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Author Topic: The Natural Selection  (Read 342 times)

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The Natural Selection
« on: March 31, 2012, 02:15:19 PM »
I know that there isn't a wide selection of people pinning to do a realistic roleplay but I thought this would be interesting.

When most of us hear the words "Natural Selection" together we imagine Darwin's theory, the survival of the fittest, things of that nature. Natural Selection is not just this though. Scientist are trying to discover why people choose specific people on reflex to pursue romantically. They also want to answer Why do people not go with the logical choice? The person who has the most in common with them and makes them smile the most. Why do they instead go for their first instinctual person instead, even though the outcome might look bleak? Their theory is that people find others with the same genetic traits as well, eye color, hair color in order to unconsciously preserve their genes. In order to test this theory they will have to recruit people from all over the states, with these natural traits, no dyed hair color will be accepted. To find the answers to their questions Scientists have recruited a few people to help them out. To make their study the most accurate they've recruited 6 people around the age of 22, when the male sexuality peaks.

These 6 people have never met each other before and think that they are going to be on a reality TV show, kind of like The Real World. They will be filmed every second of the day, save for when they are in the bathrooms. They have a girl and a guy for each of the specific traits they are looking for. They ruled out red hair and hazel eyes in their initial study though because a scientist else where was doing the exact same project with those two specific traits only. To make sure that the people of the same genetic traits aren't compatible they have chosen based on zodiac signs, this scientific team has spent a lot of looking at zodiac signs and finds a few of them to be incompatible in the long run because of their personalities. All of their studies will show whether or not their initial theories are correct, the 6 people in the house have three months to show them that.

The Traits
Female1: Black Hair, Green Eyes, Libra. - LadyNitrate
Zodiac Traits -Libra is the sign of the Scales, creating balance and harmony all around them. Libra is a masculine air sign which is cardinal, allowing them take action towards their goals. They are ruled by the planet Venus, and many Libras are recognizable for their "pretty facial features." The Air element keeps Libra on the move, always having changes of some sort surrounding them. These interpretations let you know that a Libran needs the balance of a partnership in their life. They are born flirts, which in most cases is quite harmless. Librans are also known to be very visual, so the nicer you look, or the nicer you keep your living area, the more happy and content they will be. They are inclined to be indecisive, weighing over the pros and cons of each choice they have to make in life.
Compatible With -Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, Leo
Incompatible With -Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn

Female2: Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Pisces. -
Zodiac Traits -Pisces is the sign of the swims up the river, the other swims down the river. The fish represent hidden depth, reincarnation, and continuous emotional currents. Pisces is a feminine water sign that is mutable, and known for compassion, romance, imagination, and intuition. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of mystery, deception, and illusions. These interpretations let you know that the Pisces people are born with the gift of prophecy and vision. The Water element for this sign makes Pisces loyal, sensitive, and devoted. The fish are incredibly sentimental and overly imaginative. With all the soft qualities that make up a Pisces, less sensitive signs often mistake them as weak or spineless. Pisces is a spiritual sign and they seem to have very old souls. Many have some type of spiritual awakening in their life. In less balanced times during their lives, these gentle creatures can become escapists and lean towards overindulgence.
Compatible With -Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus
Incompatible With -Libra, Aries, Aquarius, Leo

Female3: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Taurus -
Zodiac Traits -Taurus is the sign of the bull. Taurus offers dependability and security. The bull is a fixed sign - making them stubborn and bull-headed. Ruled by Venus, they are usually quite attracted to beauty and luxury, especially when it concerns their own possessions... meaning material things and/or people. Noted as a feminine sign, they are very generous and creative. These interpretations let you know that their earthy element may have them appear as being a slow mover - but it is a slow pace that keeps them on the right track. They like to take their time on making decisions and believe that this aids them in making the best investments, whether in a financial (or romantic) situation. The bull tends to be quite private, and more of a listener - frustrating those who need more communication. These folks are patient, strong, sincere, loyal and have tons of common sense.
Compatible With -Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo, Pisces
 Incompatible With - Aries, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius

Male1: Black Hair, Green Eyes, Capricorn -
Zodiac Traits -Capricorn is the sign of the goat. A Capricorn is a person who will have a slow climb to reach their goals, but will eventually succeed. This person is not only ambitious, but practical as well. This is a feminine earth sign which is cardinal. These interpretations let you know that the Capricorn people take each step with sternness and good judgement. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations and discipline. A Capricorn will meet more than their share of obstacles in life, but with great precision, and their slow but steady pace, they will overcome. The element Earth is powerful for mother nature, productiveness, and fertility. Not until later in life will they reap what they have sown. Capricorn seem as though their feet are planted firmly on the ground, yet it can seem as if life just passing them by. Capricorns are also serious thinkers, keeping very much their thoughts to themselves. Actually, they are too busy thinking about bigger achievements and recognition thus never realizing that they have not shared their thoughts with loved ones.
Compatible With -Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo, Pisces 
Incompatible With - Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius

Male2: Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Aries -
Zodiac Traits -Aries is the sign of the ram. The ram implies great strength and courage, along with the ability to climb great heights in their lifetime. Being a masculine sign - they are action -oriented, and full of nonstop energy. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, God of War, which will generally give most a strong aggressive personality,and can be quite argumentative. These interpretations let you know that when you meet an Aries - what you see is what you get! There are no front with this sign, because they speak honestly. They are alot of fun and are playful. Their fire element needs activity - as they get bored easily.They love to be the center of attention - and they usually are. Aries are direct and need to be in charge. Aries are natural leaders and heroes.
Compatible With -Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, Leo
Incompatible With -Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo Pisces

Male3: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Sagittarius -
Zodiac Traits -Sagittarius is the sign of the centaur...which is half human and half horse. Sagittarians are all about optimism and bringing cheer. They are a masculine fire sign which is fixed, and this helps them to identify with others as well as motivate them. This sign is ruled by the large planet Jupiter, which is full of abundance, ambition, and higher knowledge. These interpretations let you know that the Fire element for the archer is about movement, growth, and the heat of a good debate. Sagittarians are well-known as the bachelor of the zodiac, like the "horse" part of their sign, they need lots of open space, freedom, and a lot of outdoor activities. Sagittarius people have a great sense of humor. Not only do they like to laugh, but they love to make others laugh as well. They can be the highlight of the party. Sometimes they tend to overexaggerate their conquests which shows their hunger for challenges and bigger goals in life.
Compatible With - Pisces, Aries, Aquarius, Leo
 Incompatible With -Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus

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