess just because of that?

She heard the men yelled and knew they were getting closer, she had to run faster. Her long silvery hair tied into a pony tail waving behind her as she run. Just like a lightened torch for them to follow in this dark forest. This wouldn't work. She thought. Her hands went to her chest, glowing blue, and when the dim blue aura surrounded her entire body, she felt something plunged into her from behind. Perhaps an arrow.

The girl almost jumped into the air with a scream and before she knew it, she was rolling down a hill. When her rolling stopped, she got bruises all over her soft flesh and she felt a large cut on her leg and the cold wind was caressing her back. She could hardly run in this condition but the seventeen years old sorceress smiled. She knew she was safe now, at least from those who were chasing her. The long hair tied behind her back now was a white puffy tail waving slightly, white fur covered her body, her pupils narrowed, showing more of the amber iris...she was no longer a human, but a fox. least she had succeeded in learning something from her father. A tear fell from her eye. What would happen to her father if they didn't find her? Now she hated them, those brainless people would believe in anything. She remembered very well the way her father had shouted "Run, Mira, run!" when those men broke the door. Probably the poor man was in the dungeon now...

She shifted and pain shot through her entire body. Something must be broken, perhaps her legs or even her ribcage as she felt hard to breath. She didn't know where this place was, she didn't know if she had been out of the knights' sight. She only knew she need help, and water, and food...and she passed out.

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These characters come without any plots or ideas, don't hesitate to contact me if they fit your story.


Character 1

Name: (would change depends on story)

Age: 18-25

Personality: She would appear very shy and timid at first. And she keeps being distant until you're close enough to her. It would take from couple hours to couple months to earn her trust, depends on your method to approach her. She is a shy bunny for most of people, a playful lovely and sometimes annoying kitten for people whom she trusts, and a scary lion once she really gets angry. Yet she has learned to retrains herself and rarely turns into a lion.

Bio: . She's an art transfered student, and the day she left her country has changed her life (her bio would change a little whether the RP is set in his country or hers. Perhaps she's still studying or she's done and goes back...). As an Asian girl she was raised to be an obedient daughter, and she also was born to be a shy one so never has she been a rebel. Yet inside her heart, more than once she had betrayed her parents to think about her own dreams; though she has never dared to do it in real life. After she graduated, her parents wanted her to continue her study, but she wasn't sure. However, once again as an obedient child, she listened to them and went over sea. Only then she realized her mistake but it was too late, now she has to decide to flee herself from the safety world her parents created for her and follow her dreams, or to continue being a puppet.

Like: Drawing, painting...but not like the way she study at school. She wants to draw what she like, not what her teachers (and if she could start a business then perhaps her costumers) like.
Enjoying quiet places such as the terrace under the starry skies and above the noisy city. She really loves animal, most kind of them except for insects (ex: cockroach...)

Dislike: Talking with people, unless she knows them well enough.
Eating on diet. She eats whatever and whenever she likes. That doesn't mean she'll eat all the time like a pig. She would skips breakfast and lunch and have a hearty dinner if she wants to. It's her first little rebel, at least she can have her meals the way she likes.

character 2

Name: (would change depends on story)

Age: 16-20

Personality: Extremely stubborn. As stubborn as a mule, yet also very naive when putting in the world outside her castle. Even with her noblesse world, the only thing she knows is she is a princess and every body will listen to her, including her father. But she is not a villain, consider her as a child who only knows the world her father has created for her, put her in to protect her; and let she has her little-power-under-his-secret-supervision. Yet, for a child, no one has ever seen she crying. She always appears lively and full of passion. Despite how childish Eliza behave, deep inside she really wants to know her true identity.

Bio: If she wasn't a girl, she would have been killed by her five hafl-blood older brothers. Because the King brought her to the castle when she was 2 year old and told his sons that she was their sister. Her mother was unknown.
Even though 2 year old is not too young, she couldn't remember anything about her previous life before she became a real princess. And that is what she always wants to know and will do any stupid thing,even though she know it's stupid, to find out.
First, all the princes hated her but soon they considered her as a small cute fragile younger sister, in-need of protection. Despite all their efforts to protect her, she continuously puts herself in danger and only does what she wants.

Extra: She could be a modern girl with the same personality and somewhat similar background.

character 3

Pham Bach Lien
Age: 16-19
Personality: When she was still with her family, she was gracefully and conservative. She would be careful around her father, but would turn joyful with her friends. She cared for her little brothers and loved her mother a lot, even though she was fully aware what kind of job her mother had done before giving birth to her. After their house was burned and they moved to live with many people in a small public house, she became shy and timid, and normally didn't react while other made bad joke about her and her family.

Her mother was Vietnamese but her father was a rich American, came to Vietnam in hope of developing his business. Her mother was a high rank prostitute, young and beautiful and only hooked up with rich western guys. She soon won the heart of the American man and Lien was born.

The man let the mother stay with him, to satisfy his needs as his wife was so far away. But he didn't love her, or his daughter, the mother was just a sex toy for him. Lien had been going to a American girl school located in Vietnam and been taught to be a young lady: how to walk, how to talk, how to behave in front of people especially men...Her mother hoped one day she could find another rich man just like her father. Only until her twins brothers were born that her father turned his heart to her mother, since his American wife couldn't have a son.

Suddenly the Liberation of Saigon happened, her father was killed and her house was destroyed. The mother bring her children to a refugee camp opened by the new government. Since every body hated her slutty mother and her blond brothers, Lien was always the target to be bullied.

character 4
Name: Belle

Appearance: She is a brunette girl with hazel eyes and soft pink lips to complement her wavy brown hair, which most commonly tied in a low ponytail. She is average height for her supposed age and slender, and her outfit choices are modest, dutiful and homely, yet attractive.

Personality: Belle was a typical girl: sweet, charming, cheerful, gentle, and pure. Yet, she could turn to be determined, stubborn and headstrong when the circumstance required. Especially when talking about her father. Everything about her father's bad side is a defamation, to her he was God.

Bio: Belle has a childhood full of joys. There was nothing for her to worry about, except for her father hardly allowed her to leave the house. But as an obedient daughter, she had nothing to complain. She also believed that was just overprotecting. Her father was the best kind of fathers, he was there for her first step, he stayed with her all night because she was afraid there was a monster under her bed, he kissed her forehead softly and say "sweet dream my angel" every night when she was a child. Even now he still does sometimes. She doesn't know how he runs his business outside the house, how he gotten into a big debt that he couldn't be able to pay.

Like any other young girl, she dreams about a charming prince, despite the fact that her childhood friend, Gaston, has a huge crush on her that anyone could see. Their parents have planned to let them engage, but Gaston's parents changed their mind after learning about what her father was doing for the prince. He was enforcer of his laws, he would make sure that people payed their taxes and would do everything to get the money. Doesn't matter it is killing a pregnant woman or burning a house with a baby inside. But for once, his victims have managed to escape without paying the giant amount of money or being head off. And now the prince wants him to pay.

Extra: She was created for "beauty and the beast", her name and bio could change a bit to fit the story.

character 5

Name: (would change depends on story)

Age: 19-25

Personality: She gets what she wants through any means. She can be cold and uncaring at one point, and then warm and happy the next. She is not naive, and can be a tad sexual, especially when talking to her husband, or a handsome man, be it peasant or other noble. She's known to be a flirt, but has never taken anything far enough to be adulterous. She might flirt, but she is loyal to her husband.

Bio: She had known her entire life about her engagement to the future king of a distant kingdom. She had even planned her wedding down to the last treacle tart by the age of 16. But when her future husband mailed a letter asking if his sister could be in it somehow, she was taken aback. This was when she realized she would have to move some things -people- around, even though she didn't want to. So the princess -her future sister in law- became a flower girl with great reluctance on the part of the queen to be. From then, she's been plotting her revenge. How? She would make the princess disappear, creating a war between two countries, yes, but it would be worth it. The best part? Delilah's husband would turn to her for comfort.

character 6

Name: (would change depends on story)

Age: 16-20

Personality: quite innocent for being locked in the castle since she was born. It's not like she never went out but the world she has experienced is the noble world: splendid, full of joy and happiness. And for being a young girl surrounded by her parents and her 20-year-old-big brother's love, she is a little bit stubborn and careless.

Bio: Hardly does she meet the King and Queen because they are so busy ruling the country, so her brother also takes place as her parents: he is there for her when she cries, he teaches her everything he could...needless to say she loves him very much. After he gets married, she has to share his attention with his wife, and recently she doesn't meet him a lot because he's learning to be the future king. So she was kinda lonely and thought that this marriage will bring her another companion, and her husband would be her best friend (someone to replace her brother)

About her marriage, she feels absolutely nothing. She knows what marriage mean but even she is on her way to meet her future husband, she still doesn't have the nervousness, the fear...or whatever feeling of a new bride.

I don't have specific ideas for these pictures yet, but want to do something with them...

Pictures for inspiration


buy your girl

the invisible man

opening post
Lady Susana Harris Hayward.

The third daughter of Lord Christopher H. Hayward IV. Her father was an Earl, and she was engaged to the Prince Lucas. She hadn't met him, of course she had heard about him and had seen him before, but hadn't talked to him more than three sentences. Yet, she was going to marry him in the next couple months and had already moved in the Royal palace.

Susana had just finished washing herself and was choosing suitable clothes for the ball. Ever since she lived in the palace, there were always balls, parties, masquerade...for her to attend. It wasn't something unfamiliar to her, she after all was a Lady. But it seemed she suddenly became famous thank to her engagement, and every noble from all over the country wanted to see her, the young girl had captured the Icy Prince's heart just by a single look.

Prince Lucas was a handsome charming young gentleman. A true gentleman. No story about his romance could be heard from anywhere, in the court or on the streets. He was sweet and gentle, in fact, a little too mild for a 'man'. Even when he was with a beautiful woman and she had chosen to encourage his ego, he would never initiate any indecent thing. Even now when Susana was his fiancee, all they ever done when they were alone was talking about flower and weather, sometimes about jewelries and lovely puppies. Women weren't allow to talk about politic, or at least not with a man. What else could they talk about? And plus that with the admiration he had for her, it was a wonder and perhaps a mystery that his eyes had never glanced down her neck.

It wasn't like she wanted him to, but thing was getting boring. Wasn't she attractive enough to him? She was still a very young girl, eighteen years old in fact. With her young breasts that stood out even under her corset, her slender waist and her porcelain skin, he should have felt something. Sighing silently, Susana put on a silk satin dress, had lavish embroidery and a jewelled bodice, which would have sparkled under Glass or candle light. Her fiance said nothing except for a polite compliment "You look beautiful" as he escorted her to the ball. The young girl just smiled in return, that was all she could expect from a man like him.

The ball wasn't special, just like all others she had gone to, slow soft music, golden light of the candles, dancing, drinking and talking...only a small talk of the Ladies had caught her attention, before her future husband decided it was time to head back. The women was talking about a mysterious man, attacking Lady Julia from the shadow and make her scream in pleasure. Then countess Melissa and next duchess seemed he only chose noblewomen to fulfill his desire. None of the Ladies had ever seen his face though, or any part of his body. He was the shadow.

Susana putting her earrings on the table, looking at herself in the mirror as now she was again alone in her bedroom. The Prince certainly would stay in another room. A man from the shadow, an obvious impracticable fantasy. She thought. No one like that existed, how could we felt someone but couldn't see him? Perhaps he was ghost, but ghosts couldn't be touched or touch human. The young girl smiled, before starting to undo the lace on her back...a hard to reach place, she would need help though...

take it off

you're my queen

hot water

good meal

look at me


guess who I am

Batman vs Catwoman

Kissing underneath the mistletoe

Attacking the commander

size difference

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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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Hmm i'd be interested in the end of the world idea. Do you have anything more specific in mind for the story? Location? Europe? America? Asia?

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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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Some taken, updated "The STEPFORD wives"

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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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Changed some statuses and added

-Falling into darkness

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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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Some are open again

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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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The complexity of royalty
Be careful with what you wish for

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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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Added a character.

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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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Added "Beyond the sky" and some characters.

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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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added some images

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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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Added a new plots

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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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some are open again.

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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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Add a new idea:

The Abandoned


Open again for these only

Daughter of the Nile
The complexity of royalty
Love triangle
Falling into darkness
Home sweet home
The STEPFORD wives
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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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A mermaid's story. (craving this one)
A Sorceress' story.

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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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Added new plot The sacrifice

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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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added a new picture

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Re: My ideas (F for M)
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added a new picture